United Nations Day

By Risa D’Angeles

United Nations Day

Sun and Mercury enter Scorpio this week. Scorpio is the sign of in-depth thinking, the Ancient Mysteries, of Persephone and Pluto and the underworld – psychological and spiritual, hidden and sheltered. Scorpio is the “flaming sword” protecting the Tree of Knowledge (of Desire), from which the serpent plucked the apple offered to Eve (feminine mental plane). Scorpio is the sign and color of pomegranates, the orange of persimmons and Halloween, the latter informing us soon “something wicked our way comes. It’s the UN’s 64th birthday (Friday). All around the US, local UNA (United Nations Association) will celebrate. Wednesday is feast day of Saint Jude, the Catholic saint invoked (prayed to) when encountering desperate and hopeless situations. St. Jude is the patron saint of the Chicago Police Dept. and is the namesake for St. Jude’s hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, founded in 1962 to help children who have terminal illnesses and their families.

The United Nations Association, supported by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in 1953, attempts to build understanding (which brings revelation) and support for the ideals and work of the United Nations (Scorpio Sun & Mercury). Its educational and humanitarian activities include teaching students in urban schools, clearing minefields, providing school-based support for children harmed by poverty, illness, and war. UNA also has a Model UN, Global Classrooms and a Student Alliance, which educate and inspire young people to engage in global issues and the work of the UN through scholarship and critical thinking. See unausa.org/education. The UN, in its reconstruction work, is a deeply Scorpio (discipleship, world service) endeavor. Saturday, Oct. 24, is International Day of Climate Action, a day where peoples all over the world “take a stand for a safe-climate future. Everyone can search for actions in their areas. And work together. See www.350.org.

Next week Saturn (Ray 3, Divine Intelligence, economics), Dweller on the Threshold, enters Libra (Ray 3). Relationships learn new lessons and news emerges on the fate and destiny of the American dollar.

ARIES: A shift is occurring, a threshold almost crossed, new realities, work and responsibilities appear, new work. You emerge from your foundations and face the Sun, hidden behind Scorpio waters. Although not a Scorpio you and the sign of discipleship share the influence of Mars and Mercury. So you are in the same family. Both have work to do that’s transformative. The key is communication. Use it for goodwill, for knowledge, to dispense intelligence. Use it to uplift.

TAURUS: There seems to be no rest and each day provides new challenges. Sometimes your back hurts, sometimes your head. Don’t let your heart hurt even if things seem somewhat dismal and dreary – weather or finance-wise. Help arrives in the form of unusual events especially as you continue your intentions for assisting all aspects and endeavors of humanity. We work with you in morning meditation.

GEMINI: The energies impel you toward forceful giving of information, more praise of others and identifying your creativity. It seems that you bridge (the Antakarana, bridge between Spirit and matter, the building of which is Gemini’s purpose) here and there in various multi-faceted ways, opening the minds of others to see a new light, a new day, a new life ahead. Although you may not understand how, you are blessed. We bless you.

CANCER: How is the focus of money occurring in your life? Are you tending to resources for yourself and/or others? It’s most important that you focus time and energy upon your self needs so you can be strengthened in all ways for the times to come. It may be your concerns have deepened for family and children. This will continue until you focus shifts toward how and what you create. Balance appears.

LEO: It’s not your birthday but Mars is in Leo so it may as well be. Be aware that inflammation may occur. Take Turmeric (curcumin) daily. You may feel angry or aggressive. Garden. Identifying yourself through what you create is an excellent endeavor for a new identity actually does emerge through your creations. You may feel dramatic, exaggerated, and embellished, desire a more glamorous and stylish approach while also hiding away. We’ll still see you.

VIRGO: Communication and all its levels and aspects are important for you to understand at this time. Mercury rules communication and it’s transiting your house of talk, thoughts, ideas. However, Mercury is in Scorpio meaning one of the tests of Mercury is how and what one communicates and intentions behind words. Observe these daily. Seek out true intentions. Use communication for goodness to radiate outward.

LIBRA: Some Libras are pondering marriage and some separation. For now attempt to tie up all unresolved work situations. Tend to discrete money and finance issues from long ago. Release relationships not good or kind financially and work situations not respectful. A new world begins in the weeks to come continuing to unfold the next two and a half years. Use words that “give love a chance.”

SCORPIO: For a while you become more hidden and complex. Others understand you less and that’s good because you have important work to do, part of which is a new self-identification. This happens yearly around Halloween. You drop into the dark waters to renew yourself and emerge only when comfort calls. Your communication for the next years becomes even more potent. Some will understand this. Tell them you’re searching for Persephone.

SAGITTARIUS: Communication is and will be the theme this month and next. For you, communication along with your mind and thoughts has greatly expanded. However, a wound has inserted itself between you and the spiritual world. It will heal but will take time and tending. What is the present wound you’re experiencing? Is it somewhat nebulous with uncertainty? That’s better than piercing and sharp. Is travel calling again? Family will.

CAPRICORN: Structure your money in careful ways in the coming month(s). Purchase no non-essentials. Tend to debts immediately, paying more than minimum on credit cards. Consider purchasing silver to back your dollars, keeping your money safe. A good source for coins is the Money Changer (the-moneychanger.com/). They are intelligent, reliable, trustworthy and a source of invaluable monetary information. The value of the dollar is changing.

AQUARIUS: You may be seeking love, or if already in love, seeking a closer connection. Remember that making contact, true and kind and good, releases love. Can you make that type of contact? You’re also seeking new information for more balance and the Right Relations your heart longs for. Have the intention to love at all times. Use no harsh or critical words. Also have the intention to understand. Aquarius often bypasses understanding.

PISCES: There will be daily increased work and responsibilities. You’ll summon your abilities to maintain health and strength in order to meet all expectations. You also might need to catch up on medical tests and doctors’ visits put off since summer. Do you also need new shoes and a new bed? I heard you need a new car. Relationships have been restrictive, money’s been perplexing, and change has been ceaseless. Who listens to you?  Where is your home?


Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, CA.

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