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You’re Simply the Best!

This Sunday is Leo Moon wherein we provide praise, recognition and love to others. It is also Mother’s Day and Pentecost (fiftieth day). The two are connected esoterically through Ray 3, Divine Intelligence. Pentecost represents the descent (outpouring) of the Holy Spirit (Ray 3, Divine Intelligence) as tongues of fire (Agni, our Lord is a Fire, our minds are fire) upon the disciples as they gathered in an upper room (higher state of consciousness). The Holy Spirit imparted Seven Gifts, one of which was to speak and understand all the world’s languages. The disciples were thus able to teach the new Law of Love (Pisces Age Law) anchored on Earth by Christ. In the future New World Religion, two festivals will dominate – one is Pentecost. Ray 3 of Divine Intelligence is embedded within matter (mater which means mother). Mother, matter, and our minds all contain the intelligence of God. The three are one – a trinity.

As our mothers impart to us their intelligence, so does the Earth (Ray 3) attempt to teach us. We remember the 4th Commandment (Aries dispensation) to “Honor thy Mother & Father.” Last year I sent a card to my mother of Tina Turner singing, “You’re simply the best!” She is and they (mothers) are (the best). As mothers age they gratefully look to their children for love, guidance, and companionship. Positions change. On this Leo day let’s have the intention to thank and honor our mothers in all ways.

For those whose mothers have died we say together Ohm Mani Padme Hum. And for those emotionally separated from their mothers, here is the St. Francis of Assisi prayer that will help re-establish Right Relations and Goodwill with mother. St. Francis of Assisi, a Libra, is the saint of Right Human Relations. Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy. (read more at www.nightlightnews.com)

ARIES: Careful how you interact with others. Don’t rely only on outer monetary realities though they are important. Rely also on instinct and then intuition to direct and guide you into knowing the quality of a person, event, resource, and investment. You will be called to courage, a virtue of the heart and to a deep calmness when one knows all’s well. Because you made it so.
TAURUS: Be aware that you make impressions on others leading them to follow your every thought and move. Therefore it is important that you complete all plans, agreements, promises and agendas. You’re attempting to initiate new projects impacting us far into the future. Proceed forward. You may be one of the only able to accomplish this. The future of humanity awaits.
GEMINI: You may feel exhausted, needing more rest. You also may not be sleeping well – either dreaming or remaining awake. The mineral kingdom is shaking underground with underwater volcanic activity. Your sensitive body may be feeling this. Maintain a light, fresh foods diet, eliminate anything excess, drink more water, love more, and expect the shifting to continue. Look to the stars for direction.
CANCER: It’s important to maintain close connections to the group(s) you identify with that have your same like-mindedness. Look to all interactions as opportunities and seek to understand what the hopes and wishes of others are. Know that no matter how your life looks now, greater levels of community will be available to you and your family. Prepare for a health situation to occur by drinking more water and taking more Vitamin C.
LEO: You may need to rearrange your work. In the past month there have been whispers of change. Perhaps your job interests, abilities and/or responsibilities have reoriented. Perhaps you’re being honored for excellence and innovation. Whatever it is, look to others around you – above and below, side by side – and emphasize their qualities and goodnesses too. As a leader would.
VIRGO: You may be creating many and various list consisting of tasks, errands – cars that need tending, accounts that need reckoning, travels that need considering, responsibilities that need completing, and problems that need easing. Spending time alone will help you complete incomplete projects. You may dream more at night as you travel about in the ethers.
LIBRA: Are you harboring a secret, perhaps one or more? Is there money or resources you share with another? Is everything clear and aboveboard in this area? It is time to arrange your finances so that debts are paid quickly. This times call you to be frugal, economically prudent, thrifty and careful, to conserve your resources with confidence. Be prepared to teach others very soon in these ways. You will be efficient, informative and brilliant.
SCORPIO: Relationships are primary now so listen very carefully to what others are communicating and have the intentions to respond with care, interest and emotional equilibrium. Should you be uncooperative a feeling of imbalance will ensue and you will feel you have neglected a responsibility. Direct attention toward others now for only from you can they feel special care, love and safety.
SAGITTARIUS: Career matters assume new dimensions, co-workers need more care, you want to improve your health, create new work methods and tend to the necessities of your life. You realize this takes balancing and so you go slower than usual, foregoing adventure in order to create a long-term plan of practical goals. Your greatest success is acceptance of everything presently in your life. Then everything shifts.
CAPRICORN: Setting out each day’s agenda and realizing what your priorities allows you to have more wisdom and brings a clarity and focus to things routine. Try not to criticize anyone or anything realizing everyone’s doing their very best and at different stages of development. New opportunities appear at first as philosophical ideas and goals. Rest more so you can imagine more.
AQUARIUS: Home and family, property, community and parents become very important in the coming weeks. Give these attention, attempting to improve relationships with family while also improving the beauty and organization of your home environment. Do nothing that unsettles your or your family’s safety or security, challenge no one, and calm tensions with exercise, prayers and adequate vitamins, minerals and herbs. Where is the love in your life?
PISCES: You may be traveling to teach and/or to study this summer in a place far away. You may be planning meetings, conferences, classrooms and/or curriculum. You will definitely be communicating with others on a grand scale, either personally or through writing, speaking, teleconferencing, conference calling. Some or all of these will occur and all the while you will gain in knowledge, in happiness and in goodness. Others too then prosper.

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