Lights That Make Us Holy

Dec. 24-31

Through eons of life on the dark Earth we have awaited the light of the seasons, the new light at winter solstice, the light in the dark, the many festivals of light, the miracle of light at Chanukah, the Holy Child of light born on Christmas morning.

This year, let us think differently. Let us recognize and identify that we are in fact a rainbow of light, and that within our light are specific tasks, purposes, behaviors, abilities and gifts we unconsciously radiate upon each other and all we contact. During this season of giving let us realize we are the gifts of holy light and spiritual anchors offered to each other during our temporary (and very long) lifetimes on Earth (a cosmic school).

This realization is the thinking and identity of the initiate, the spiritual attainment in Capricorn, sign and signature of God, sign of light supernal, of the mountaintop experience, where we, the crocodile/goat turns into the unicorn. Capricorn captures the light of the Sun and brings it down to Earth to serve in Aquarius.

Let us understand our light and what our lights radiate that makes us so holy to one another. (Excerpts from the Tibetan’s book “Esoteric Astrology.”)

ARIES: You are the light of life itself; a dim point of light found at the center of life. This light is faint and flickering. Your light is the “searchlight of the Logos” seeking in form and matter where to anchor itself and be used for divinity’s expression. You receive and distribute Rays 1 and 7, spirit entering matter creating form, rhythm and ritual.

TAURUS: You are the penetrating light on the path. You are a beam of light, streaming forth from the point in Aries. You reveal areas of ight (information) control. From the Pleiades, from Aldebaren and Alcyone, the star around which our Sun circles, you drop to earth the light of the mind. You are the Buddha. You are Ray 4, harmony through conflict (mostly harmony).

GEMINI: You are the light of interplay, revealing a line of light beams that uncovers all that opposes, polarizes and is dual in form and matter. You reveal, hidden so well (a code), the relationship between spirit and form. You become the conscious light of that relationship. You are Ray 2, love, wisdom, Sirius.

CANCER: You are the nurturing light within form. This light is diffused (hidden under your shell). Substance itself is diffused light, the “dark and hidden light of matter” (to be discovered). The light of matter awaits the stimulation created by the soul’s light. You, mother and harbinger of love, are Rays 3 and 7, the mind of divinity in form and matter.

LEO: You are the light of the soul. This light is a reflected point of light most divine. The light of matter, diffused and hidden in Cancer, becomes the focused love light in Leo and it eventually reveals a point of contact. You are Rays 1 and 5, spirit within concrete and scientific knowledge needed by humanity to build the new culture and civilization.

VIRGO: With Mercury, you are the blended dual light. One is bright and strong, the light of form. The other is dim, growing stronger and this is light of God. You hide the light. Eventually the light of form wanes as the light of God waxes. You are not Gemini. You are the mother, gestating the holy light, birthed in this season. You are Rays 2 and 6, love, wisdom and devotion. Devotion protects.

LIBRA: You are the light that moves to rest. You are a light that oscillates, here, there, till a point of balance is achieved. You become balanced. You imbalance so the next level of balance is achieved. Your light moves up and down, side by side forming a cardinal cross of intention. You are beauty, the hidden part of the Tree of Life. You are Ray 3, divine intelligence.

SCORPIO: Interestingly and oh so hidden (you think!), you are the light of day where three lights meet; the light of form, the light of the soul, and the light of life itself. They meet, blend and rise up. You are the Ray of Humanity, Ray 4, harmony through conflict. You struggle, moving from darkness to light to immortality.

SAGITTARIUS: You (professor) are a beam of directed, focused light. In the point of that light, a beam emerges revealing a greater light ahead (Capricorn, the supernal light on the mountain top). You illumine for all the path to the center of the light (the purpose of your wanderings). Complex, you are Rays, 4, 5 and 6. Reading all sign above what do your rays signify?

CAPRICORN: You are the light of initiation that clears the way to the mountaintop, transforms from crocodile to goat to unicorn (Ajna center’s light) and in these struggles of transmuting form and matter, you produce transfiguration. Then the rising Sun is revealed, the light you hand to Aquarius. Complex like Sag, you are Rays 1, 3 and 7. Potent.

AQUARIUS: You are the light that shines on Earth, across the sea of emotions. This is the light that ever shines within the dark. It is cleansing with its healing rays. These rays purify all that exists until the dark has gone. You are the light of the future, the past and loving present. You are Ray 5, the light that builds the world to come. You are the revolution.

PISCES: You are the light of the world. With your compassion and saving grace, radiated to the world, you reveal the light of life itself. Your light ends forever the darkness of matter. You are Rays 2 and 6, suffering, sacrifice, death and immortality. You synthesize and with Neptune, save the world.

Risa is Founder and Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, Calif.

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