Knowing Thyself

Risa’s Astrology

By Risa D’Angeles

Saturday Mercury, returning home, re-enters Gemini. Sunday is Flag Day. Flags represent and display the spirit of their people. Monday Jupiter turns retrograde until Oct. 15. Jupiter retrograde allows us to seek truth and justice. An illuminating article to read in May, 2009 Atlantic Monthly is “The Quiet Coup” ( concerning the “truths behind the financial crash.” Much of the information reflects Catherine Austin Fitts’ Web site. Read both. 

The revolution (creating the new culture and civilization) begins when a certain percentage of humanity becomes informed and enlightened. “Know Thyself” is writ above Mystery Temple doors. During this Gemini/Jupiter retrograde time it’s good to review how each sign learns. 

ARIES: Study is boring for Aries who need to start things, always be first, not get too deep and use their wit for mental bravery and sports metaphors. Later in life Aries will become the brilliant wit, philosopher extraordinaire and the one who synthesizes vast information.

TAURUS: They don’t talk much and can’t take pop quizzes or write long paragraphs. They’re deep thinkers. They gather information and when older, have more money and real estate than the rest of us, saving all they have for the seventh generation. Ask them about real estate and gold. They illuminate.

GEMINI: They talk and charm us out of responsibilities. They know a lot about everything, but without much depth. They read everything from milk cartons to small bits of paper. They’re curious and do seven things at once. They present dual realities so we can choose. They can’t.

CANCER: They know how everyone’s feeling. They learn through sentiment and emotion. No cold mechanical facts for them. They dispense warm cookies, tea, chai and cocoa, for everywhere they go is home. They remember everything accurately, including and how many times you hurt their feelings. 

LEO: This is the professor in training, the dramatist, the power leader, the one with will and stamina. Creativity is essential. They display themselves, their creations and personality in order to be recognized and appreciated. Praise helps them grow. Someday they’ll own their own institute, academy or church.

VIRGO: This is the librarian, the detailer, the one who takes all of Gemini’s unrelated facts and sets them in order and creates a card catalogue on-line. Virgos research everything in minutest detail. They need to run and play more instead of focusing all of their time on details. They never give all of themselves away.

LIBRA: Their task is to walk into a situation and create chaos. The ultimate Libran brings forth harmony, but only after destroying the harmony that existed. Learning for Libra is about who’s having a relationship with whom and how does it relate to them. In a group they lead by understanding how everything connects. 

SCORPIO: The student in the back of the classroom in black or deep purple and wearing sunglasses is a Scorpio. They work alone, make good surgeons and detectives, and have a depth of knowledge matched only by Pisces. Not liking to be the center of attention, ask them no questions. They don’t like anyone knowing their business. 

SAGITTARIUS: These are the professors on sabbatical even when they’re teaching. Education is something they find while traveling, carrying mail, opening a publishing house or being free to eat in every restaurant in the world. They love food and are always optimistic. 

CAPRICORN: This is the rational and serious student always looking ahead, climbing the corporate ladder in order to break the glass ceiling. Capricorn is a realist, disciplined and working towards goals. Capricorns have the keys to the kingdom. Watch them carefully and befriend them.

AQUARIUS: They come from the future so hardly anyone understands them. They put things off until the last moment, and anything dull (like yesterday) bores them. Their inventiveness is extraordinary but they need complete freedom. Speed and movement help them think. They make unusual artists. Their minds function like lightning.

PISCES: Pisces often don’t know why they’re on Earth. Classrooms stifle them and time is mysterious. They learn intuitively and need everything to relate. When asked a question they know the spiritual side of a subject, which is actually the essence of the inquiry.

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