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The Trinity – Three in One

Thursday is United Nations International Day of Families. Saturday is World Information & Telecommunications Day. Sunday is the Feast of the Trinity (three aspects of God) in the Catholic Church and Monday is the 2nd Taurus Full Moon Wesak festival. We celebrate Wesak (Ray 1 festival) twice this year renewing our dedication as the New Group of World Servers (NGWS) holding in tension the Shamballa Force (the Will of God) for its later distribution to humanity at the Gemini June 18th Full Moon. Gemini is the sign of distribution.

Sunday is the feast of the Trinity, the three aspects of God – Father, Son, Holy Spirit (in Hinduism Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva), or Will, Love/Wisdom, and Divine Intelligence. As esotericists we recognize these as Rays 1, 2, & 3 emanating from the Big Bear, Sirius and the Pleiades. The three Spring Full Moon Festivals of Aries (Christ, Easter, Resurrection, Restoration), Taurus (Shamballa, Wesak, Buddha, Enlightenment), and Gemini (Humanity, Goodwill, Reconstruction) represent the Trinity of God anchoring in the consciousness of humanity and the earth. Celebrating these festivals creates a bridge between all religions and the foundation for the new world religion wherein all of humanity will keep the same holy days.

Monday, 7:11 pm (Pacific time), is the Full Sun/Moon solar festival at 29 degrees Taurus/Scorpio. The meditative seed thought is “I see and when the eye is open, all is Light.” Join us for the 2nd Wesak celebration. At 8:18 pm Moon enters Sag. On Tuesday, 9:01 am, Sun enters Gemini. We shift from comfort to polarity. Wednesday is deep and difficult. Mercury begins a three-week retrograde next week. We prepare this week.

Read more on the Trinity, the ages, astrology, religions and the week’s celestial events at www.nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: This is a deeply creative time. Also a time for fun and playfulness interspersed with inner analysis concerning finances, resources, values and money. You will also assess your profession, the work you do in the world, and how to later in the year create, recognize and act upon opportunities with clarity and finesse. The tempo of your life speeds up, thoughts are swift and you’re happy.

TAURUS: You have concern about money and future resources, thinking constantly on how to bring in adequate finances for your well-being and security. These are serious considerations, which you will assess, in coming months with thoughtfulness and practicality. Not only are you attempting to bring safety to your personal and family’s future, but that of humanity’s as well. We stand with you.

GEMINI: You realize it’s time for further study to expand your mind so you can be aware and ready for the future, which will be different completely from the past. Allow yourself to have various points of view and unusual interests. These will eventually allow you to know what is yours to study and what is only yours to do. You will eventually lead others and must prepare.

CANCER: It is important for you to know with assurance that you have made no mistakes, have never failed, and everything you fear is simply a matter of non-experience or a matter of eventual new learnings coming your way. In future months new insights assist in healing your sense of enduring loss and pain. The stars in their courses will aid you and a liberty will be achieved.

LEO: Those you share dreams, goals and interests with are the ones you need to be with socially. In this group you are the central figure, sharing global and universal issues, teaching others who circle around you like planets around a Sun. Leos are always the light around which others are magnetized. Understanding this, always use your mind to reflect your Soul purpose. Then others learn to do the same.

VIRGO: Different situations can occur in the coming weeks. You are recognized professionally; your career leaps forward; a promotion is offered; your contributions are praised; you’re offered exciting work; you’re asked your opinion on important projects; a parent becomes significant and you’re asked to improve communications; you analyze your ambitions; you assess how you serve your community. Much is achieved.

LIBRA: Observe how and what you are thinking, where you find yourself going, and what you want to be doing the next few months. There is a great urge to high-level study and an even greater urge to travel. Combining the two, study and travel, would prove to be most auspicious, and lucrative in terms of future plans. You’ll need to make a quick decision about this soon. Spiritually you will change, too.

SCORPIO: There will occur in the weeks to come a better and more effective way to communicate. Your mind will see more clearly and be more able to analyze. You will share more, which is part of the new emerging materialism called the “sharing economy.” It’s good to be forerunner and initiator of future resources. Simultaneously you will assess intimacy, what it means to you and how it relates to commitment. Deep and transformative events.

SAGITTARIUS: Always you benefit others, always you provide knowledge, show us how to set goals, model pursuing desires (and later aspirations) though your exceptional communication skills, clear perceptions and logical ways of thinking. Now, if only you could bring these keen skills to relationships. Some day you will because the most perfect person, fully prepared for you, will finally show up. A patient sort of healing then occurs and love, too.

CAPRICORN: While you’re busy everyone’s watching how you organize, analyze and then adapt to different situations? You’re actually teaching everyone in your environment, which makes everyone want to assist you, especially children. If you know what’s needed for the future present these ideas to other movers and shakers (like yourself). One reminder – eat breakfast every day. Then lunch and dinner, too. No skipping!

AQUARIUS: You’re must go out and seek others who are like you. You’re also needing fun so some (not all) Aquarians may end up in Las Vegas or some other such place gambling (not the best use of time and resources). Some Aquarian will entertain or seek to be entertained. It’s good to be with children now. Their perceptions are closer to reality, their understandings most perceptive, and their sense of play unsurpassed. Loving creativity appears in unusual forms.

PISCES: Your communication will center upon how to take care of the self, how to nurture, cook, sew, clean, tend – how to do everyday, practical life tasks slowly, with calmness, assuredness and knowledge. You will either be with children or family and no matter how anyone acts your kindness and compassion will hold them safely and intact. You will return to a previous endeavor, which will then redeem and uplift everything in your life.

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