Risa’s Astrology, February 14-20

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day begins a busy week of Mercury direct, Sun entering Pisces, Pisces/Virgo full moon lunar eclipse and the Chinese Lantern Festival.

Who do you belong to and who belongs to you? That’s a Taurus Valentine question. Something different is happening this year for Valentine’s Day. It’s the Valentine’s Day Peace Project where people in communities worldwide are by handing out flowers containing poems of peace, gratitude and community. Begun in Los Angeles (the heart center of the U.S.), the Valentine’s Peace Project is occurring in San Francisco, New York City (the spiritual inlet of the world), Chicago and Amsterdam. Also offered on this international day of love are peacemaking workshops expanding Valentine’s Day from the personal (Leo) to the collective creating unifying community (Aquarian) contact (releasing love) and connections. To learn more see www.valentinepeaceproject.org.

The Chinese New Year ends Wednesday at the Pisces Full Moon, which is also the Chinese Lantern Festival. In our intentional Aquarian community (template for the new culture and civilization), we’ll have a yearly Lantern Festival signifying the new light, new season (spring) and new life to come. Ohm. You have one too. Invite friends bring lanterns and strings of lights to hang for beauty and illumination. Serve cupcakes. Make the red icing out of beet powder. Sprinkle with flakes of gold shaped like stars. Read more on the week’s Celestial Events at www.nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: You need a group, people to talk with, to hear their words on how great you are. Mostly you need playfulness, a honeycomb of light and laughter, a mingling of friends, ideas, plans, hopes and wishes that move swiftly into the future. Even though projects are well planned, there will be unexpected changes. The responses continuously should be laughter, humor and love.

TAURUS: Amidst much communication, messages and thoughts this week you’ll swing from silent retreats to wanting to talk forever, from quiet research to being with friends. In between you’re seriously intent upon having a formal dinner, discussing the future, the right place to work and live, and realizing your intimate has completely different plans far away.

GEMINI: Keep things airy and light even as you fall into some sort of moody bluesy state. Attempt to be in a state of solitude informing everyone you’re contemplating mysticism or magic or the Secret Doctrine. Actually reading “Ponder On This” or “Externalization of the Hierarchy” may be calling.

CANCER: Try to have companionship this week and cherish those times long ago when life was easy and love was there and romance was always on your mind. Friendships are the safest place to be so be with friends and have the intention to radiate love and goodwill. It will be returned and your heart won’t be so cold.

LEO: Try not to work on Valentine’s Day. Bring candy and festive things to share. Clear up anything uncertain and cloudy and you’ll be the leader bringing a little light into the darkness. Love and appreciation for you will follow. Do these things with a big heart. Watch what happens.

VIRGO: How can you be so busy these days? The planets are lined up in your house of work, service and tending to daily tasks. Pay attention to your special someone. If there is no special someone, then tend to yourself with equal attention, for before we can serve others we must serve ourselves. What is it you need in your life?

LIBRA: Preparing for things unusual, perhaps a trip and creating a new life for yourself is an extraordinary Valentine gift and one only you can give yourself. Cut out red valentines, glue them with lots of glitter, string them on gold twine, hang them everywhere and give them away. These can represent your heart which is free, open, alive and liberated! Almost!

SCORPIO: Invite people to your home. This will create new friendships, a new foundational energy where you live. We know you like your home to be protected and private. You won’t lose the magic and mystery about yourself. Intend to be a perfect host, have lots of food and drink, go outside to watch the stars and know that this party will play a large part in your future welfare.

SAGITTARIUS: Have the intention that Valentine’s Day will be a good day. If you choose to do things for others and shower love around you, you’ll have a celebration that’s different than any celebration you’ve had.

CAPRICORN: This week you’ll concern yourself with finances and due to a recent choice you may worry. Know that all’s well, your choice was correct. When we make choices from the heart life flows in harmony. It’s time for a bit of pleasure, fun, calmness, rest, attention to simple plans that create the art of living and a sense of beauty.

AQUARIUS: This month everything should be about you. You should be cared for, loved and drawn out from the depths. As the future unfolds you will understand your purpose and identity. A new sense of self-esteem will evolve and compassion will unfold. This week give something to others.

PISCES: Playfulness, friendship and creating foods and crafts that
others enjoy will keep you on the planet this week. While everyone’s celebrating you’ll think about how to make contact with the greater community called humanity. Your task is saving humanity so you will work hand in hand with Aquarians whose task is serving humanity. A community will be built and you will be one of its founders. Keep dreaming. Visualize. It’s almost time for its manifestation. Ohm.

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