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How Leo Evolves
In the first week of Leo we can praise, and pay tribute to everyone during the entire Leo month, especially Leos who need all of these to properly evolve. Leo is about being creative and receiving recognition in the full light and grace of their creativity, which helps develop their identity. If we created t-shirts for each sign, the Leo t-shirt would read: “For my evolutionary growth and well-being, please praise, recognize and admire me constantly.” This information is important for parents and teachers of Leo children in order to understand and focus Leo’s fiery nature.

ARIES: Being creative is perhaps not your most important self-identity. However, that should change because creativity is hounding you and soon you’ll be called to new endeavors responding to the changes coming your way in terms of your work, how you’re recognized and who you may think you are, which is limited because you’re more than that. Observe everything. Big things are coming!

TAURUS: Home and everything connected with home must hold your attention for there is much to be done there. Your digestion may be going through difficult times, so be careful of your diet. Enzymes, probiotics, acidophilus and Calcium Phos (homeopathic) are what’s needed. Maintain proper and adequate electrolytes and waters.

GEMINI: Many Geminis have contacted me concerning what I wrote for their sign. The reason for reading everything I write is to gather enough esoteric wisdom for your esoteric journal (which you are to create now) so you can begin to have the framework within that unifies polarities through your ability to love (Ray 2), which happens when enough information has been gathered. When love happens then wisdom comes forth too (your tasks in the coming times). For now, you’re to study and gather.

CANCER: Communication may feel difficult and you may in response feel anger and frustration. Simultaneously others could be acting out those feelings for you. You may be focused on money, finances and resources. Your pride in what you have makes you want to share it. This is good. Your resources allow different aspects of spirit to enter matter. Whatever you give opens a gate and always what you give is returned tenfold. That’s a cosmic law.

LEO: Happy Birthday, Leo. The Sun and moon’s illuminations bring you something new and golden, wanted and loved. The past, appears for your birthday providing you with the opportunity to work on forgiveness, have gratitude, value every experience, and at the end offer (internally) love to everyone in your life, past, present and future.

VIRGO: Go slow and let yourself rest a bit so that your inner self (physical body, emotions and mind) can restructure creating a new mind growing with new thoughts, ideas, and realities. We all need this reorientation (and slowing down) several times in our lives so new values and inner resources can emerge from deeply pregnant spiritual sources. Contemplation of this provides relief.

LIBRA: You hop (drive?) between home and work, wondering how to accommodate both areas of life. Emotions pull you home. Although constantly changing, you’re warm and safe there. However, a magnetic pull calls you to work overtime tending to responsibilities incurred over time. Daily life seems ever so complicated. You can’t count on anything consistent. You’re learning how to navigate the waters of change. You’ll be the captain when everything falls down.

SCORPIO: Try not to plunge carelessly into anything including other people’s lives. Maintain poise within the constant daily variations of reality. Your values are shifting, you’re evaluating communications, home is both dissolving and coming together, and creativity seems to be coming from the future. Don’t worry about these strange occurrences. They are normal in times of revolution, which should begin soon.

SAGITTARIUS: What’s written for Scorpio applies to you. However, you’re in a state that’s even more difficult because you’re entire inner self is being excavated so that whoever you really are can be discovered. You can think of yourself as found object art, strangely beautiful and deeply intelligent. It’s good to think of yourself in this way for it contains hope and virtue, light amidst darkness, solitude within the crowd. You’re always in control. Know this about your Soul.

CAPRICORN: There’s something you want; a change of place, of work, of things in life deeply needed. Use your kitchen or dining room table as your workshop. Tape large sheets of paper, gather the family, have lots of colored pens and pencils available, and begin as a family (or group of friends) to draw in detail what you want/need. Do this as an exercise each day. Don’t miss a day. You are bringing what you need into form and matter. You will teach manifestation. This is what magic actually is. Tell me the outcome.

AQUARIUS: You are blending, merging and adapting your life into one art form through creative endeavors. We come into incarnation hoping to fulfill our tasks (unknown to us for lifetimes). Then in one particular lifetime we begin to live within our particular gifts. We become happy and life feels luminous. This is an Initiation, an inner spiritual growth phase. You then bring humanity a revolution of beauty.

PISCES: After the last few weeks (years, lifetimes) of visionary work, it’s back to the drawing board, back to work creating the foundation for future endeavors. Seek to create a routine that calls forth your abilities and simultaneously serves others. There is a sense of bittersweetness, you understand the sadness of hopes dashed yet you carry on, straight into the eye of the hurricane. Read Aquarius’ task and create yours. Energy follows thought and then creates more energy.
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