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Esoteric Astrology as news for week October 2-8, 2008

Choosing The Way Between Two Great Lines of Force: Wall St.- Main St.

We are under the influence of Libra Sun and Mercury’s retrograde (time of review) in Libra. Mercury is the star of conflict and Libra, involved in economics, seeks balance between polarities (one voice is called for between Democrats and Republicans drafting the Economic Bailout Plan). Is everyone watching the critically intelligent Jon Stewart Daily Show & the Colbert Report, where the “real” news is? Barack Obama’s mantram was “It’s time for us to change America!” That change has arrived. However, amidst the economic crisis, the presidential elections seem like an afterthought. During these “perilous economic times” astrologers are studying the U.S. chart. Monday, October 6th & Saturday, October 25th, transiting Mercury conjuncts (passes over) the U.S. Saturn (discipline, restrictions, restructure) at 14:47 degrees Libra. Mercury was at this same degree when the world trade centers were destroyed (9/11). It’s important to observe what occurs in the U.S. around these two days. President Clinton (who inspires confidence) stated something must be done to put liquidity into the frozen markets or our economy will collapse. Clinton (seven planets, asteroids & rising in Libra) reminds us we need to step away from blame, not create the polarity of them (bad) and us (good) and with one voice create a financial plan that may or may not work – but at least we must try. This reflects the present task for humanity under Libra, sign of crisis and choice, and Libra’s Soul-directed seed-thought “I choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force.” Clinton summons all of us to Right Action, Right Relations and to think and proceed with humility. (continued at nightlightnews.com)

ARIES: It is good to assess if there are any needs you or a partner have that are hidden, existing in a sort of mysterious process that comes to life only when there is conflict. This is a good question to ask in all relationships, but especially now due to the planetary positions and Mercury retrograde in Libra. Are there any legal situations you must tend to? If so, look them over and make plans to implement them after mid October.

TAURUS: It will soon be time to teach others what you know. You’ve been hiding information away until the right time and now is that time. You cannot do what you’ve been doing alone anymore for any length of time. Should you be asking others to help you have you asked them what they need in return? This is most important for you to consider.

GEMINI: Is there difficulty with concentration, communication, or making contact – a general situation during Mercury retrograde in Libra. Take this time to reflect upon what you value most in your daily life. Should there be expectations placed upon you explain you’re working slowly now as life has taken a backward and sideways turn in the road. You’ll be called to duties and tasks not quite to your liking. This will be an exercise in sacrifice. Take it slow. Call an old intelligent friend.

CANCER: You are most likely tending to family. Are you sleeping? And are you feeling hungry? Soon something will slip into your life that makes you feel happier. It’s a surging forth of determination and courage along with a new sense of creativity. Perhaps you will be inspired about how and where you live. Prepare for a new life to appear. You will, however, need to be more organized.

LEO: Should you feel you cannot possibly leave home, then remain there. The incoming energies are calling you to tend to personal issues, things domestic such as cleaning and clearing, with some time for research. Get in touch with previous friends. There’s perhaps some misunderstanding to be explained, some care and tending to be offered. It’s possible also, that a move is pending.

VIRGO: Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals. There can be a lessening of appetite. I have mentioned the need for increased calcium/magnesium. While monetary situations continue to unfold you discover more and more ways to balance accounts, more ideas will be pour through your mind. Pondering upon the mental tests that Mars provides is suggested. Have you begun your Mercury retro journal?

LIBRA: It is most important that your finances are in order and you assess income and expenditures very carefully. It is possible that you have been given incorrect financial information that could be affecting your emotions and health. Seek out the original source of this information, rely only on your own research, consult a professional for assistance, and do not succumb to a situation or person who may hurt or confuse you. Something financially is hidden and you must bring it into the light of day. Rest in between.

: Suddenly you’re life assumes additional intensity. Intensity, your real name, you sometimes try to hide. But you are unable to at this time. To ease the discomfort of this concentrated power, force and energy coursing through your body, maintain consistent exercise, and then double it. A new state of self-identity and strength are developing. Set your sights on new and distinguishing goals.

SAGITTARIUS: The structure you’ve sought is finally forming within your sphere of work. But you must discipline yourself in the right use of energy and time. Many people waste valuable time in emotional endeavors because they don’t know what else to do as emotions overtake them. Stay behind the scenes. Work on your own. Plan for future endeavors or do nothing at all. You deserve a rest. Don’t fiddle around with an affair. Not yet.

CAPRICORN: Do not take on excessive tasks lest your exhaustion level affects your immune system. Yes you’re fully capable of holding the entire world on your shoulders, but soon this becomes heavy and unattractive. Create a manifestation list stating your hoped for goals and priorities. This forms a magnet of energy around you and those who aspire toward the same ways of life will appear. Delays are part of the pattern now. So don’t fret.

AQUARIUS: You understand humanity’s needs and their sorrows. You attempt to bring forth new ideas sending a message of balance and harmony along with a bit of fun. You have tremendous energy and potential to bring into form hopes, dreams and aspirations. You must, however, be very focused on specific goals. It’s an excellent time for financial planning. Make needed contacts, then maintain and nurture them. Among many, this is your specific talent.

PISCES: Piscean teachers, travelers, publishers, writers, adventurers and religious leaders are busy with schedules, plans, travel (careful!), cultural and/or religious aims and endeavors – attempting to inject harmony, change and balance into daily life which at times, could feel isolated and isolating. You need a stimulus package of direction and hope. Safety is most important. Although travel seems fun, it may be difficult. Stay home. Interact with Sagittarius or Scorpio.

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