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ARIES: You’re preparing for something. Put things in order even though the responsibility seems overwhelming and hard work is only what you know anymore. The present is preparing for a future time when goals, ambitions and dreams bear fruit coming into form and matter. Don’t fret if your work saw no recognition in past years. This will change.

TAURUS: Through what is being asked of you, you’re learning how to express yourself different and expanded ways. You’ll work hard on communication, carefully organizing all information. In the meantime you need amusement and recreation that calms you. Many call you for assistance. You respond with constancy and clarity. We thank you.

GEMINI: Many things are impacting your inner self and domestic life. It’s important to have right relationships with your partner, because your home must be a place of safety and security in the midst of reorganization, reshuffling and added responsibilities. Pay bills on time. You will be asked to care for others, possibly playing a parental role. In the near future your very foundations change. You are preparing for this.

CANCER: It’s important to understand how your inner world relates to your outer world and that you see the world through a dispassionate view. It’s easy to judge others, but this creates separation and tension. What are your virtues and behavior ideals? Who personifies how you would like to be in the world? Imitate them, acting “as if.” An inner preparation is taking place as your mind continues to be made new.

LEO: You learned in the past five years a bit more of who you are. Now you’re learning what values — physical, emotional, mental, moral, psychological and spiritual — are most important. Should you feel financially unstable, do whatever is needed to stabilize. You work hard. Don’t allow fear to overcome your life. If you organize and maintain a focused order with finances and resources, you’ll emerge successful.

VIRGO: It’s important to assess your true duties and responsibilities. New avenues concerning your work will create recognition and honor. Think of all you do as service, which is the task of Virgos. You understand this, however Saturn stands nearby seeking to direct you toward a fiery new path that liberates. You then advance.

LIBRA: It’s important to know your personality characteristics, those unconquered and unsubtle, are permeating your daily life so that you can see, feel and finally overcome them. You’re on a “burning ground” and all that you’ve experienced has been difficult. If you eagerly enter into the light of your soul and stand with the angel protecting you, a great glory begins to unfold within. You’ll no longer then be an imprisoned princess or prince.

SCORPIO: I suggest a study of dragons and to listen to Van Morrison’s “Rave on John Donne” in the album “Beautiful Vision.” There’s a shadow around all of us. It consists of all past life events still incomplete. In your nightly review have the intention to complete all past interactions, relationships and events so you can come forth into a greater and more life-filled “measure of life.” As you aspire toward completions all illusions and distortions fall away. Then you become “triumphant.”

SAGITTARIUS: How are your responsibilities? Do you feel overloaded with work? Are you being called to lead more, but with resistance and rebellion? When there’s great work to be done, there’s also great achievement. Know you’re functioning fully and completely with a sense of success. Your individuality is being expressed through your unique achievements. Don’t let this be a time of disaster. Allow nothing to be unleashed from the past. Focus in the present.

CAPRICORN: Embrace a wider area of new discoveries. Call them forth and embrace them. You could become narrower at this time if you think you understand everything and all of life, especially people around you. This is not the truth. You’re heading to a great zenith in your life where ambitions bear great fruit. Allow your higher consciousness, your religion or spirituality to lead you. The benefits will be enormous.

AQUARIUS: The focus of transformation continues to be finances, resources and possessions. You ask yourself what’s important. Perhaps some of you have had access to or have received more money than ever before. Perhaps you’re asking what your resources are for. The answer, to share with others, is the most soul-oriented answer. Do this now, for later there will be limitations when you must ask for assistance. We are given to, so we can turn around and give to others unceasingly.

PISCES: Everything’s being ‘cleared for action.’ Slowly and surely things are continuing their completion cycle from the past 14 years and anything not quite finished will seek your attention. This occurs so at a later date, you can begin new projects. The energy presently available is only for completing past projects, not for beginning anything new. Should you rebel against this final phase, events will lead you astray and pass you by. Therefore tend diligently.

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