Risa’s Astrology, February 21-27, 2007

Pisces and Health in a “Post-Exotic Age”

We are in the first week of Pisces, sign of health and welfare for all humanity. As the US is now progressed Pisces the issue of healthcare is a central concern. At present Uranus (change) is transiting Pisces. We are reminded of the great viruses of 1918 & 1919, the last time Uranus was in Pisces (1918-1927). Uranus is again in Pisces and we are now and have been, seeing outbreaks of illnesses, plagues, and diseases ravaging humanity everywhere. At this time Uranus is at 17 degrees Pisces and
Chiron (the wound) is at 17 degrees Aquarius. Astrologers will see the connections between Uranus, Aquarius & Pisces (also last week’s quote). On our website this month (www.nightlightnews.com) is an article on global healthcare by Univ. of California Santa Cruz Sociology professor John Brown Childs, entitled “The Coming Global Health Crisis in the Post Exotic Age.” It is offered here for readers concerned with our heath crisis and provides a worldwide view on health beyond our own emergency in the US. Simultaneously, as we are choosing the next president and health care is a decisive issue, the New York Times posted an article by Paul Krugman, February 7th, 2008, concerning which candidate can achieve Universal health Coverage. See http://www.alternet.org/healthwellness/76225/.

In the meantime, in our own pharmacies at home (medicine cabinet) be sure to have on hand Blockade; Sambuccol (with no Echinacea); Ferrum Phos 6x (at the first sign of a cold); Cold Calm; Cold Snap; the Benedictine (www.benedictineherbs.com) products Anti-X, Deep Lung & Chinese Cold and Flu; Turmeric (for inflammation), Oscillococcnum (for flu), and lots of Vitamin C.

(See more on Pisces along with the week’s Celestial Events at www.nightlightnews.com.)

ARIES: So many things will be revealed about you (your goodness,
activities, intentions, etc.) in the coming months. You have become more
compassionate and caring seeking to serve others with greater dedication.
You won’t forget yourself, though (never!), because you realize to tend to
others adequately you must first tend to your own needs. Then you can
uplift those in need and your spiritual self grows and glows.

TAURUS: If you haven’t begun then it’s time to begin a study of astrology
and the Ancient Mysteries. Your mind, which seeks illumination (its task)
is at present open to new thoughts, ideas, terminology, science, the
technical arts, and mediatorship within groups. The UN needs people like
you. You are at present, and will continue, questioning everything,
knowing you can break rules. Do you know you can connect everyone through
the night sky?

GEMINI: Are you seeking the next stage in your profession? Do you feel you
can no longer be the quiet Gemini doing what others ask of you? What must
you begin to do? Looking at your chart with Uranus at the midheaven,
astrology is the first thought that comes to mind. You could also work
with computers. Because of your need for freedom your work must not only
liberate others but liberate you, too. What are you thinking these days?

CANCER: Maybe you want to run away, where no one can find you, where
there’s kindness and care, where only loving family members will visit.
You feel that you must be daring to do this since you don’t know where to
go that fulfills your life’s wishes. But you do need some type of
adventure, some new level of education, a trek up a mountain and a swim in
warm waters. What will you do? Hiding won’t work.

LEO: Usually you’re attempting to understand yourself and your creativity
and how to be recognized and praised more which helps you grow. But in
times to come you’ll seek beyond yourself into cosmic mysteries, realizing
the much of how we live and what we’re attached to is transitory, and
you’ll wonder how to establish yourself is ways quite different. You’ll
like things that go bump in the night. You’re changing priorities.

VIRGO: All relationships in times to come will have unusual aspects
allowing you the freedom you seek, a freedom to experience things
radically different than your sign of Virgo calls for. As a consequence,
you will interrupt the flow, bring rebellion to interactions, create
controversy, and act up if things get too slow and dry. And if you don’t,
then in sails someone who will do these things for you. How interesting!

LIBRA: The routines and schedules you thought you wanted in relationships
were the very things you walked out on. You knew that freedom to choose
your own way was most important but for a long time you tried to
compromise and accommodate. It’s OK that it was impossible. Now you’ll be
able to exhibit the uniqueness of self hidden away for so long. Tradition
for you has its place if accompanied by great beauty. Wherever you are,
things move and shake.

SCORPIO: You’re gradually becoming the star of the show. The presence you
project to the world has become even more unusual. Whereas you were hidden
and silent (well, sometimes), you’re now being seen and your creativity is
more and more apparent because you’re realized it’s OK to pursue pleasure,
be gifted, and to be ahead of everyone else. It takes a transit to get us
to this place.

SAGITTARIUS: I am writing about Uranus as it travels through each person’s
chart. For you, Uranus creates new archetypes, new patterns. Uranus takes
hold of the old patterns, shakes them up, throws them into the world so
the moth’s flutter out, the pain is shed, and the sadness slowly fades
away. And after a time, after everything’s been wrung out from the past, a
sparkling new archetype begins to form. Some of us are chosen to do this.
Are you one of us?

CAPRICORN: Your mind is experiencing original insights, thoughts flashing
at the speed of light, and ideas that explore ideas only Aquarians
understand. Your sense of humor has expanded too – dryer than before – and
communication has become the most important purveyor of truth. With these
gifts, you may introduce new ethics, concepts, educational ideas, and
information to the world beginning in your own environment. Be aware that
it’s risky what you will do. It’s also a service.

AQUARIUS: The ways your finances flow in are unusual and often fun. Most
other signs could not do as you in terms of money and its ebb and flow.
What I suggest at this time is an accounting of all your monies in a
folder where all expenses (to be paid and paid) are filed. Perhaps you are
already organized in this way. Then the question is if you value yourself,
how and how much. If that is lacking, we need to have a talk.

PISCES: You have realized you’re different than most, that although you
attempt to walk the straight line of tradition, it simply doesn’t work out
that way. You are most likely a genius though others may not know this,
only a few. You are unpredictable and restless, yes, but you have the
ability to be a leader (Pluto as Soul ruler), to facilitate a group but
only when your mind is organized. That’s where the Soul is. Your
environment must be organized, too. Tend to both immediately.

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