Aries Solar Festival

Risa’s Astrology

By Risa D’Angeles

Emergence of New World Religion

Today is the first full moon of spring and the first of three spring festivals: Aries, Taurus and Gemini. Humanity seems to have lost its way and seeks a new revelation. Therefore the festivals were established. The Aries/Libra Full Moon Festival, the great Western Christian festival of Easter/Resurrection. During the Aries Resurrection Easter festival, the love aspect of God pours into the Earth, creating the template of love for the coming year. Life is made more abundant and humanity is sustained and strengthened for the challenging times to come.
ARIES: You’re here, there and everywhere. Energies are dynamic yet contemplative, fiery and watery, leading to excessive activities and moody blues. Focus within your heart. This allows all new ideas to filter through the question “Is this for the goodwill of the whole?” Then you will know the best course of action through these tumultuous times.
TAURUS: You’re most likely in serious study, attempting to sort out details, feelings and intuitions. The key is truth. You may not know why you feel a certain way, however you must still express to others that the timing isn’t quite right, the path isn’t found yet, the past hasn’t caught up to the present and to move forward without right timing is foolish. Later you’ll know why you felt these ways. Have courage.

GEMINI: Do not be discouraged. Love’s hiding away so you can assess your wants, needs and aspirations. Pleasure also seems to be hidden, delayed until just the right time to come out and play with you. Be aware of the Full Moon Aries festival. Since love pours down on all of humanity during the festival, and since you’re Ray 2 (Love/Wisdom), you’re in the direct pathway to receive. Allow nothing to interrupt your meditations concerning this event.

CANCER: Anything unresolved with intimates and relationships (even those who have died) will reappear. Attempt to reconnect with grace and equanimity remembering that love underlies all happenings. Life creates these meaningful encounters, especially through testing, so that we are strengthened. Seriously consider all ideas for they will be impressed upon your mind.

LEO: It’s almost as if you need a ship to navigate the rough tides of your life. See yourself at the seashore, building a fire close to the water’s edge. Then contemplate both elements, fire and water. When they join, a new reality, new direction and a new awareness of life occur. You need these. The challenge will be maintaining an inner steady course when emotions become overwhelming. You can do this. Talk with someone who loves you.

VIRGO: You’ll be practical and creative with money and finances, day-to-day events, plans, connections and agendas. Even if you feel like an inner explosion is about to occur, you’ll focus on how to bring balance and harmony, caution and care into all situations. The week is paradoxical with polarized realities. Stand in the middle where the light is. That will be your adventure.

LIBRA: You continue to assess what you’re able to provide to others, especially those close to you. You also review exactly what you need. Sometimes realizations can be difficult especially for Librans who want to have harmony. You want more depth, more meaning, closeness and yet freedom. Quite a dilemma. Maintain silence this week, listening instead of speaking. You’ll learn a lot. Silence and listening harmonize.

SCORPIO: Fine ways to express yourself, not necessarily through words but through exercise, swimming, playing ball, walking, running, cooking, music, boating, etc. However you express yourself, it will be most important that movement occurs for it will sustain and stabilize highly emotional trigger points. Daily life stresses make you feel like escape is necessary. Yes, do escape. You know how to do this. Then ease emerges.

SAGITTARIUS: Focus on health. Think prevention and attempt to enjoy yourself. Couple this with a real sense of confidence because you’re intelligent, you plan well and when you’re truly mindful, your communication infects others with strength and enthusiasm. Ponder these things during the Aries Resurrection festival. A most subtle yet potent time for you.

CAPRICORN: As you tend to needed domestic structures and disciplines a small voice, becoming louder, calls for freedom and impulsiveness. Be careful with community toward family. You could become impatient and say things you later regret. You may work harder and longer to the point that exhaustion follows. Don’t allow that to occur. You are valuable.

AQUARIUS: Maintain strict limits and agendas so time and money are not wasted. Discipline allows the intuition to emerge. When we have no discipline, intuition has nothing to focus upon. Should you need anything, realize your communication abilities are excellent. Ask and it will be given. Give and more will be asked of you. Both must occur. Think on your foundations and the goodness they provided. This goodness rules your life.

PISCES: What you communicate will affect many. Tell the truth about your experiences. Let people know both your inner and outer realities. There is most likely a challenging situation in your life now. Move toward it with grace and apply a loving willingness. Great good will come of it. Remember this when the road becomes rocky. It will only be for a small amount of time. Read Psalm 37.

Risa is founder and director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary wisdom school in Santa Cruz, Calif. The foundation of the esoteric studies is the study and comprehension and application of astrology, both personality-building astrology and soul-directed astrology. Risa can be reached at Further esoteric information is posted at

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