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As uncontrolled fires burned in Bonny Doon (Santa Cruz county) last week large parts of the Midwest were experiencing excessive flooding. In the town of Little Sioux, Iowa sixty tornadoes hit a Boy Scout camp. The boys, (four deaths and over forty hospitalized with injuries) were learning leadership skills. When the tornados struck, the Boy Scout, whose motto is “Be prepared”, swung into directed, trained and knowledgeable action. Each boy, trained in emergency procedures, used his emergency kit. With no easily accessible roads to their camp, the boys, some as young as seven, were on their own. We salute the strength and preparedness of these boys and their capable leaders. Perhaps we should join the Boy (or Girl) Scouts, have on hand the Boy Scout manual and practice the procedures. This is an example of north node (present/future) conjunct Chiron (wound/healing) in Aquarius (the group called humanity). Humanity being wounded, learning to heal itself, through education, dedication and training.

Thursday Mercury in Gemini turns direct at 7:31 am (Pacific time). It’s Summer Solstice, Friday at 4:59 pm, as the Sun, poised at the equator, enters Cancer. The devic (angelic) kingdom (green and violet builders of the plant kingdom), having completed their work for the year, now prepare for a golden wedding party. This occurs in us, too. (Read more on summer and Celestial events at www.nightlightnews.com.)

ARIES: Notice that you have had many and various goals this past year. You’ve climbed the ladder to the pinnacle of reaching those goals. Notice also that you have assumed a new authority, one finer tuned, responsible, and aware of the importance to serve others. These are great accomplishments though they felt like great challenges. You have done well. Continue.

TAURUS: More and more you are showing others your true self and we find you are the illumined leader and teacher everyone’s seeking in these times of stress and strain. Actively pursuing your interests and goals, you barely have time for other pursuits. Continue to contact others who share your concern for humanity’s future. Use you resources for the helping of humanity in the difficult times to come. Expand your garden.

GEMINI: Give praise and recognition for everything in your life. Each of us is deeply blessed with creative gifts manifested in outer abilities. Each of us has a group of people around us whose purpose is to help us grow, transform, achieve, evolve and grow even more. We contract with family and friends before birth to act in ways that helps each us move forward spiritually. Because we don’t remember this (contract) often feels difficult. Nonetheless, thank them. From Soul to Soul.

CANCER: You may feel your work takes you away from family. And then family feels like it takes you away from work. Your task and lesson, difficult as it may seem, is to balance the two. The more difficult this is, the greater the Initiation. Do you have visions and dreams for a different future? Or have you given up on dreaming? In between exhaustion and despair a glimmer of a dream may occur. Watch for it.

LEO: Your life has taken on dimensions that at times seem overwhelming. So much to do, so many thoughts moving through your mind yet hidden behind a veil. This brings forth great emotions as you try to express yourself and find communication difficult, tangled, and wrought at times with sadness. The family is still here but it needs communication. Is your love life assuming a new path?

VIRGO: An extraordinary creativity is building within. Perhaps you are not aware of this or consider yourself especially creative. This year you will find many creative ideas falling into your mind. You’re being impressed from higher regions to bring your artist self forth -by creating beauty, collecting, growing and building the life force within all kingdoms by expressing love to all. These are only a few creative ways. You know many more. Hang crystals.

LIBRA: Are thoughts from the past reappearing and do you believe they determine your present/future? This is a misconception, a projection in therapeutic terms. As adults we have new tools to create our own lives. Are you living in the past and/or functioning under the dictates of another? Realize you are free to choose. And you want freedom. But your beliefs hinder this. Read Gemini to understand spiritual contracts. Summon discrimination, have the intention to always radiate Goodwill and love more. Your life will change.

SCORPIO: Communication seems so expanded, full and rich. Though perhaps most of it is internal, you do need to communicate your thoughts to those who listen carefully, respond appropriately, and even maintain silence as you speak. Allowing those you trust to understand you strengthens your sense of security. You are not an island. Don’t keep secrets. Allow what you know to be shared. Conservatively.

SAGITTARIUS: A new world stage seems to be preparing itself for you. Sagittarians are publishers, world travelers, philosophers. They stand in no one’s shadow. In fact they create the shadows others stand in. You’re on the precipice of change. You feel this. But you must wait until that change is prepared enough for you. Maintain your present direction and state of being. Doors open by themselves. The grass is always green and it grows by itself.

CAPRICORN: Inner impressions from regions spiritual and ever-directing are informing you to take time alone and rest from climbing that ever-present ladder reaching into the heavens of success. You need to reorient, re-evaluate and then to simply just unwind from your extraordinary capable sense of responsibility. Observing your actions from afar we award your for constant and far reaching standards applied to all areas of your life. Now you are to relax and rejuvenate before your next tasks appear.

AQUARIUS: The realities in our lives begin with our hopes, wishes, dreams and imagination. Form and matter are shaped by these on inner imaginings until one day our dreams manifest into concrete situations and experiences. Attempt to clarify what is important to you, what you want to pursue, and who you want to be in the years to come. Sometimes this is difficult. Some of us live only in the moment. But within each moment there is a vision for our future. Try to capture it.

PISCES: You may have had plans for the immediate future. They may change. There is a collaboration occurring with you and another. Pursuing this will bring about a synthesis that will take you far into the future where the world will not look as it does now. You understand the changes occurring on our planet. You seek to serve and not exact due service. You seek to heal not hurt. But at times you are hurting. This is so your compassion deepens which is your particular task. The future isn’t formed yet. It will simply appear.

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