Pisces, The Willingness To Love

As Aquarius, sign of service, comes to a close, and we begin the influence of Pisces, sign that saves the world, here are two quotes invaluable for understanding our world situation and maintaining balance through unceasing personal and global chaos:

“Conflict is the essential core of a free and open society.” (Saul Alinsky).

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” (Theodore Roosevelt).

These quotes are from “Taking On The System: Rules For a Radical Change In A Digital Era,” a book by Markos Moulitsas, founder of “Daily Kos,” a daily weblog, political analysis on U.S. current events from a liberal perspective.

Happy Birthday, Pisces. The compassionate (Neptune) yet powerful (Pluto) Pisces (water) influences begin Thursday. We must be careful with Pisces (the fishes). They can feel threatened by social limitations, criticisms, censure and judgments. They must swim away, hide behind ferns for protection, safety, shelter, harbor and refuge.

As Pisces Sun begins, the moon enters Aries (fire) creating a steamy misty mix that promises new realities. While the Piscean Age continues to be withdrawn, Aries sees to it that the new culture and civilization comes forth with a relentless and great intelligence.

Neptune’s waters dissolve what is no longer useful so Aquarius can bring forth a new kingdom, that of the soul along with qualities of love, wisdom, unity, light, compassion, right relations and right action.

How do we manifest soul qualities in daily life? Through knowledge, intention and willingness. Being willing is the first stage toward allowing the love and will of God to direct our lives.

ARIES: Much of you has, should or will go into retreat for a while. This is a good thing. You are being called to a place of shelter, refuge, sanctuary, an inner harbor, so you can reflect upon the past year and make plans in the quietest part of yourself for the coming seasons. This is a gift of time and contemplation. Go to church.

TAURUS: You find yourself constantly in groups. It’s because they need your quiet, efficient and illuminating mind, ideas, practical direction and determined focus. Behind all your words and ideas is the reality that it’s time to salvage the world and that much sacrifice must come forth from all of us. When you lead, everyone follows.

GEMINI: What do you think and feel are your abilities that assist in the reconstruction of the new world? What do you want to be recognized for and what gifts of yourself do you want to offer to the New Group of World Servers whose task is to impress humanity with the new ideals that will create the new culture and civilization? Where do you stand on these? Actually, where are you?

CANCER: An interesting situation is occurring. You now have the freedom to choose many paths. You can also choose to remain static. Your life becomes pregnant with possibilities and potential. You will be impressed with complex information as you simultaneously perceive multiple levels of reality. You have entered the same brilliance Einstein saw and lived within.

LEO: You might find that religious themes form an important focus of your life. All of a sudden altruism is your keynote and people begin to perceive you as philosophical, idealistic and visionary. You will have inspired insights that assist both the self and others. You imagine other lands and worlds. It’s good to build a boat, eat fish, swim in warm waters.

VIRGO: At times you find yourself functioning in other worlds and feel compassion and intuition growing daily. Do not be concerned with shared finances and resources and try not to feel deprivation. There is no deprivation. There is only goodness, everywhere. God is always good. Some obligations and responsibilities call. Serve like Mother Theresa.

LIBRA: Perhaps you find yourself yearning for “the other.” Perhaps you are striving to harmonize significant others-friends, family, therapists, business colleagues and lovers. Through them you step outside yourself. They invite you to grow and become more whole. It’s painful, the razor’s edge, honing your rough edges. This is the design embedded within relationships. What is your story? Who do you love? And what do you fear? You need someone to soothe your frayed nerves.

SCORPIO: As written previously, this is a time to care for your health. Know that you are the best there is. Do you have a dream you’re working with? A vision? Do not become disillusioned. This will affect your health, which with focus, you must build up again. Do not overwork or allow excessive worry. You will never fail. There is no such thing as failure. There is only experience and learning.

SAGITTARIUS: There are times you may struggle with free-floating disillusion and disappointment concerning perhaps relationships and professional endeavors. However in the midst of this, you will find the need for creativity and recognition. At times you’ll feel great powers still to be expressed and long to do something significant. You’re talented and lucky. Sacrifice plays a part. You need domestic peace and seclusion.

CAPRICORN: You find you’re more curious than usual about the words you and others speak. You seek to look beneath the surface of language to understand the complete picture. I learned the other day that if one listens to communications through the lens and question “what needs are being expressed?” the hidden psychological messages become clear. Seek solitude when creating, writing or doing mental or imaginative work. You only confide in the very few.

AQUARIUS: You can be very generous. However, you can also be dreamy and/or imaginative about your money. You have a sense of timing and intuition concerning when things should be done, with whom, when and where. These abilities will be more easily seen in the coming months. You can tap into unusual resources. There is always the supply you need. Share it generously.

PISCES: You’re not an everyday sort of person. You don’t have the energy of Aries or the steadfastness of Taurus, the business acumen of Capricorn or the relating skills of Libra. You’re in touch with other states of reality with different values based on spiritual motivations. Know that even if all fails, you have the ability to be thankful and have gratitude. You need music, art and to plant many and various edible trees.

Risa is founder and director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, Calif. Visit her Web site www.nightlightnews.com or e-mail her at risagoodwill@gmail.com.

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