Sag Is A Beam Of Focused Light

We’re in Sag now, sign of food, music, the photographer, adventurer, professor and philosopher. In the “Bhagavad-Gita” Krishna says, “I am the month of Sagittarius.” Artemis/Diana are the female Sagittarian deities. Sag’s center of attention, when not seeking the arrows of intuition scattered everywhere, is always upon the Capricorn mountaintop. Sagittarius nobly holds high aspirations to return to the Father, humanity’s origins. Sag is energetically a “beam of focused light.” No wonder Sag is the photographer. Sag’s focus brings forth expanded awareness and consciousness through Jupiter, planet of great generosity and love leading to wisdom. The Tibetan says, “Jupiter brings together and binds in friendliness.” Thus, in the season of giving, let us be generous with our light, our money, our gifts, our love, our goodness and our wisdom.

ARIES: You’re being called to sing, dance and be merry, to have an adventure, a dream, multiple goals and to assist others in their creative endeavors. Philosophical and religious thoughts may catch your attention along with things in the distance and in the distant future. Everything is about your intelligent. Show it calmly and with humility.

TAURUS: You attempt to figure out how to work with other people’s money, how to create partnerships that are financially lucrative because you are aware that the future is about frugality, thrift and great resourcefulness. There are people waiting to assist and they will help you conserve your strength as you continue to work toward ways of bringing in valuable assets to bring forth the new culture and civilization’s values.

GEMINI: Will you be moving or planning travel that will temporarily changes your focus and way of life? Are you attempting to simultaneously have right relations with those close to you? Are you modeling cooperation, observing skills and discrimination? Is the idea of a group and community most appealing? If yes to everything, you’re on track.

CANCER: More and more your health and well being are the focus and they interact directly with the work you perform, your close alliances and partners and your daily tasks and responsibilities. Be aware of all environments. Where there are needs, offer assistance. Where there is inefficiency or a lack of understanding, offer your organization and competence. You may not be recognized for your gifts and skills. But we see them.

LEO: The new culture and civilization works directly with Leo/Aquarius energies. Leo realizes that all gifts and abilities of self must be given up to the world, in order to serve and uplift humanity. But before Leos can give of self, they must know themselves through their creative endeavors. What are your creative endeavors, Leo? How do you express these magnificent parts of self? As you come to know and offer them to humanity, more come forth.

VIRGO: It is important that you maintain a constancy in all that you do — in daily home and work endeavors, with money and financial resources and assets, in planning the future and what you want to achieve and even in hosting people in your home. As you tend to order, keep thoughts and emotions on a stable course. Work slowly and carefully. Recite mantrams.

LIBRA: There may be interactions with family for food, money, educational or travel purposes. It will be important to be current with family affairs and affairs of the heart, the community and the news. Contact with family will deepen a love often hidden. The suppression of love and acceptance underlies most ills in the world. How is your health?

SCORPIO: You have important ideas concerning money in the future including the use of barter. This is not a new concept, however it is an original to most of humanity today. Think about the services you offer humanity and what you can barter. Think about what you can create for the future that would be part of a bartering system. The breakdowns occurring today provide opportunities that safeguard the new ways of the future. Your depth of mental focus can bring these forth.

SAGITTARIUS: Be prepared for changes in your belief system. Home is a place of joy and wounding where there’s both a sense of confusion and healing. Allow these paradoxes to simply remain where they are. Like roommates, they’ll glide away eventually leaving you more detached and humanitarian. Are you banking locally?

CAPRICORN: While some of you are in the world, a large part of you wants to be behind the veils focusing on creative endeavors that truly define you. There is a push to create, to bring forth beauty, balance and symmetry. However, there’s always a bit of the unusual in your work and that is what magnetizes others. Being alone is healing for you. Continue with your art.

AQUARIUS: You will interact with friends and acquaintances more than usual. Talk centers on travel, ideas, desires and aspirations. Listen carefully. Ask others if there is a way you can assist them. Tell them your dreams. Act in ways that arouse kindness, giving and goodwill. Tend to friends, health and promises.

PISCES: There is a possibility of inflammation. Daily turmeric and chlorella help ease this condition. Most Pisceans are finding themselves more in the world, much to their chagrin. It can be unpleasant for the fish, who hides quite well. Most Pisceans need new shoes and a visit to their hairstylist. Be careful not to be caught in other people’s suffering.

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