Saturn in Libra

Saturn in Libra
By Risa D’Angeles

With Saturn in Libra there are separations and marriages. There can be a feeling of unworthiness and fear. Through experiencing relationships we learn to work within and then beyond these restrictions, growing into a new, more worthy and valued self. As Saturn is structure and Libra is relationships (intimates and business partners, our connection to money and resources) new information will transform our ways of being for the next three years. Read more at

ARIES: For the next several years your task will be radiating right relations and harmony. At times you may battle your way through the change, at other times resist the change. You will even change your perception of enemies. Know they are simply challenges that through conflict set you upon the pathway toward peace.

TAURUS: Oh dear, it’s more work ahead and issues with health and more responsibilities. Begin this transit with a state of acceptance. Begin with health, tending to adequate sleep, water, vitamins, nourishment and daily exercise. The next several years could be all about health. However, I know you will take on more work. Allow your health to be your focused starting point.

GEMINI: Shifting from domestic concerns, Saturn now moves into your area of creativity, tending children, seeking love affairs and finding a new sense of self through what you imagine. Saturn allows for structure and discipline longed for and sought after providing information on what you want, don’t want, hope for, love and the gifts you are capable of manifesting into form and matter. Play will be a bit more serious, but Geminis can get around that.

CANCER: As Cancer is all about family, Saturn will bring that issue forth. You’ll seek to live close to loved ones, teaching them new ways of understanding the world. For Cancer professional, home calls more often. Some will seek their roots to establish a deeper sense of self through understanding family history. Include the nation presently lived in.

LEO: Saturn allows you to study, learn and reach out to family. It also calls you into the neighborhood, creating relationships that are social, communicative, sharing and encouraging of others. You radiate the light of the Sun so your interactions call them a light illuminating their hearts and minds. Be aware of this as you walk the streets.

VIRGO: You begin evaluating possessions, assessing value. You will acquire less realizing possession can become burdens. It’s a good time to incorporate Feng Shui, in all your environments. For the next 36 months, take special care with money, purposefully using Feng Shui principles in that area of each room. Do you know what your money flows toward?

LIBRA: Interesting. You will become stricter with yourself, defining who you are and who you’ve become. Others may reflect this discipline or they could complain you’ve become too strict. This is Saturn providing new internal growth. Things will be completed, what is not viable loses its sense of direction, responsibilities grow along with great accomplishments. Go slow, see time as an asset, sleep more.

SCORPIO: As the years roll by, you may feel socially isolated. Consider instead that you’re being given a time of retreat and contemplation when purpose and the spiritual seek you. You’ll gather and store endeavors connected to the other eleven signs. Seeds will grow and begin to flower in 2012. Withdraw consciously so there is time for understanding, evaluating, observing and serving self and others with kindness.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ll both detach from groups and seek them out. The detachment concerns previous groups that defined your previous self. Now and in the coming years you’ll be magnetized to groups with a higher level of consciousness and sense of purpose that includes the idea of intentional community. Read Communities Magazine. The key is integration. Cooperation will be your discipline.

CAPRICORN: Your life has been preparing you for new responsibilities because you’re the best in terms of leadership, achievement, vision and productivity. Ponder positions offered for you will be asked to function to your fullest capacity allowing full expression of your unique capacities and making a great impression in the world. All of this implies opportunity, less sleep, opposition and personal creative rewards.

AQUARIUS: Aspects of self are stabilizing along with life views because you’re beginning to understand the rules, something Aquarius has difficulty with. You’re learning how to be more skillful with others, yet still have more to learn. Follow all rules and laws. This is important for the next three years. Take long journeys, learn new things, fulfill obligations and enter into a religion or philosophy or study that helps others.

PISCES: Pay close attention to your money. Do not simply give it away. Ask what other people’s values are. They may not be the same as yours. This is where you could be trapped into giving resources away that will not be returned. Be conscious of who you partner with. You must ask yourself what your values are, how to best use resources and where they should be applied. This will be a challenge.

Risa is founder and director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, Calif.Email: Web site:

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