Risa's Astrology February 28-March 5, 2008

Humanity Steps Forward & Speaks Out – A Chirotic Week

The next two weeks may feel rather tense and edgy. The planets are building toward a conjunction of Mars/Pluto (danger!) Friday, March 7th, with a new moon and Sun conjunct Uranus. Should we feel anxious, stressed, or apprehensive, we’ll know why. In the meantime, let us maintain Goodwill, which, like an algebraic theorem, creates Right Relations, Right Thinking, and Right Action.
Texas and Ohio hold their primaries Tuesday, March 4th, a most important day to watch. Humanity will vote as Mars (action) enters Cancer (the masses of humanity step forward) and Mercury joins Chiron in Aquarius – humanity (Aquarius) speaks (Mercury) out. Someone or something will feel healed and/or hurt (Chiron). Both will occur, one after the other. Let’s observe everything together through the lens of this planetary information.

Last Sunday on Tim Russert’s “Meet the Press, Ralph Nader (Pisces Sun, Wednesday, March 4 is his 74th birthday) announced his candidacy for president. Explaining why, Nader told Russert, “You take that framework of people feeling locked out, shut out, marginalized and
disrespected,” he said. “You go from Iraq, to Palestine to Israel, from Enron to Wall Street, from Katrina to the bumbling of the Bush administration, to the complicity of the Democrats in not stopping him on the war, stopping him on the tax cuts. In that context, I have decided to run for president,” Nader also said “corporate lobbyists and special interests dominate Washinington.” Nader’s website is www.votenader.com. I listened to Nader. He tells the truth. And in a democracy, anyone should be able to run for any office.

We pray the correct candidate is chosen by the people of the United States – a candidate working under Hierarchical direction and for the good of the world. (see www.nightlightnews.com for Celestial Events and much more)

ARIES: Each day you have more and more mental clarity and this helps in the changes you bring about concerning ideas, plans and agendas. Your priorities gradually turn to family, home, things that nurture and cultivate a sense of well-being. Work in the world continues to
expand, group social relations are emphasized and an inner call to contemplation and retreat begins. You have a lot to tend to. You will.

TAURUS: Do tend to medical and especially dental check ups. This begins a time, two and a half years or so, when you will need to care for your health with care and observation. A vitamin regiment for your bones (calcium magnesium) will be most important and this will also impact the health of your teeth. The soil our foods are grown in does not provide us with adequate vitamins and minerals, which your body and mind need. Eat super-foods.

GEMINI: Are you concerned with feelings of security and are you thinking about your family (past and present)? Are you comfortable where you are living and does your home environment meet your needs? Are your feelings about family life in conflict with your professional life? Is your household in order or in chaos, which means its seeking order and harmony? You are considering so many things. Take one at a time. Seek to understand the truth of your upbringing. Judge no one.

CANCER: It may not feel very safe to emerge from your shell and so stay where you are, hidden and quiet for awhile, till feelings of safety once again occur for you. Then you can resume assisting others, attend more dinners and/or meetings, chat more with neighbors, walk around your surroundings and take in the local events. How is your relationships with siblings? Perhaps it’s time to interact more and assess your childhoods from a move loving point of view. Loving understanding calls.

LEO: A creative situation may be occurring concerning your money and how it’s used. What are you doing with your resources? Are they being used to prepare your future and do your plans reflect how highly you value yourself and your needs? What is your relation to those you work with and how is the health of your intimate relationship(s)? All of these will ask for more surrender, more attention, and more loving understanding. You are made of (and for) this.

VIRGO: Teamwork with partners and or friends is most important these weeks. Attempt to make this a priority lest the apple cart be upset and things go awry. Do not expect others to be a fast or able to comprehend as well as you are. An emotional poise will be needed, which will help others learn how to cooperate. Diplomacy, the art of, is the guiding light of President Bill Clinton. Diplomacy opens the doors everywhere. Practice yours. Your future depends upon it.

LIBRA: You’re called to work with more emphasis on speed and getting things done. This may be difficult. Should this occur, attempt to think about initiating new ways of working and introduce them to those who matter. Be extra careful at work, applying all safety practices. There is something nurturing. It’s far away and calling to you. You must go there when you can. It offers an interesting safety and security.

SCORPIO: You may be going in different directions than the direction your friends and intimates are going. You may have come to a time when your inner tasks will take you somewhere others than where you are now. You may feel this is a risk and it is. It is time to assess the direction you are taking, those who will accompany you, and what hopes, wishes and dreams are directing you. And then continue forth. Your perception is quivering with new endeavors. Plan then carefully. The doors will open.

SAGITTARIUS: If you feel you’re still wearing a mask from Halloweens’ past, then take some time to carefully remove it and begin, slowly, to show your true and authentic self. You have great ambitions, great yearnings for power, fame and recognition. These come best to those
who speak from the heart, honor their responsibilities with tenderness and care, and tend to the needs of others when those needs are apparent. You will be all you want to be. Tend to others along the Way.

CAPRICORN: Do give money matters and your resources a bit of extra time so that you can find ways to change things for the better, save for the future, observe if opportunities are arising, and begin to feel at ease with finances and money. Do make sure your first payment
is to savings, your second is a tithe, and your third are for bills and expenses. Remember what you give out with love, is return a hundred fold. And teach the children this.

AQUARIUS: It seems that certain changes wrought out in your life these past months have created a change in how you view life. You have had to adapt your environment to fit your new needs and although you desire to act more and in ways you’re used to, something has occurred that does not allow this. While your life changes in ways great and small always remember to think of the welfare of others. They will, in turn, help you later.

PISCES: Perhaps you are waking up each morning and reviewing your life. Through self-analysis you’re seeing how you’ve progressed through so much limitation. Although on outer levels your self-esteem seems to be intact, you know how you feel inwardly. Things will be changing in the coming months and years. Be assured of this. Look forward, upward, inward and homeward with a steady heart.
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