Esoteric Astrology for Nov. 27 – Dec. 3

It’s Thanksgiving Thursday, feast of gratitude and giving. It may be an eccentric day. Here is the Tibetan (paraphrased) on gratitude: Gratitude, a scientific and occult releasing agent, is a service. Gratitude releases us from the past and lays open our future path leading to the new culture and civilization, the rising light of the Aquarian Age, the Age of Friendship and Equality.

What are you grateful for?

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Advent begins Sunday. I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving, filled with intelligence and loving-kindness. Risa
ARIES: There’s much in your life to be thankful for. This week it’s that your mind can go here, there and everywhere, filled with goals, plans, ideas, aspirations. You hear a call to travel. The exotic seeks to replace the day by day. But then you feel the pull of responsibilities. Fret not. Something will come and take you away. It’s intelligent, loving and whisks you into the future.

TAURUS: You continue to work day and night preparing for the future. Some Tauruses are focused upon the well being of their community, not wanting to have a future lacking basic needs and comfort. You are sensitive to the needs of others, however money may be needed soon. Know the cosmic law that when we serve the resources to continue, that serving appears unexpectedly. Carry on gratefully.

GEMINI: Are you planning to flee? Are you and a partner thinking of moving or is there discussion concerning travel, goals or spiritual needs? Is there love or disagreement? Flurries of conflict are purposeful. Tensions create new understanding. Rainfalls and discussions in relationships hone the mind. Keep discussing. It lays the groundwork for gratitude.

CANCER: Cancer’s moods change following the tides and phases of the moon. Soon you’ll see what’s undone and tend to it. However much you want to complete things, you may become overworked and overtired. Should pain or inflammation flare up, remember Turmeric (in caps) and cayenne (sprinkled over food) are natural anti-inflammatory. Begin new habits. Be grateful that you can.

LEO: The personal planets have shifted out of your domestic sphere and entered into your house of creativity. Now you must learn how to make a home, through rebuilding, reconstructing and redesigning. Are money and resources lacking and a source of fear? Or is money, which allowed you to gather greater stabilization, stabilizing you? Are you giving thanks ceaselessly? You need a party.

VIRGO: A depth of creativity is about to begin. While family and friends gather, your mind works overtime with goals and philosophical ideas. These you attempt to communicate, but notice that some understand you and others don’t. That’s OK, yes? Focus only on gratitude and seek to bring love and harmony to all interactions. Wounds then heal. People listen.

LIBRA: Whenever you communicate in coming weeks, many will be listening in order to learn philosophical and spiritual truths. You are steward of this opportunity and responsibility now. Your words will deconstruct the past and bring new information about the present and future, create a structure of sustainability, and offer pathways of harmony for those deeply seeking direction. You’ll do your best.

SCORPIO: The Sun and Mercury were partners this week, so profound messages streamed through your mind taking you into another dimension. Did you hear the messages? First to tend to financial issues and then ask the financial permaculture questions: who is your banker, where do you bank, and where does your money go? On a higher level there are values. What are yours? Think about this. They are changing.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s a very good time for Sags. Actually, because of Jupiter it’s always a very good time, though if you’re on the path it may feel rocky at times. But behind all the shifts, filled with challenge and obligations, toward the mountain of initiation, there is always joy. Joy comes from the soul. Happiness from the personality. Understand the differences, recognizing when they occur. One sings, the other is learning.

CAPRICORN: The weeks have been rather frantic, filled with confusion and harsh sounds, not quite being in the best of health and possible difficulty with ears or hearing. Coming weeks are slower, calmer, more repose than cacophony. Choose comfort, solitude and self care. The profoundest life will soon begin. Power will arrive, too, in all forms, but especially from within. You’ll do excellently.

AQUARIUS: The planetary energies are huddled in your sphere of friends, future, hopes, wishes  and everything you’ve ever wanted to be and do. So, who are your friends, how do you see your future, what you do hope for, what are your visions and dreams, and what do you need? I ask need, not want. Needs are possible. Wants are secondary. Most importantly, what are you thankful for?

PISCES: You’ll be called to do community work or assume more professional responsibilities leading to greater recognition. Swim out from under the water lilies, allow yourself to be seen and heard to those asking for your gifts. Confidence grows with each step. Use your focused will, your love and intelligence. They are well prepared. You are, too. We are grateful.
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