Buddha's Blessing

Two important celebrations occur this week: Friday, the Wesak Festival, an esoteric holy day and sacred water festival, or Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon and Mother’s Day on Sunday.
During Wesak, the Buddha blesses the Earth and its four kingdoms. Held yearly in a hidden valley in the Himalayas, the Buddha is invoked through a sacred ritual of song, dance and mantrams of the Great Ones. The day and night of Wesak, esotericists place pure-water-filled crystal bowls outside. As the Buddha blesses the world, all Earth’s waters are blessed.  Illumination takes place and we are able to express ourselves in new ways.

ARIES: A continuing theme is the group — who you are in the group, what do you receive and provide, and how do you expand both self and others through group interactions? Your future depends upon the answers to these questions. Give all that you have to humanity, offering all abilities for humanity’s well being.

TAURUS: The Wesak Full Moon blessing occurs each year in your sign. Through your life you always seek illumination. Whether conscious of this or not, this theme is your life purpose and task. As the Buddha blesses humanity you must too, through what you know, perceive and realize, becoming the Buddha’s intermediary.

GEMINI: Consider attending the Wesak Festival in your dreams for that is where many experience it but only after great and deep intention to participate. The Wesak Festival is deeply involved with Venus, your Soul ruler, and with Mercury the sign of harmony through conflict, which you understand. These energies work in concert to bring you to the next state of awareness and spiritual consciousness. We’ll see you at the festival.

CANCER: It’s best to maintain a quiet mental contemplation so information being received is able to organize and sort itself out for your deep understanding. You’ll review groups you belong to viewing their ways and traditions as the means whereby your intuition comes forth. This new reality surprises you and the process you come to deeply cherished. Much of your life at this time is purposefully hidden. The future embraces you, yet you don’t know it.

LEO: Prior choices concerning who you are in the world, your work and leadership abilities and how you affect others will be reassessed and reformed. You can reinvent yourself, calling upon hidden gifts and abilities, adapting to behaviors of those you admire, reading into yourself more virtues useful for the coming unusual times. Relationships for you are always with people unlike yourself. They are your shadow self.

VIRGO: You have been deeply focused on daily needs and this continues for six months, more or less. Your mind, however, turns away from daily life. You’re focused on comforts and possibilities elsewhere. Perhaps it has to do with a professional life, something larger than daily life. Observe if you are learning new techniques or studying something of great importance to your and humanity’s future.

LIBRA: You seek greater knowledge and a deeper experience of something so that a more inclusive view of the world can be seen. You seek to understand how this and that intersect and these quests take you into other worlds, countries, places far away. Study and investigate. Next month, you can fully engage and act upon your interests. Life in many ways is completely different than you expect now. You will learn this.

SCORPIO: Be observant of conversations and encounters. For the next several weeks they will profoundly affect you, taking you deeper into yourself and shifting your points of view. You will affect others in this way, too. This places a responsibility upon your communication and actions, to be mindful of what you say and do, to reflect before speaking, and to tend to finances (yours and others) with special care.

SAGITTARIUS: Clarification and explanations, to self and others, is your theme for the next weeks. Should you be anxious and/or concerned about anything seek counsel. Being alone is not the best for you now. Response and deep listening from another is beneficial, helping you have perspective, overcome difficulties, and gain the needed detached view. You will ponder relationships as they relate to your present/past.

CAPRICORN: Work and health. The work is mental and physical, giving attention to detail, finding the best techniques, planning carefully. You will, as always, do an excellent job. Health, for those who criticize a lot, criticism hampers health. Praise vivifies. You could feel anxious. Aconite Napelis (homeopath) helps. If any tests or doctor check ups are needed, wait until after the retrograde.

AQUARIUS: Attempt to explain your decisions clearly. During the retrograde you may think you explained yourself, but actually those words remain within, never were articulated and thus others won’t understand your actions. You need a bit of fun to release hidden child-like energy. Listen to others with compassion. Aquarians are faster than the speed of light, often leaving everyone else in the dust.

PISCES: It’s good to withdraw a bit, to reflect and consider in depth what has occurred in the past several months. It’s time to examine your daily life, make plans and evaluate next steps and what needs have arisen from a life change. Speak your deepest thoughts and feelings; allow no inner emotional pressures to build. The ability to focus now will only be inward. Appreciate your childhood and parents for what they gave.

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