Mars Retrograde Early, Winter Solstice Dec. 17-23


risa d’angeles

The important astrological news this week is Mars retrograde early Sunday morning and winter solstice Monday morning as Sun enters Capricorn.

ARIES: All of us will review our desires, but especially you and Scorpio. You’ll find passions have cooled on many things. What and whom you desired, you don’t anymore. What you found exciting, romantic no longer makes your heart beat faster. Art is your only solace and it’s best to do it under a spiritual canvas/cover. Seek fun where you can find it. That’s hidden, too.

TAURUS: This will be the right time to clean your home, ridding it of all things not harmonious to your well-being. You need a home that is relaxing with objects of art and furniture in right placement. You need your home to be clear, safe and protected. Plant trees around your house, set up a greenhouse, get some goldfish and plant spearmint. Make cedar oil.

GEMINI: You may feel allergic, have digestive problems and your car may need attention. However the most important study will be how you think and communicate, your beliefs, where and when you walk, who you interact with and why. It’s time to build a new state of self-confidence through understanding the reasons for your actions. Some gems will find hidden anger, some love.

CANCER: You’ll be heading over to your safe deposit box, your stocks and bonds (you still have some?), your financial tableau to finally comprehend what you have and what you don’t. Access what you have and not what you have in common with another. What are you worth? Are you of value? What does “value” mean?” Ask and seek.

LEO: Your tendencies to royalty will emerge. And with that tendency it might be nice to consider manners. Are yours due to a review. Do you treat your “subjects” in the ways you want to be treated? After the coming months you will begin an entirely new cycle of endeavors. Careful with headaches, bumps, bruises and falls that affect the head. Tend to yourself only. New “do,” new shoes, new clothes. Wear gold.

VIRGO: You should get goldfish, several of them, and watch them in the coming months. They will soothe, comfort and delight you. It’s time to draw the shades, close the doors and begin to rest and recline for hours each day for contemplative meditation on all things spiritual. When spring arrives you will then be stronger and more capable to bring forth new initiatives with order and tasteful organization.

LIBRA: I met someone who said they “didn’t believe anything anymore.” I understand that feeling. However, in the next two months all your dreams, hopes, wishes and aspirations will make an appearance. Then you can decide what you believe in, what you hope and wish for, what the future could bring because it has much to do with faith which is belief in things not yet seen.”

SCORPIO: Fame, acknowledgement, reputation. You ponder these things in your mind and heart and secretly hope for them. Then you wonder how you would do with fame since your reality is to hide and not be suspected of anything. Tend to knees and kneecaps, try not to fall, strengthen bones, take more calcium, turmeric, too, for inflammation. To us, you really are famous.

SAGITTARIUS: Something like a fire burns inside you and you wonder what it means. Sometimes you feel like John the Baptist, other times like a wild horse fenced and imprisoned. However, the publishing world will call soon so the retrograde is an excellent time to review your philosophy and writing. All this may be done while in transit from here to there and back again.

CAPRICORN: Tend to and organize all papers (insurance, financial, etc.). Figure out tasks for each family member, post them and follow up. Teach order, structure and consequences in the coming months. Everything will seem more intense for the next half year as you’ll be under a Scorpio umbrella. This is both scary and wonderful. Passions are high, meaning is everything and playfulness could be non-existent. Prove this statement wrong.

AQUARIUS: You’ll think back when your social life was a whirl of people, events, festivities, passion, love affairs, music and festivals. You’ll wonder if you grew old and where is everyone? You’ll be called to cooperate more and attempt a balance of kindness and right relations. Sometimes you may feel angry at losses you believe others incurred. Don’t stop here. Keep moving forward.

PISCES: Health, diet, cleanliness, service (to self first and then to others), exercise, daily work. All of these will enter your consciousness and ask to be reviewed, reworked and updated. As you do, your environments will invite you to order and organize them in the most Feng Shuidec means possible. Perhaps you need help. You do. Ask and it will come. A move or travel may occur. An invitation is received.

Risa is Founder and Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, Calif.

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