Risa's Astrology

Risa’s Astrology

By Risa D’Angeles

Venus turns direct Friday. Saturday, in Northern Arizona, is the Gathering of the Elders (earthworksforhumanity.org/pages/elders.shtml). On Sunday, Sun enters Taurus, stable and fixed, constant and sustaining. Tuesday, I have surgery (see nightlightnews.com for information). I ask for healing prayers. Wednesday is Earth Day. In astrology charts Earth is located in the sign and degree directly opposite the Sun. It is here (Earth) where we “tread the way” and serve humanity. There’s lots to do on Earth Day. First, even if in pots, begin a garden. Here is a Web site to help you: onemilliongardens.com. Think about seeds. Here’s information on the fate of our seeds and seed banks: solari.com/blog/?p=2373. Here’s a Web site to maintain contact with political and financial news each day: solari.com Catherine Austin Fitts’ Web site contains invaluable information. Writers responding to her blog are on the edges of tomorrow. Here’s an online Environmental Community link: envirolink.org. Here’s a complete guide to Earth Day 2009 worldwide: earthday.envirolink.org. Here’s the Earth Day network marking the Green Generation Campaign: earthday.net/earthday2009. (More on Earth, Ray 3, the green planet, at nightlightnews.com)

ARIES: A great state of excitement occurred affecting everyone energetically this week. Your days and nights are overshadowed by this irrepressible energy so use it carefully. Act on feelings that are harmless. Exercise relentlessly. Tend to anger by running or swimming it away. Don’t become a difficult authoritative person or be careless. These words are for your protection.

TAURUS: You may return to a time (friend, event, thought) in the past, communicate or ponder issues, spiritual realities and work not quite completed. These thoughts bring revelations, forgiveness and closure. Then you can move into next realities. You’re called to tend another and care for matters that belong to you. Appreciate everything. Love as much and as deeply as you can. Consider different answers.

GEMINI: Some things have lived out their usefulness. You must find a place of contemplation and quiet for several days. There may be energies affecting you from all directions. You want to be poised so when challenges appear you step aside like a tai-chi master letting them flow.

CANCER: It seems you’re attempting to be hidden while out in the world serving others. Through this paradox and polarity of not knowing which to choose, you must do both. Have the intention for balance between the inner and outer, public and private, seen and unseen. Don’t be confused by this. Just observe.

LEO: If emotions aren’t being expressed then something will occur to catalyze them out into the open, challenging you to share how you feel. Chart a steady course. A sense of abandonment is cropping up and I’m wondering if you’re a bit lonely and sad? Or perhaps you have a new love interest?

VIRGO: Be cautious, for you’re sensitive and restless and a certain hunger assails you that can’t be soothed by chocolate or ice cream. Ask yourself if what you want is realistic. Perhaps try another plan, nurturing it with a kindly patience. Anything can trigger you into an explosive reaction. Then you will seek forgiveness feeling quite bad. Step away. It’s time for a long trip.

LIBRA: Your planet, Venus, turns direct this week allowing you to act on plans and more freedom in relationships. You feel encouraged and want to cooperate. You want to harmonize the intensity that seems follow you. Although you don’t quite know how to do this, it’s important to know the key to all successful actions is intention. So from now on, always ask what your intentions are. Ask others, too.

SCORPIO: You simply want to be sensible and practical, forgetting all the deep stuff for a while, applying yourself full to daily needs in order to feel stability. You begin to weigh the day-to day-stresses with thoughts of how to bring about a contemplation and retreat. It will be revealed.

SAGITTARIUS: You have moments and sometimes days of peace and freedom. And then a new reality swings into view, like soon you’ll feel that freedom and fun has gone and instead you must assume work that feels like maintenance and you ask, “Why me?” and then you set about tending to what’s at hand. Then you realize your life got easier by this acceptance and you find pleasure in your skills and don’t think you’re stubborn for you’re just assessing things … in your own time.

CAPRICORN: You step away from the world for moment, or try to, and focus on personal needs, and quite suddenly you have more energy and turn toward those you love. You want to care for them. However, you must come first awhile. Have a hearty, protein-full breakfast daily. You may need to train yourself to eat differently. It’s a practical way to success.

AQUARIUS: Be aware of your communication. Tend to those you love with kindness. To those opposing you, anger may erupt. Assess what is best in all situations and don’t allow yourself to be out of control with anger or actions. Attempt to observe what is occurring internally, externally and all around. The energies are quite complex. Be in charge of them.

PISCES: Notice the energetic shift from fire to earth. Call upon the fire of spirit and the sustenance of earth to help heal you. Be truthful. If you don’t understand, ask for clarification. Allow no one’s reality to become greater than the reality you’ve chosen. Love comes slowly and from far away. The angels surround and sing to you.

Risa is founder and director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom school, in Santa Cruz, Calif. The foundation of the Esoteric studies is the study and comprehension and application of astrology, both personality-building astrology and soul-directed astrology. Risa can be reached at risagoodwill@gmail.com. More information is posted at nightlightnews.com.

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