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Esoteric Astrology as news for week Sept. 11-17, 2008

Harvest Moon, Virgo Solar Festival

In our northern hemisphere, this is the last week of summer. Each day the Sun’s light, moving slowly southward, lessens. At autumn equinox the Sun will be at the equator and at winter solstice at the Tropic of Capricorn (fulfilling Virgo’s promise). And thus the seasons come and go and the cycles unfold and there is darkness and light – all intended for humanity’s growth, evolution and well-being. In the night sky, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are the evening stars.

This week: Thursday is Aquarius moon. Sensing the future we are impatient. Venus and Mars join in Libra creating new relationships, passionate encounters, parties, social get-togethers, friendships, partnerships, marriages. It’s a happy time. Friday – lots of planetary shifts – we’re topsy-turvy. Sun opposes Uranus at 7:21 pm. Anything could occur tonight. Saturday morning (9:05 am) moon enters Pisces. Boundaries drop, veils appear, compassion rules. Sunday is busy – Mars trines Chiron (a time for natural curatives, homeopaths, flower remedies, herbs); Sun inconjuncts Neptune (confusion, no contacts); as Mercury and Venus join in Libra (we use Right Human Relations to bring balance and harmony).

Early morning Monday (2:13 am) is the Full Harvest Moon, Virgo solar festival at 23 degrees. The meditative seed thought for Virgo is “I am the Mother (matter) and the child (Son, consciousness). I, God the Father (Spirit) and I (Matter), are One.” In Virgo the personality joins for the first time with the Soul. Will, Consciousness/Love, and Intelligence unite, though this remains hidden within us. Sunday evening join the NGWS by reciting the Soul & Great Invocations. Noon on Monday a v/c begins till 2:39 pm with Aries moon.

Soon Mercury will retrograde (Sept. 24th). And next week, Autumn Equinox is also the UN International Day of Peace.

ARIES: The full moon finds you working under greater responsibilities and pressures. Structures that make your work efficient and easier need to be implemented. You are sensitive to everyone’s needs, especially those close to you. It is important to equalize your needs with the needs and wishes of others. Tend to your health and rest. Interactions turn inward next week.

TAURUS: New friends and groups will be the focus of your inquiry. You’ve found something interesting and, always thinking of humanity’s well being, you realize working alone offers less results than working with a group. That is actually how we are to proceed spiritually now. No longer is the individual at the center. The group is because each brings their particular gift. Gather yours.

GEMINI: Who these days are your like-minded people? Who are the ones on your same level of intelligence, love/wisdom and vision? Where are they and how do you interact? It is important for you to have others like you to relate to on your level. You are aware of radiating Goodwill. You are aware this creates Right Relations. You know this is the equation for peace. Who else in your group(s) knows this? Are you alone?

CANCER: You will want to travel and might do so. However, be aware that plans may suddenly change, what you expect may not occur and that you will have to be flexible with all arrangements. Something new arrives and your mind is activated, expanded and a great intelligence flows to your heart. Love then arrives. Bundles of it.

LEO: Relationships bring a multitude of realities – wounds, the past, deep emotions, feelings of being dissolved and confused. Now as all these experiences re-emerge for one last review, you decide how differently you now experience (receive and give to) relationships and know the future will bring even more appreciation and skill. Writing about relationships liberates them. Creativity, calling you now, presents that opportunity.

VIRGO: You are feeling generous, wanting to assist those in need, hoping to bring balance and equanimity to suffering humanity. There is a flow of energy outward and a flow inward. Observe this carefully. It is very subtle. The energy moving outward concerns resources. The energy moving inward is about how you use energy. You want to be practical and responsible while maintaining freedom. That combination is found on spiritual levels.

LIBRA: Some Librans will experience marriage proposals – asking or being asked. It’s a lovely time for relationships for Librans although love seems to happen in between ceaseless working conditions. But since you’re the sign of balance (learning how), you’ll position yourself equi-poised between relationships and profession and find time for friends, too. Expect sudden changes here and there. And it’s time to use your wound as a source of creativity.

SCORPIO: Things remain shadowy and you continue to be introspective, pondering on what activities to pursue, how to think more clearly and how to bring balance to both finances and relationships. These are serious subjects. As you concentrate on them in depth, thoughts, ideas and impressions will enter your mind giving you clarity of intention and purpose. Each day you become more and more responsible.

SAGITTARIUS: Care must be taken with communication and with expenditures. You might find your monetary outlay to be as big as your heart but your bank account feels differently. Family situations may be revelatory with a bit of either shocking or unexpected events occurring. A group soothes and equalizes you but all thoughts are on work, work, work. Get back to it quickly. It needs you. So does your inner equilibrium.

CAPRICORN: You’re bringing refinement to your work, creating a new image, figuring the best approaches, preparing to present your gifts to the world. You are your own display. In the meantime, time and energy need to be juggled and you will do this with ease and equanimity. Drive with care around the harvest moon. And recite the Great Invocation (Mantram of Direction) with the family at the solar harvest festival.

AQUARIUS: Your linguistic skills and intellectual abilities multiply in the coming weeks. Take this opportunity to study, read, speak in another language or travel to a different culture. For some Aquarians, this was Burning Man. Money continues to be on your mind and you consider many ways (ethical and useful) to make more in order to create the community and home of your dreams. You think about partners. Only safe, good and kind ones.

PISCES: At the full moon the changes you’ve consistently been experiences will assimilate. You may feel somewhat strange – a “stranger in a strange land” this week. But you feel this already. It will simply be accentuated. You may “see” things, the light may be different, split-second (with no thought) decisions could be made. You devotedly work through subtle disagreements, strife, chaos and conflict. Then, like the morning sun, new forms of harmony appear.

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