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Esoteric Astrology as news for week April 24-30, 2008

Signposts & the Enlightened Mind

We rest this relatively quiet week. The New Group of World Servers is assisting in holding in tension, until the June Full Gemini moon, the Shamballa Force (Ray 1, blessings from God the Father) which the Buddha distributed to the Christ at the 1st Taurus Full Moon. Humanity is receiving the Light of Taurus now, the light that illumined our minds. Taurus is the sign of enlightenment, creating the illumined mind. In the Pleiades, from stars Aldebaran and Alcyone, we call forth the lights that illumine our minds. Why would we need illumination? Do we know what enlightenment and illumination do for our minds, emotions, and physical brain?

Did everyone see the Pope in New York City and at the United Nations? He inaugurated the Wesak Festival and Passover; blessed the universal home of humanity (the United Nations); prayed for those who sacrificed their lives in Iraq in the UN Meditation Room; redeemed Ground Zero, which is actually now a cemetery; and created a conciliation between the Jewish and Catholic faiths. In every paragraph the Pope used the words “men and women of Goodwill.” These are signposts toward the Reappearance. To read more, go to www.nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: You are rethinking the impact your work makes on your life and will, in the next months, consider what is best professionally. In the meantime, you must assess your health. Is it excellent? Do you need medical check ups? For the next year or so, you may (or already do) feel stiff, rickety, older than your age, and a bit grumpy (lots of time). More calcium/magnesium will be needed to ease bones and joints. A naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist would be good to consult. And your dentist.

TAURUS: What changes must be made? Who must be contacted to bring your ideas into matter and form? You have an illumined mind but sometimes cannot bring those heavenly impressions into the world. There are those around who can, would and will help. Ask them and override your Taurus feeling that you can do everything alone. You are to create community where many people work together in a sustained effort for the new culture and civilization.

GEMINI: What spiritual and then social connections needs re-establishing. What humanitarian activities are you being called to? Did you begin to study the United Nations? As I watched the Pope there last week I thought of you working at the United Nations or creating one where you live. The UN is humanity’s home. It’s possibly yours, too. Do not ignore this. The UN is an “externalization of the Hierarchy.” I know you understand this.

CANCER: How are others relating to you? Are you maintaining in all areas of your life Right Human Relations? You are to create these wherever everywhere for you are to initiate the next new developmental stage of humanity in your environments. This new stage is their realization that to create Right Relations one must have at all times the intentions for Goodwill. Then justice and human rights issues, if conflicted, dissolve. You can do this.

LEO: What are your religious and spiritual orientations these days? Does what you believe spiritually fulfill you? Have you thought of making a pilgrimage to a holy place? To a monastery or seminary or perhaps to walk Spain’s Camino de Santiago. Pilgrimages are long journeys containing great spiritual, moral and ecological significances. There are pilgrimages in all faiths. A pilgrim is a seeker. You are seeking. What deeply within you do you seek? It will find you.

VIRGO: You need to explore some serious fun that will expand your day to day life, give you something different to wake up to, provide you with a new creative structure, let you feel you’re climbing the ladder of a new self-identity, and let you know you’re part of the world, civilization and culture. You may feel strict with yourself and wake up with sore muscles. Quick, beginning now and for the next two years, create a spa and exercise schedule and make this your first priority of each day.

LIBRA: Is there a change in resources that you must soon contemplate? Is there someone you need to talk with but can’t, won’t, don’t, because it’s not safe? Is there someone you need to speak with to offer safety, care and succor? What changes in your daily life have occurred that seem to have plummeted you to the bottom of life so that all you can see is up? Great expansions of practical wisdom are coming your way. Careful when exercising or playing that you don’t hurt yourself. Just be careful.

SCORPIO: So, are you being efficient and orderly each day, especially at work? To become more accomplished in the future, having the immediate environment in a state of beauty and order will facilitate the changes soon to arrive. It’s possible bringing order to your environment becomes a wound as you’re awash in a life well lived. You may need help and assistance. Like your Taurus opposite, ask and it will be given, reach out and you will be held.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re in a time of a great amount of work to be done and done well. You’ll be called upon to stabilize others in your workplace, to give them incentives, praise, and recognition. This is an art and if you don’t know how to accomplish this you’ll learn. You’re to illumine the minds of others, which actually you always do (while also seeking your own) but perhaps you’re unaware of this. Should you take this task of illuminating others seriously how would you live your life and do you work differently? Would your work change?

CAPRICORN: Have you begun to have any fun? Soon you should and will. More than usual. Fun, games and play will actually tabularize and strengthen you. Yes, you are already strong, but there’s a weariness to constantly and ceaselessly strive to be the best (a coded spiritual task). Is there a question concerning your faith, your church, church in general, religion, or spirituality. The answer is yes, do it. The values and morals you seek are there.

AQUARIUS: Your life and health are getting better and better. There’s a quote by the French psychologist pharmacist, who introduced a new method of psychotherapy Émile Coué that reads “Tous les jours à tous points de vue je vais de mieux en mieux.” (Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better). This is called a “coueism.” It applies to you, oui?
Do repeat this over and over, routinely and with ritual, morning and evening of each and every day. Then do your evening renewal.

PISCES: Careful with health this week. Difficult transits could create a difficult digestive situation. It’s temporary and could be avoided if you are extremely attentive to proper foods (mostly veggies, salads, lean proteins), proper attitudes (recite what is suggested for Aquarius), rest and lots of fresh air and prana (sun) to keep you vivified. What is it that you need in the coming months and year? Tell everyone. There’s a place for you.

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