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Highlights: Private Property

Private Property Opens Wednesday at the University of Arkansas Fine Arts Center Gallery Ambiguous interpretations of privacy in modern life will be investigated through an artist mode using video, digital

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Dating in NWA, by Carla R. Herrera

Singles in Northwest Arkansas appear to be meeting more online than off. For those who don’t patronize clubs or bars, there are few events geared to the single life, except

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Sidenote: Online Dating Services: How they Work, by Carla R. Herrera

Online dating services have exploded over the past decade with more than 800 sites offering matchmaking services. According to Online Publishers Association, U.S. residents spent more than $500 million in
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Stop looking for kryptonite, by Doug Thompson

Super-delegates might pick the Democratic presidential nominee! Oh, the horror! Whatever shall we do! Well, how about lightening up? These “super-delegates” are mostly Democratic elected officials, party officers and some

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Daddy Warbucks

Old liquor agreement’ about to be broken Back in antiquity, Fayetteville area liquor stores and bars had a little arrangement with area convenience stores and grocery stores. It was a

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You Were There…

Mardi Gras! Fayetteville, 2008


On the Aisle, by Tony Macklin

Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to recommend movies to lovers. There are the tried-and-not-always-true classics, such as Titanic, Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, and

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Ozark Blues Society, by Liz Lottmann

In this article you’ll find news about my trip to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge, but first I want to thank everyone who attended the Ozark Blues Society’s election

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

SPECIAL EVENTS VALENTINE DIVERSITY PRIDE WEEKEND Friday through Sunday in Eureka Springs. NWA PREMIER BOAT & SPORT EXPO at 9 a.m. Friday and Saturday and at 10 a.m. Sunday


Live Music & Clubs

LIVE MUSIC & CLUBS Thursday, Feb. 14 Arsaga’s Crossover – Jazz Jam Bayou – Slick Deal Bordino’s – Walter Savage Trio Deja Vu – DJ Revellution George’s – Trout Fishing