America's Birthday

By Risa D’Angeles

Saturday is the 233rd birthday of the United States, formed under the liberating sign of Cancer, Ray 3. The last weeks have seen the esoteric intent of the sign Cancer emerging. Cancer and Ray 3 create mass movements towards liberty, freedom and release from the past. They produce the illuminating light of the mind influencing the demand for freedom. 

We can apply this to the recent protests in Iran as the masses choose democracy and liberty courageously confronting a regressive regime that limits freedom, denies women their human rights and uses coercive religious force. The past is dissolving at a rapid pace and assisting in this dissolution are three upcoming eclipses signifying more change.

This week, especially Monday, may be difficult for everyone. Tuesday is the Full Moon lunar eclipse. Read more at

ARIES: What is occurring with your finances and resources? Are there difficulties or are you managing well, paying bills on time, tending to needs with ease and organization? And how is the relationship between your work and home life? Are they balanced or is there tension? You will consider with seriousness what roles you play professionally and personally. You will seek to integrate them. A home business would do that. Be home more.

TAURUS: In the coming months your mind will expand into an even greater level of information. You will be seeking out and reading about what interest you. For many Taurus this is the safety and care of humanity in the future. There will be a focus on resources and finances in order to create the first foundations of the new culture and civilization. The next month sees all you’ve talked about come to life. We’re following you.

GEMINI: It would be good to consider a long trip somewhere important to you – perhaps a school or retreat center, seminary or college. Wherever it is and whatever you do, the purpose is to find your way through the various options and find how to best express yourself with language, ideas and spiritual realities most in your circle of friends do not understand. Someone waits for you.

CANCER: You may feel restricted physically within your neighborhood or wherever you find yourself each day. Something ends with someone and something begins with others. Whatever you are doing within a group and for the future, know that responsibilities will increase. Tend to finances. Have you bought gold or silver yet? And listened to

LEO: Be more behind the scenes. This is a time of rest and relaxation, tending to things at home behind closed doors. It’s also a time of remembering family who now reside in heaven. If there’s great grief the homeopath Ignatia Amara will help. Something within ends. Bid it adieu with gratitude.

VIRGO: Is your mind working overtime, are you verging on being nervous? Are thoughts flying about? Gather information, create journals or a blog communicating with everyone important to you. Later as the energies calm, you’ll become quiet, serious and solemn, pondering the past several months. Decisions become clear and easy. There is much work to do as a new future direction has emerged. 

LIBRA: Tend carefully to your money. You may feel it’s unlimited and caution flies away. You have two choices: Overspending indiscriminately on trinkets or spending on  ‘real goods’ (food, water, vitamins, etc.), silver, gold, art, education, travel or culture and for those you love. Do not neglect your profession. The world is becoming your home.

SCORPIO: Has where you live become upset or disheveled? Are you wondering what the future is and how you can bring forth order? Is there some type of wound involved? Do you feel the need to travel somewhere (biological home) and stay there awhile? Things are very unusual and unpredictable, irregular, capricious and at times random. The rules are changed and we’re in in-between times.

SAGITTARIUS: The energies that rule you have turned around lodging themselves within your body, heart and mind. You are entering a new level of inner pondering. You will ask many questions asked before, but on a deeper level. You may feel you’re alone again in a desert you didn’t create and at times you’ll feel that everything, including your life, is delayed. It’s not. It’s just in hiding in order to create for awhile. 

CAPRICORN: As a long period of transformation begins, your self-esteem also shifts and changes. Assessing the reality of your life’s responsibilities, you review your resources and finances. Subtle change is occurring, shifting your appearance, how you feel and relationships. The last is most important. Maintain truthfulness and love in all matters. Don’t be pressured by anyone or anything.

AQUARIUS: It may be important to move back into the shadows, stay out of the limelight, retreat a bit and ponder this past year and where you’re heading. Has life become more difficult and are events less predictable as if the rules have changed? The new rules haven’t been formed yet. This situation will continue. Where is your home?

PISCES: As each day becomes slower, you sense the need for a more contemplative daily life providing time for rest and review before an entirely new reality is offered. What questions are you asking? Do they concern your goals, creativity and life’s purpose? Sometimes when we’re called to new life endeavors, what we’ve done before is no longer available. Is this occurring for you? 


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