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Sun enters Sag on Friday and Pluto enters Capricorn, a long awaited astrological milestone of changes. The last time this occurred was during the French Revolution. This will profoundly affect humanity in the next 26 years, with the most profound changes in the next four years.
A new kingdom is being created, the kingdom of the soul where love and unity will eventually prevail. We will enter into extreme upheaval to arrive there. Each of us will be affected personally and globally. We must ask where can we best offer ourselves in service to the building and construction of the new culture and civilization. Below are spiritual outcomes for each sign. Underneath this transformational journey, there is a blueprint, a purpose, and a plan. In what areas of life will each of us be affected? Read more at www.nightlightnews.com.
ARIES: In your work in the world, in your profession, in what you are doing now and what you choose to do in the future. You will be called to be a unicorn, holding the light for others who will climb the mountain of responsibility with you. Your ambition will shift from that of the self to assisting others. You will then find your life purpose.

TAURUS: In your ideals, goals and visions and how you use money. Your focused direction, begun this past year, will accelerate. You will be like a rider on a horse with bow and arrow poised and ready symbolizing your goals. You will clear the way for others seeking the path of survival in order to create a sense of well being despite the coming turmoil. Being a true visionary, you will be the teacher.

GEMINI: In your interactions with others and use of resources. You will at times be an eagle then a phoenix shedding what has seemed to be, in the last years, a rather scorpion demeanor. This was purposeful. From dualistic desires you’ll progress to selfless desires, spiritual aspiration. From previous battles your immortality (soul) emerges. You will no longer hide in darkness, but stand in light. You will sustain and revitalize others through your learned loving kindness.

CANCER: In your relationships and daily work. You will seek to move from feeling imbalanced equilibrium, which then becomes perfect balance. Instead of viewing people as winners or losers, you see them perfected by their life’s sacrifice. Interpersonal relationships will become transpersonal (spiritual) and your self and family focus shifts to all of humanity. Light will shine from your ajna center (third eye) and you will remember to radiate goodwill.

LEO: As you serve others. From discriminating use of talents to serving without question, which will create inclusivity, one of the new Aquarian principles. Your search for order will create order out of chaos and conflict. Your fear of emptiness will shift into resourcefulness. Instead of hiding away and working only on self-development you’ll realize your presence creates a great love in everyone, the foundation for the new culture and civilization.

VIRGO: In knowing you create. You will know within the heart of the sun is love connecting directly to your heart. Instead of reflecting others you will emanate a light that becomes a source of love for others. Instincts and your bright intelligence will no longer be your only guides. Intuition will direct your life as you love more. The right use of will becomes purposeful because divinity will call.

LIBRA: In your deepest sense of self and how you nurture. From being totally subjective and under a shell you’ll emerge into nature, the most balanced kingdom. You’ll no longer be afraid. From gathering resources only for self you’ll seek the waters of earth and then the waters of life. Only these will quench your thirst. Having lived a self-preserving life, you’ll begin to self-nurture and then nurture others unconditionally. Then your true financial independence arrives.

SCORPIO: Within your mind. From relationship to relationship you sought yourself. When you begin to act with the intention of creating right relations with all kingdoms your higher mind will be activated and a sustaining sense of community will grow, connecting you freely with others. This is because your mind will become holistic and instead of polarizing you’ll harmonize and synthesize. Instead of being tossed by the wind you will direct it with knowledge and truth.

SAGITTARIUS: With form, resources and values. Gradually your sense of self will be released from the restrictions of form and matter. You will learn how to resolve conflicts within and without. Instead of your hidden protective inflexibility you will have a resolute will to learn all you can so that your struggle within desires for self becomes a horn of spiritual plenty for others. From dualism will emerge your extraordinary goodwill. Then the music begins.

CAPRICORN: Within your deepest sense of self, which has been instinctual and barely focused at times to self as directed and inspired. You will see that you and others are one, that love underlies all happenings of our times, and you will not only feel the pulse of life but you will radiate power that’s purposeful because it is you, above all who must build the new world. This you will come to know and understand and wield with the fires of love.

AQUARIUS: Within your spiritual self, yet hidden. From the opaque waters where you cannot see, you will enter into the waters of life, become a mediator and then a savior. This will occur because you will develop a directed sensitivity that becomes inclusivity filled with compassion. Instead of feeling undisciplined, you will resurrect, become liberated and move from slave, to servant to one who serves. You have been seeking this.

PISCES: Within your group. Always service oriented, though at times this is dim, soon there will be a directed sense that you can activate your visions, which will assist in the planetary shifts that will occur so that humanity, through your teachings, can birth the new archetypes needed on earth. You will move from stumbling revolutionary to the one who understand the plan, teaching cyclic timings and organizing structures that unify. Your visions come to light.
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