Gemini, the Twins

Risa’s Astrology

By Risa D’Angeles

We’re in the sign of the twins, Castor and Polydeuces (or Pollox). Think in twos. Gemini, the first air sign, is versatile, communicative, witty, adaptable, intelligent, youthful, lively and creates duality everywhere with everyone. Gemini can also be tense, excitable, nervous, inconsistent and not dependable (on the way to a dinner party with everyone expecting them, they find something more interesting to do), curious and uncomfortable entering into depth psychology.
Geminis write and speak well, love learning and have dual natures. Gemini’s are charming, have many acquaintances, can gossip, scheme, lack endurance, shift interests, seem scattered and have trouble with decisions. They respond to the world mentally, which means not emotionally or physically. They enjoy mental challenges and searching for information. They’re youthful, lighthearted and flirtatious, seek partners, love cars and phones and telecommunications tools. They’ll be the first to have the newest videophone. With their dual personality (always pulled in opposite directions) and like the tides, their moods shift constantly. Gemini behavior calls us to be flexible. This is actually humanity’s task, learning flexibility and adaptation.

ARIES: This is an important month for you, Ari. You will be called to harmonize your will with form and matter by applying intelligent (not emotional) love to all you contact. Multiple energies and rays combine, especially opposing ones. Look for them. They produce in you a greater self-awareness.

TAURUS: This month may not provide you with much comfort. Conflicts arise at every turn. You have strength, will and purpose guiding you through each phase of each day. It’s good to say little meditative prayers upon arising, at noon, at 5 p.m. and before sleep. These will frame your days and nights. New information is being impressed upon your mind as dreams.

GEMINI: Something is precipitating into form and matter, moving down from realm to realm through all the planes until it externalizes in your consciousness and then into your day-to-day. It’s the will-to-good, the Father principle, that, when reaching your mind becomes goodwill, the mother principle. This you are to radiate. It clears all environments like a fire.

CANCER: Should any separative thoughts, feelings or actions enter your mind, make an effort to surround them with light. Use your aspiration and goodness to love more. This will create an awakening within you and sow seeds of love and wisdom. Eventually you will dissolve all separations that wound and hurt. Joy then begins.

LEO: You are being called by both personality and soul, lower and higher self to resolve their differences. These are two planes of awareness. One calls for the cultivation of things in matter and the other the further cultivation of mind. The two actually become one when you think of serving humanity and preparing for a very different future. Think about how you would teach others about the path.

VIRGO: How can you further support others in their endeavors? What responsibility do you feel in this task? There’s a collective purpose that humanity must assume and you are humanity’s “mother” gestating the new consciousness. Much of humanity only dimly senses this. How can you deepen awareness of things to come? What do you think the future will hold?

LIBRA: You are called to be a “water-bearer.” You’re being asked to disperse the “waters of life” to all those you contact. These waters are actually lines of energy consisting of love and wisdom, intelligence and willingness expressed through you. In other words you are the vehicle for a great love needing to be radiated out to others. Humanity is weary these days needing love to uplift it. Can you help?

SCORPIO: Many different levels are impacting your life and now the intensity and amount have accelerated. Especially for the next month. It’s best to consciously turn inward paying attention to the subtlest of experiences, feelings and emotions. The depth of your attention is different. Considerable changes are occurring, bringing you to a state of self-inquiry. Someone else will reflect this for you, also.

SAGITTARIUS: You may feel deep conflicts, not a new state, as it’s a continuation of what you’ve known before. Let’s look at conflict for understanding. It’s creative, forcing your attention (tension creates attention), allowing you to form independent perspectives. You will form units of intimacy (different levels) for various purposes. These help you understand the effects you have on others. You need others now.

CAPRICORN: For several weeks you will attempt to manage your life by examining what new duties and responsibilities are emerging for you to do at this time. Keywords are efficiency and effectiveness, very Capricorn words that form part of the rungs of the ladder of success. Do not fret if you’re working under another’s tutelage. This presents a time of learning so that when you’re the leader, you lead with compassionate knowledge.

AQUARIUS: A happiness has appeared. It’s from the sun. You feel free to express and be yourself more than usual. You set your own priorities and work passionately to maintain autonomy and independence (physically, emotionally and mentally). It’s important to play and have fun for your nature, usually in a state of worry, needs a free-spirited state of play and rest. Children cross your path. They bring light.

PISCES: Events deep in the past play across your mind. You ask many questions about your upbringing. You wonder if you were the parent to yourself how you could and wound have better prepared yourself for life in form and matter. You examine the role of your childhood as it has affected your present life. We must remember. Pisces doesn’t enter matter. It hovers above it, seeking where it can serve and save.

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