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This entire winter Mars, planet of action, has been retrograde. The result is we’ve had difficulty moving about, holding objects, having direction, maintaining energy. As projects stalled, clarity of purpose was unavailable. Some of us have experienced strange body aches and subtle penetrating headaches.

With Mars retro we’ve had to focus philosophically on the big picture because retro planets only focus on the past. We have been compelled to reinforce and strengthen certain areas of our life. If anything new occurred in the last 70 or 80 days, during this retro, it was most likely postponed. Conflicts, frustration and challenges occurred unexpectedly. Patience and ability to dialogue were in short supply. Nothing has moved fast enough. Instead we’ve had to wait, watch, plan, hope for, be delayed, take detours and accept compromises.

ARIES: In past weeks as you internally initiated project after project, but something always hindered your progress. As this begins to ease, you realize how tired you’ve become and wondered about your motivation and skills. They are intact. Care for yourself as if visiting a The Golden Door spa, tending to body, emotions, mind, spirit and holy food.

TAURUS: You’re participating in groups and classes providing instruction for the nurturance and sustaining of humanity’s future. You’re being impressed from higher realms on how to create a resilient and secure future. The information comes step by step, unceasingly. You could easily become exhausted. Solitude and retreat is important to maintain health. Take the time.

GEMINI: Are you wondering what your real work is in the world? Do you go from this to that, feeling impractical? Do you aspire to save the world? The first step is to realize that Gemini is like a butterfly in a field of poppies, sipping nectar here and there. This is how you relate and it’s your primary task. There’s a door here.

CANCER: You work well with Taurus. You could also get angry with them. They provide information needed now and you add a nurturing setting so that others can thrive. While Taurus provides the light, you take that illumined Buddhic light and “build the lighted house” where others can “therein dwell.”

LEO: Are you concerned, disappointed or confused about finances and resources? Is there some sort of dilemma and reason for worry? Perhaps it’s just a matter of time for hidden wealth to be uncovered. The sign of saving the world (Pisces) in affecting your assets. When that occurs it’s time to tithe (giving to those in need). When we give it’s returned exponentially.

VIRGO: Are you busy with ideas? Do you have conflicting goals? It’s possible you’re very serious right now. Saturn entering your house of values could make you feel less than valuable leading to Virgo’s nemesis, self-criticism. Don’t allow this. Lots of work in relationships may be needed. Ask yourself what are your leadership skills? And how do you love?

LIBRA: So many areas of responsibility you must focus on — your work and health, your field of service, colleagues and co-workers, perhaps even a pet along with all things practical and mundane. With these come overwork and worry. You need a dream and vision to get you through coming days and nights. Develop these, do a storyboard. Know that your home situation may shift as the year progresses.

SCORPIO: At some point soon needed strength will restore your confidence. Many have been feeling too hermetic to move beyond day to day comforts. This will shift as a new creativity emerges, but not before an ending of things takes place. Some Scorpios are experiencing flooding, liquids spilling everywhere. You’re not the only one whose mind is transforming. It’s not time to take chances. Caution in everything.

SAGITTARIUS: Communication can become obscured with understanding buried under overwhelming responsibility and self-protection. Tend to co-workers with loving care and understanding. Realize nothing is or should be moving swiftly. Go slowly. Honor psychological foundations of self and others. We are to sacrifice for our loved ones. You are doing so for your family.

CAPRICORN: The important consideration is communication. It could be confusing. Soon obstacles will be removed. The garden is where you learn and feel comfort. Be careful of other drivers. Maintain your car or buy a new one.

AQUARIUS: You’ve become more practical and disciplined while pondering the future. You’ll continue to make practical decisions, especially in money and finances and relationships. You’ll seek closeness and make choices based on love and care. When you extend this, harmony is created for the entire world. Secure the safety of your money.

PISCES: You’ve gained independence these past years, expressing gifts and unique talents without hindrances. You’ve re-examining and re-assessed where your gifts are needed in the future. A change of heart has occurred. There’s somewhere you need to be that is comforting and supportive. This impacts decisions and allows you to go forward where previously you feared to tread. Your life will be enhanced and enriched. Soon, rest.

Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, Calif. Visit her Web site at or e-mail her at

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