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Esoteric Astrology as news for week April 3-9, 2008

The Sun

Three large sunspots materialized on the Sun this week and unleashed an M2 solar flare. This signifies an increase of solar activity streaming into our planet. For an extraordinary photo of the Sun and the tongues of flame emanating from it see http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/magazine/16-04/st_spaceweather.

The Sun in our sky is actually the Solar Logos Who releases three forces for our evolutionary development. 1) the Shamballa Force, the Will & Purpose of God, Ray 1 (core of the Sun); 2) Love/Wisdom, Ray 2 (heart of the sun); and Divine Intelligence, Ray 3, (rays of the Sun). An increase in solar activity (from the Solar Logos) is welcomed and appropriate during the Three Spring Festivals, especially during the Wesak, Buddha Festival when the Will of God is released. (read more on the Sun. on service, and the week’s Celestial events at www.nightlightnews.com)

A note from Risa: Dear Readers & Friends, My next surgery is April 8th, early Tuesday morning. I ask for your prayers once again. I’ll think of all of you on that morning – triangles of light spanning the United States and all the continents. My invitation (on my website last week) that we join together at the Ashram in reciting the Great Invocation each morning still stands though it will be three hours earlier on Tuesday. I thank you for your support and I love you. Risa

ARIES: Be cautions when working at home lest you move too fast and an accident occurs. Awareness of your body, thoughts and actions are important. It’s time to prepare your outside home and garden areas for summer family gatherings. Begin with small tasks, accomplish one each day as early as possible, create small agendas and time tables, spend money for splashes of color, and vegetable garden as if your life depended upon it. It does/will.

TAURUS: You are aware of the many needs you and family have for day-to-day survival. If you are organizing a large food shopping to store for later use and to save on money, then you’re ahead of the game. If you haven’t thought of this, do so. Tend to books – library, ordering, organizing, giving away, etc. Find a Scout Survival book, a Mormon book on stocking up, and how to make a solar oven in the woods. They’ll all be handy someday.

GEMINI: Yes, there’s more than & beyond Oprah’s Monday night classes. Since January 2007 I suggested readers create an Esoteric Journal, taking notes from my website’s weekly esoteric column, Mercury ruled signs especially are always seeking the mysteries. By now there should be lots of esoteric information gathered in the journals. Each week’s information was/is an esoteric class. Esoteric means hidden, waiting for those who have “eyes to see.”

CANCER: It’s good to feel assertive and to ask for recognition for your specific abilities and nurturing gifts. You initiate tasks others cannot do because you have more energy now. You are also aware of things to come. It’s time to shop for yourself now, find new clothes, new colors and styles to freshen your outlook and to feel good about yourself. It’s spring and you need to prepare for the lightness of summer.

LEO: Again I remind you never in your life have you created failure. Every event, relationship, job, person, each day and night –are experiences in form and matter. Earth lives within the laws of duality – there is light and dark, day and night, up and down, right and left. Life after life, we must experience both sides of everything. When we understand this duality ceases. We live in between, You can do this now, too.

VIRGO: What I wrote for Gemini was also for Virgos, also Mercury ruled. All other signs, on different levels are included. No sign is left out. It seems you need some change, a shift in your life that looks like rebellion but is really a life force. What can you change in your daily life or within yourself? Begin with how you interact with others and your daily schedule. Both will be a challenge but then life becomes more interesting.

LIBRA: Sometimes we Librans are indecisive, which means we’re weighing things endlessly. With Libra rising, I remember as a child I couldn’t decide anything and I would become confused. Parents of Libra Sun, moon and/or rising children, knowing this, would do well to help their young Librans understand and discuss both sides of everything. Right now though, Librans won’t be indecisive about career, work, jobs, profession, what they want or their destination. Do you have a dream of something, Libra?

SCORPIO: Do plan for your next vacation. Consider foreign places and destinations unknown. Make sure your passport’s updated, study customs and cultures, choose boats instead of planes, and prepare to have all perceptions of reality change – specifically who you are in the world. Careful with the law, follow all rules and think about justice as a virtue.

SAGITTARIUS: So, have you been thinking about what you’re good at and capable of doing, how you respond in an emergency or crisis, how valuable you are, and what brings you to your knees? This is serious now! Try not to have internal conflicts concerning resources or finances. You have more than most and it’s valuable to recognize this with daily gratitude. We don’t always have what you have. That power you seek? It will be available in time, on time and when the time’s auspicious. Grow something in a pot of soil.

CAPRICORN: Tend to your most intimate relationship. Give it loving care and kindness. Water and feed it as you would a lotus attempting to bloom. Think only of them. Remember your first encounters. Summon those beginning feelings and act on them. Communicate from the heart and see them in a perfect light. Something will be rekindled, something will be given and something extraordinary will be received. It doesn’t matter if this is a person, pet, plant, idea, recipe or a car. Tend to it with the deepest love.

AQUARIUS: You may find to your surprise that time management and task efficiency have multiplied and all of a sudden greater organizational skills are possible. Let this flow into your living environments and either clean up, tidy up and classify everything or add to your existing home by making it more beautiful, more colorful and more comfortable. Which do you need? Tend to the animal and plant kingdoms. Shelter them.

PISCES: Some Pisceans may enter a new relationship filled with passion and/or anger. Some Pisceans are seeking freedom and will risk everything to have it. Some Pisceans will find themselves surrounded by children, either in a classroom teaching or learning, or becoming pregnant. Some Pisceans need to run and play, have fun, be loose and easy and fearless. Some will gamble. Don’t. Some will pursue the arts, take photos, paint, sew, design, cook, film or create a garden. Do.

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