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Saturday is Spring Equinox and International Astrology Day. Monday is World Water Day (clean water for a healthy world) at the United Nations. See

At equinox, the Sun shines directly over Earth’s equator, having passed from southern to northern latitudes, making its way to the Tropic of Cancer (Summer Solstice). The Spring Equinox is the astronomical resurrection.

The night and early morning skies are filled with starry lights. To the left of Orion’s belt (three stars in a row) is Sirius where love originates. To Orion’s right are the Pleiades, where Intelligence originates. Turning around we see the Big Dipper where will originates.

ARIES: The issues you’re facing have to do with shared things like money and possessions. For now you think it all belongs to you. The issues are also about things close and intimate, serious things like knowing you need a change from the usual ways of being. It’s been a long year and you’ve been busy. It’s time to take a few days away in retreat and solitude before beginning anew. Think before acting.

TAURUS: You’re compelled to accomplish the work of multiple people. Even when the situation is unbearable you push right through. Are you tending to health concerns and providing yourself the same care you show to others? I think not. I want to engage you in a discussion about your health and ask that this become a primary focus for several years. Saturn will help. Saturn demands it.

GEMINI: Beyond relationship, health and work issues you’re realizing the changes occurring for everyone are deeply significant and you question what your position, place and actual work will be in creating humanity’s future. Perhaps you can answer several questions. What inspires you? What revolutions would you be part of? What does “green” mean to you practically? Are you part of the Transition Town Initiative?

CANCER: Are you finding things simple yet complex at the same time? Profound change in your thinking is occurring. New and vital information, not understood by most, turns into insightful and weighty realizations. You become more visible to the world and in the public. Later, with acceptance, this will make more sense. Tend to what hurts.

LEO: Continue to build, construct, architect, formulate, plan and craft your artistic and creative endeavors. Secret out solitary time where there are no interruptions and a long flow of time to accomplish great amounts of work. You remain both in the world and yet a bit hidden, both of which are good for you at this time. Be careful with activities. You could hurt yourself.

VIRGO: If you feel you’re lost in clouds of unknowing even while walking from room to room, if you can’t seem to find things, it’s because your usual direct and focused mind is being influenced by Neptune, god of the waters. Things dissolve so they later can be refined, uplifted and spiritualized. In communicating, realize you think and talk ceaselessly in order to understand yourself more clearly.

LIBRA: You try to discipline yourself because you often feel you’re in a state of chaos and conflict. Discipline helps you move forward with clarity. Conflict and chaos function like rainstorms, washing away dust and debris. You want to express your authentic self but recently have found it difficult. So you’re silent. This isn’t easy. Find something or someone you can quietly serve. Make a point of stabilizing your relationship.

SCORPIO: You are completely and vitally busy here, there and everywhere with so many realities summoning you it’s difficult to decide how to accomplish it all and actually you can’t. So the reality becomes choosing which actions to focus upon, how to hide away while still being in the world, who to trust, and what you creatively expect of yourself. You’re conflicted. That focus will come … and go.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s possible you’ve come to the end of a long road where transformation was the only experience you understood and you raged against it. If you think back on the previous ten years, you’re now a very different person. You’ve been considering new forms of work in the world. In time (during a transit) everything will make sense. These issues take a long time to form. While you’re waiting, be kind. It’s a magnetic attractive force.

CAPRICORN: There are so many new things to accomplish at home and perhaps some very internal issues also. What’s occurring with relationships? As you attempt to move forward, deep feelings, emotions and several wounds are felt. They’re here and then they’re gone to reappear again later. Feelings of vulnerability occur with others. Love more, no matter what. Begin to eat a solid (protein, veggies) breakfast to stabilize metabolism.

AQUARIUS: Many thoughts, ideas, plans and purposes swirl through your mind. You ponder upon unusual projects, places to visit, people to meet. Keep thinking about this future while remaining focused on present goals. Some Aquarians may need to move to a new neighborhood. Your mind works overtime in the coming weeks asking what goals you want to work with and how you want to live in your future? Be generous.

PISCES: New opportunities and archetypes are being offered creating a reshaping and rebalancing of your very life. You realize you’re not alone. Unusual opportunities are also being offered for new ways to use your money and resources. This leads to a new self-identity. You’re seen as a creative resource. You’ll come out of hiding very quietly and slowly. You need new shoes.

Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, CA.


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