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By Risa D’Angeles

We begin the week with Thanksgiving. Unfortunately the entire day is v/c, which means making contact can be difficult unless there is an earnest intention to do so. Holidays that fall on v/c (moon making no contact with planets, therefore we don’t make contact with each other, events, feelings, food, etc.) days can be stressful unless we are aware of the withdrawn energies of the moon, which rules our emotions, family contact and comfort. Therefore during this Thanksgiving let us have the conscious intention to make contact with each other, aware that we must work a bit harder for that contact to occur. We remember, “making contact releases love.” And in this solar system “love is all there is.”

To assist us with that contact and with giving thanks for everything small to large and everything in between, here’s some music from David Lowe’s “Dreamcatcher” album, track title “Seventh Heaven.” com/watch?v=cTU6incbVhs. The accompanying film on the animal kingdom is beautiful and especially good for children. Playing this music over and over elevates the heart and frees the mind.

We are in the time and energy of Sagittarius now, sign of good food, good music and the joy that occurs from giving thanks. Having the Thanksgiving holiday fall during the month of Sag is not a mistake. No other sign understands joy as Sag (except Pisces when they’re not in despair).

ARIES: Something unusual occurs with money or things you hold in common with others. Also, your chart displays a Pisces flavor, an act of surrender, a revelation or a feeling of being behind a curtain. You will remember the way your mother (or grandmother) tended and cared for you. You will attempt to recreate her food. You will finally praise and thank her.

TAURUS: Hopefully you’re home, with family and friends and you have access to things that nurture. You will ponder upon your family in the past, remember a time when you felt life was bountiful. It still is. Do get some peace and quiet amidst all the work you’ll find to do.

GEMINI: You’re working internally and externally, thinking and then acting. In the months to come, it will be important to ponder on plans and goals. It is also most important to create cooperation between yourself and those around you, balancing your self-interests with those of others. Allow no conflict to arise between life at home and life at work.

CANCER: You may spend more than you have, be hungrier than usual, and a bit more temperamental and touchy. Read what I wrote for Libra. Apply it. Watch for impressions, vivid ideas, thoughts that lead to more independence, further resources and a set of disciplines that make you feel more safe and secure.

LEO: Libra’s information also applies to you. Organize your financial information, keep up-to-date on taxes and insurances, check your investments, tend to debts (monetary, emotional) and save 10 percent for yourself and tithe 10 percent. Be close to family, share with them ideas, plans and fears. They care for you. Be kind in your speech. Remember gratitude.

VIRGO: Spend time with loved ones and those close to you. Compromise and have the intention for right relations. As you extend gratitude to all and everything in your life, be forgiving in areas where you judge yourself. Remember there is no failure. There are only successive stages of learning.

LIBRA: Tend carefully to finances; try not to spend on things not needed. Save resources for a family member or emergency. An innovative idea will occur to you concerning how to better save and how to build monetary safety for the future. Think about family wealth. Research silver and attempt to be ready when the economic reorientation occurs.

SCORPIO: After giving profound thanks for all that you have and for your enlightened mind, it may be time to give some attention to your finances and slow down on any new output of monies till the old debts are paid. Abundance will continue. Something needs to be sold.

SAGITTARIUS: You are vulnerable at this time. In that vulnerability great ideas appear. Write about them. They contain a power for the future and since you’re ear is tuned to humanity, the subject of your ideas is what humanity is interested in. Don’t tell anyone … just one or two. Keep your ideas secret lest they dissolve away.

CAPRICORN: You would do well to give thanks for all hidden things in your life, all those events and people that completely transformed you and even those things that made you weary. Something new enters your world. Tend to everything close to home with care and awareness. Good things come with gratitude.

AQUARIUS: Create a journal of hopes, wishes and dreams. There will be information as your write that turns into goals. For now tend to what is most important around you. Clean and clear away what seems confused, unkempt, untidy, disorganized or incomplete. Change will occur in the new year.

PISCES: Gratitude propels you forward, releases the past. You can be grateful for knowing this. There is a ladder you’re seeking. Know also that you are a true leader, that you will eventually, if not now, turn and serve humanity in ways you better understand. For now it’s time to rest, ponder your plans. Concentrate on love within relationships. Laugh.

Risa is founder and director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, Calif. Email: Web site:

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