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May Day, Cinco de Mayo and Taurus New Moon
Let Struggle Be Undismayed

Thursday is May Day and Pisces moon. Venus is trine Pluto (deep review of relationships and resources) and then Venus trines Saturn in Virgo (we assess relationships, finances and resources). Kindness and care prevails due to the trines. Friday, Aries moon, Mercury enters Gemini (we talk more and more) and Saturn in Virgo turns direct. What we have planned and structured for the last several months comes into form and matter.

Saturday could be uncompromisable, with difficulties and confusion. Sunday is Taurus moon. We’re more comfortable and kind. Monday is Cinco de Mayo and new moon, 7:18 a.m. at 16 degrees Taurus. The meditative seed thought that builds the personality is: “Let struggle be undismayed.” Join us everyone by reciting the Great Invocation. Tuesday is Gemini moon. We’re quiet, then disciplined, then communicative-in that order. Wednesday evening at 8:36 p.m., another v/c begins lasting till early morning’s Cancer moon on Thursday. We’re hungry and seek nourishment. Read about this week’s festivals at www.nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: Be aware this month of defining your self-identity (a good thing) in terms of what you possess (not necessarily reality). It is good for us to have what we need. Sometimes it tells us what we’re worth financially. But it doesn’t provide us with true self-value or self as valuable. That’s a spiritual lens that needs continual refreshing and remembering. What is the message here? You’re valuable not only in money but in spirit.

TAURUS: Attempt to express thoughts and feelings of love, appreciation, care and nurturance as everything you value shifts. You’re considering ways of using resources so they become future investments. Yes, this is good. But beforehand, tend to all unfinished business, communications, finances and responsibilities. This may be difficult and will call you to discipline. But you must have everything in order to have the presence of mind for your next endeavor.

GEMINI: Working quietly and in solitude (even if working in the world), preparing to dream and to remember those dreams, asking yourself serious questions and awaiting the answers to reveal themselves is part of this week’s internal agenda. Simultaneously, something may appear that becomes a resource. Maybe money. Each day search for what’s hidden and valuable. Your values are becoming universal. Did you notice?

CANCER: You need to communicate what’s on your mind, share certain personal experiences, talk about aspirations, hopes, wishes and dreams. You can’t keep yourself isolated any longer. It’s not healthy. Who are your friends? Go to them for they provide you with safety, security and a sense that you are loved and cared for. But you must take the first authentic step, You can, will, and should. Bake first.

LEO: You have a deep strength to call upon for assistance when everything seems strange, difficult, dull or restricted. This strength holds you in safety and insures that what you need will be provided. Whatever you are accomplishing now seems comforting and prosperous, valuable and purposeful. But there is one question to ask: If you are unhappy on any level, what else would you want to be doing? And where?

VIRGO: It’s possible you feel restrictions in your physical body, in how you see yourself, and perhaps in thinking of yourself as free and creative. A new sense of internal structure is about to form and will provide you with a new ladder to climb, which will allow you an overview of who you would like to be and in what location. It’s possible that the previous philosophies defining you will change. Watch for this. You’ll move up the ladder.

LIBRA: If you take the time to assess your environment, you’ll realize that by participating with others and sharing resources, you’re creating a deep connection between yourself and others. This contact (which releases love) actually provides you with comfort, care and a sense of regeneration. You too provide this. Do you realize this? Remember there is more to life than money. There is comfort, care, support and compassion. These create spiritual joy. You long for this.

SCORPIO: Very interesting times. It’s possible you’ve become or want to be attracted to someone, or the idea of being attracted. You want new experiences that lead to feelings of safety and security, and events or people or that one special person to offer you the “art of living” that stays around for a long while. These are good desires and aspirations. Do be aware though that if you attract what’s moody, you too become moody. Be awake and aware. Freedom is subtle.

SAGITTARIUS: The Scorpio applies to you, also, Sag. But perhaps instead of looking for the attraction you’re working more and waiting for that big life change (happening now or later or some day in the future, sometime! You feel it!). At work do tend to those under, around and over you. Recite the Integration Mantram to soothe yourself. “I am one with my brothers and sisters and all that I have is theirs. May the love, which is in my Soul pour forth to them. May the strength within me lift and aid them.”

CAPRICORN: Here is a quote specifically for you from the film “Chocolat.” It is so you can “measure” yourself appropriately. “We must measure our goodness, not by what we don’t do, what we deny ourselves, what we resist, or who we exclude. Instead, we should measure ourselves by what we embrace, what we create, and who we include.” Print this out in large type, frame it and hang it in each room. This is your meditative seed thought just for you.

AQUARIUS: You realize what you are grateful for. You see how important a home is, yours in particular, and also the importance of family and being in close contact. You look into your past and toward your future and know that what you do each day, the choice of your actions, determines the quality of your life. This is like a mathematical equation. You are the foundation of your life. You will build from this position. In the meantime, have a party, some fun, cook and invite people over. They miss you.

PISCES: Tend to all communications and contacts that have been put aside until “the right time.” Now is the right time. Let everyone know how you feel about them, providing everyone with a view of their worth. You know this but others may not understand. It may be you have one good day and the next is confused and disoriented. Rest on those days of confusion. Create a journal of your perfect home. Begin now. Relationships begin to be structured differently. A new rhythm will emerge. Prepare for this carefully.

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