Mercury Retro ends

Mercury Retro ends

February’s Fire Festivals offer hope


I see and smell the first fragrant scents of spring. Gradually if we walk slowly and quietly we’ll notice the subtle changes occurring in nature. Humanity needs fire festivals during the gray days of winter, to chase away doldrums and light deprivation. On Feb. 2 we have Candlemas and Imbolc fire festivals offering humanity hope. Mercury retrograde ends late Saturday night. Did everyone notice the Mercury retrograde (things must be redone, incorrect words) and moon v/c (nothing connects) situations at the Inauguration ceremonies? Read more at

ARIES: There is no question about your importance to a group. There’s a call to you from others seeking leadership and counsel concerning the future. You ponder the future with your hopes and concerns as to your place and most of all your freedom, which Aquarius oversees. Here’s a hint. Freedom only comes through absolute service to others.

TAURUS: I’ve been writing that you are the leader. You’ve prepared for the past years in understanding the situation humanity is and will experience. Daily you ask others to prepare. Some listen, most can’t. Continue with your preparations for many will eventually arrive on your doorstep. Of the entire zodiac, you understand the future best. Carry on with confidence.

GEMINI: The Tibetan says that we will only grow as we work though and with a group. Who do you consider your group? You will need more information pointing you in the direction of that group and in the direction of the ageless wisdom teachings. These are directives that provide a pathway toward the soul’s kingdom. Did you know a new kingdom is being formed? Can you define Antakarana? What’s summoning you?

CANCER: As you stay within the confines of yourself, your home and environments safe and secure, a new state of awareness becomes apparent. You’re in the deep waters of Scorpio, experiencing the Nine Tests of Mars, pondering themes such as death and regeneration. Life itself is reorienting you toward the spiritual inner life of the soul. On outer levels, money takes on new meaning as a means of protecting the future. You will survive.

LEO: You seek new ways of relating in relationships. Understand the Aquarian new laws and principles and apply them to your interactions. They are: Goodwill, Right Relations, Unanimity, Group Endeavor, Essential Divinity and Spiritual Approach. Ponder these words. Revelations then occur. Apply these in relationships and partnerships. Then true intimacy and love appear.

VIRGO: It’s as if a great love, from cosmic sources, pours down upon you. It’s from the Sun. Each day is love-filled and you express this to all. If there’s strife, confusion, challenges or difficulties you bathe them in a state of one-pointed devotion and all obstructions disappear. Healing and wholeness then manifest. You are that.

LIBRA: You have an unusual opportunity to create your future at this time. Whatever you hope for and seek to manifest, if it works with service to others from a heart-felt state of intention, then your success is assured. You must dissolve any hindrances from the past and bring forgiveness forth. This is your first step. The next steps appear by themselves.

SCORPIO: Life becomes filled with possibilities, your mind relates diverse ideas into one matrix of potential. Write all these ideas down, do research, add a bit of science and study and you might come up with inventive plans that benefit humanity’s future. Observe that your speech and mannerisms seems more graceful and perceptive. Harmony has found you.

SAGITTARIUS: There’s a law, it’s cosmic and divine, that to bring forth greater harmony and to anchor it into the physical world, previous forms must be destroyed so that a higher beauty and creativity can result. It’s possible this is occurring for you now with a simultaneous bringing forth of mental illumination. You seek the form that is the correct expression of your ideas, your art and profession. Visualize a wedding. You are both male and female. Unite them. Then wait.

CAPRICORN: Whatever you do in your world, see yourself leading humanity into the light. This is a profound way of living. When you do this you help dispel illusions, distortions and maya that all of us carry unconsciously. Doing this is a soul activity. You seek the highest level of service. Piercing the veil of darkness is one of the higher forms of serving. You’ll need willingness to do this. And courage.

AQUARIUS: Things in your life feel as if they are complete. They are. There are things in seed form that feel as if they are just beginning. They are. This is a paradox and yet not. Things of the past are passing away. The future isn’t formed yet. You stand in your life holding the seeds of the future through what you choose each day. Unite mind and heart. See this occurring daily. Add compassion. Then balance between all polarities emerges.

PISCES: You’re working under a variety of major archetypes, the water bearer (Aquarius), the scales (Libra), the Aquarian Laws and Principles (see Leo), Uranus (creating the new culture and civilization). These are just a few. What holds all these together is love and because of this you seek a group to live and work with, active service in order to assist humanity and intuition to guide your way. Pray ceaselessly for these things. When we ask, they are given.



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