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Spring’s almost here, daylight’s increasing, trees are abloom and we’re beginning to bloom and increase in light, too. Esotericists worldwide are preparing for the Three Spring Full Moon Festivals — Aries, Taurus and Gemini. Sunday morning is the full moon/solar festival. It’s also the noisy, joyful, liberating Jewish festival of Purim. (See the Book of Esther).
The soul’s seed thought for Pisces is “I leave the Father’s house and turning back, I save.” Observant readers recognize similarities between Pisces and Capricorn seed thoughts. For both the initiate turns their back on heaven choosing a return to Earth to serve and to save suffering humanity.
The Pisces seed thought is a message of willingness. As all signs reveal the path of light of the soul, Pisces is the light of the world, which reveals the light of life itself ending forever the darkness of matter. Pisces, the last zodiacal sign, holds all gifts, abilities and seeds of the preceding signs. Pisces also holds the sufferings of humanity. These words explain in depth the person born in Pisces.
The true history of our world is that long ago, each of us responded to the sacrificial call, symbolized by Pisces, to save the world. And so we went forth, descended into matter, making ourselves instruments of goodwill for the purpose of radiating to humanity, the kingdoms and Earth the love the world seeks. Pisces produces that love and thus saves.
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ARIES: Rest and relaxation is most important. Retreat continues to be a need. No matter what you attempt, veils drop in front of you. Should you push forward, you only find clouds of confusion. Go slowly, use your heart, slip into a comforting environment and dance, sing and sway to kirtan.
TAURUS: Your entire focus is on group work and creation of community. This is correct for it will be through intentionally working with community that sustainability will be assured in the coming years. There is a need to tend to health and exercise to assure us you will continue in the vision and leadership needed to get us from here to there.
GEMINI: The planets are all clustered together in Pisces in your house of world work to reveal how you’re recognized, seen and remembered. What are your thoughts concerning your work, profession, career, leadership skills and public life? During this full moon serve those around you with great dedication and love. Make food baskets.
CANCER: Maintain simplicity this week. Tend to easy chores, seek help if needed. You must maintain health and strength. There’s a possibility of restriction walking or accomplishing tasks or getting from here to wherever for something unexpected may have occurred. This calls for the strength of character that can ask for assistance. If traveling, be sure to have the best of shoes. Drive less.
LEO: There’s only a bit more of the Mars retro in your sign (till March 10). Have you found yourself working slower, having to redo, review, reassess and create a calm and patient sense of inner resiliency these past months? What is occurring with your money and finances? Something unexpected, expansive, confusion or illuminating? Did financial news from family emerge? Do you need help?
VIRGO: When the moon’s in Virgo, the Sun’s in your opposite sign of Pisces. Integration takes place between yourself and others, those close to you, intimate friends, those you work and live with and even enemies. Virgo and Pisces, like all opposite signs, shadow each other. The gifts each one possesses the other needs. Thus the shadow, which eventually integrates. Perhaps during this full moon.
LIBRA: Is the unusual occurring in your life? With multiple Pisces planets you could be involved with water rushing into your workplace. You could be engulfed in drugs or alcohol or a flood of tears for something sad occurring. You could be learning to swim or ride the waves. You could be turning into Mother Theresa saving the world. You could be lost, confused or realize you’re being refined, purified and prepared. What’s happening? Wear veils.
SCORPIO: Creativity should have slipped into your life quite easily taking you by hand, creating new interests and goals, asking that you mingle among artists, writers, musicians and performers. This means you begin to identify more specifically as highly creative and not just a dark stranger behind sunglasses and long black coat in the bright and radiant sun. Someone shows up to help.
SAGITTARIUS: Many opportunities seem to overflow into your life. So many you may feel under or overwhelmed. Don’t be. Some you will understand, some you won’t. Some are good, some not. As they continue to appear, you find yourself at home behind protective barriers. Sometimes we just need to retreat, hide under covers and simply swim toward tranquility. Do this.
CAPRICORN: Because you’re the zodiac’s traditionalist, I suggest following Purim traditions of making food baskets, offering them to family and friends; giving (alms, money, three half-dollar coins) to the poor; and baking Hamentashen (three-cornered hat), three-cornered pastry filled with poppy seeds or nuts and honey while reading from the Book of Esther, the only Old Testament book that does not mention God’s name.
AQUARIUS: Should you feel overtaken by either sex or intimacy, by money or finances, and/or by confusion in either of these areas of life, give yourself time to acclimate because something’s unfolding and something’s being refined. Keep careful tabs on money and finances. It’s possible you’ll be overtaken by the desire for a very expensive object. Don’t be. It’s an illusion. Wait a month.
PISCES: This full moon brings the hidden out into the open. It may be a new self-identity. Six planets in Pisces should bring something more than veils forth for you. Speaking of veils, you’ve been behind one for so many years you may no longer recognize what’s real, what’s ahead, what came before and what just passed you by. Like Libra there may be floods of something. Get yourself thick boots, a warm sweater and a new car. You know which direction to take.

Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, Calif. Visit her Web site at www.nightlightnews.com or e-mail her at risagoodwill@gmail.com.

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