Risa's Astrology

Risa’s Astrology

ARIES: Your daily life and agendas will shift. New tasks and tools become available, new disciplines, structures, order and organization will be more apparent and you step out of a previous way of being into a new set of parameters that you will create. Community calls.

TAURUS: Expressing yourself becomes important. You’ve had five months to develop ideas, visions, plans and the architecture of the coming months. The foundation has been formed. There will be opportunities to create what you know is needed for the next cycle of life. Help is forthcoming.

GEMINI: Your foundations will shift into new dimensions, along with your personal life. Everything will require work. What hasn’t been resolved, you now have the capabilities to complete. Everything, including daily contacts will be reorganized. Many years’ experiences are culminating. What will you draw on your blank canvas?

CANCER: There’s been much inward preparation in the past four months. Now you begin several years of outward operations on a day-to-day level. The changes begin in your mind and habits, and how you listen to others. You expand and contract. Everything in your environment will be affected by how you think. Greater understanding will occur. This provides you with more contacts and control.

LEO: You’ll consider what is important and figure out how to live on your own terms based on your values. First you need to know what your values are. Not simply things in form and matter, but your spiritual, psychological and moral value system. Whatever keeps you from discovering your values will be removed from your life. You’ll work hard to keep things simple. Be economical, too.

VIRGO: For the last 14 years you’ve focused outwardly, developing interactions with others, a vital developmental stage. You’ve gathered information and now you’ll turn inward to restructure who you will be in the future. Themes for the next few years will be introspection, introversion and pondering.

LIBRA: If aspects of your life, even your professional positions have disappeared it’s because new action, events, people, work and realities are about to appear. The past few years have been years of cleaning, clearing and completing. Are you sad? Do you feel your life isn’t as it should be? Know that it’s actually perfect. Expect surprises.

SCORPIO: You must shine as part of a group. You’ll be required to cooperate more, become a coworker, assume new responsibilities. You’ll be challenged and there will be demands on your time. What you have silently wished for is here now. You succeed only through a group.

SAGITTARIUS: Twenty-four years ago you began a process of growth, which will be harvested now. You have prepared well and will assume new and different responsibilities responding to your ambition and call for leadership. Perhaps you don’t care for leadership. It will, however, lead to greater achievement.

CAPRICORN: Your efforts are bearing fruit. Your ambitions are stabilizing. However, you are also slightly unusual, unique and a bit of a revolutionary. Notice how spirituality and religion are becoming more important. You balance your private and public lives well. More tests will come. You will pass.

AQUARIUS: There is a focus on possessions, finances and values. You are aware of what others value. This information will need to be integrated into your life in constructive and not conflictual ways. Don’t rely on others so you can have time to reflect upon your own vulnerability and mortality. This is not morbid. It’s practical.

PISCES: You realize what you can and can’t do. You must do your very best at every task and in all relationships. This will bring balance at a time when imbalance seems to dominate. Careful with relationships. Do not expect from the other more than they can give. You are redefining yourself. Pay attention to those who love you and to your health.

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