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Esoteric Astrology for February 7-13, 2008

Chinese New Year

In the Chinese calendar, Feb. 7, 2008 marks the Chinese Lunar New Year of 4706- the Year of the Earth Rat (Wu Zhi). As part of the New Year celebration, spring couplets (zen-like poems), written in calligraphy on long red paper strips, are placed as decorations above and on two sides of door entrances. The messages are happy, hopeful and uplifting invoking a better new year to come. See www.chinapage.com/duilian/duilianphoto.jpg or www.chinapage.com/duilian/writeduilian.jpg. For more on calligraphy, a writing meditation, go to www.chinapage.com/callig1.html. Chinese New Year celebrations, begun at the dark of the moon, end 15 days later when the moon is full, with the lantern festival.

The Chinese base each year on an animal (instead of a constellation). The origins of this tradition goes back to the Buddha who invited all the animals to pray and meditate with him on New Year’s Day. Only 12 animals responded to his invitation and so the Buddha dedicated a year after each of the animals who sat with him.

The Buddha also said that some of the animal’s characteristics would be infused into humans born in a particular animal’s year.

Those born in the rat years are leaders (because rat is the first animal in the Chinese zodiac), initiators, pioneers, trailblazers. Read more on many things for the week at www.nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: There is a book by Alice Bailey (amenuensis for the Tibetan Djwhal Khul) entitled “Serving Humanity.” It is one of the first books, actually a compilation, given to new aspirants seeking to study the Ancient Wisdom teachings. In creating each sign’s charts this week, your chart showed great emphasis in the eleventh houses of astrology, community, the future and a dedication to serve humanity. Since you’re being ‘called,’ this book will serve you.

TAURUS: There is an attitude and method of action that would assist you in the tremendous amounts of work appearing in your life. The attitude is “just do it,” step by step, the method is having conscious (thus wise) control of time. The results are that you grow in dispassion and in love for what is real. Thus your light increases, which is what Taurus is all about – the illumination of the mind – the
Buddha mind.

GEMINI: It is good for you to seek perfection in action. During Aquarius we are summoned to serve humanity and your Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom loves humanity. You are called not to spectacular chimeras of service but to the instant application of doing perfectly what is in front of you. You realize life progresses by small steps and that each step taken at the right time creates accuracy. You are then impressed with the entire picture of life, and a rare beauty emerges.

CANCER: Your task is adaptability allowing you to step up and out of judgment, which actually creates good judgment. Part of the wisdom of all who serve is to remember that we all pass through the Hall of Learning before entering the Hall of Wisdom. All our contacts and endeavors are part of our training. Each day we gather past life accumulations of knowledge. Each day we add to this body of knowledge. The adaptability is to notice inspiration arising from knowledge. This is Pallas Athena.

LEO: Leo’s, when the soul is directing their personality, serve with love and spontaneity. Should you find that your influence is somehow shadowed, know this is a temporary preparatory stage for greater leadership and influence and to a greater gathering of power in service to humanity. Leos are leaders, they intensely, they love deeply and so they must be trained with a special spiritual focus. You will serve all who seek your aid. As this has already begun, rest when you can.

VIRGO: You are aware the path to your inner self (sanctum) is the way of outer service. We are dependable servers if we walk independently in the light of our own soul. Attempt to detach from any sort of extremity (making one an unreliable disciple). Instead be always in contact with the soul which reveals the ‘love that underlies the happenings of the times.’ When this is known, true esoteric service
and harmlessness result. These you seek.

LIBRA: There are days when quietness and contemplation become your strength. In our present times, with constant adjustment occurring in everyone’s world (yours especially), necessity arises for those who harmonize, think clearly, have accurate discrimination and proceed toward the undisturbed inner life. These are creative attitudes and a deep service to humanity providing a model of undisturbed trust. These you can do as you balance on the “razor’s edge” which teaches you

SCORPIO: After many lives, and as experiences of betrayal mark your heart forever, you will see that personal aspects of your life fade out and your main preoccupation becomes “What is my service at this time, this life, this week, today, this moment?” “Who are the people or kingdoms (animal, plant, mineral) I can help?” “What aspects of the work should I give most attention to now?” The answers arising are due to your balanced intelligence and intentions for goodwill.
Think on these things.

SAGITTARIUS: You ask so many questions of your life being the philosopher of the zodiac. And so here are some answers: When you have learned to be silent (Sag is one of the two signs of silence) as to yourself and what you think and feel and do, then the richness of your contribution to life itself, to love, to humanity and to the earth will be so great that your field of service and your power to cooperate will become expanded to the point your heart will break. So that more Light (and more service) can be extracted from you.

CAPRICORN: The true disciple (one called to serve) is known by the influence one makes upon the environment. The true Initiate (Capricorn task) is known by the wide scope of world service. You are distinguished by such service even as you work on primary relationships, fulfill family obligations of ancient origins and thus
“clear the deck” for a more comprehensive and uninterrupted service to humanity at a later time. Our lives are spiritually complicated and all that we do is good(ness).

AQUARIUS: You are the sign of serving humanity while Pisces is the sign of saving it. One builds upon the other. It is good to know the difference so when you interact with a Pisces you know your separate tasks. Even though you may think you are not doing effective service on the outer planes of life, your very life itself is a service. Hardly anyone tells us this because it is not realized. Even great thinkers fail to see that our very lives are dedications to service. Can you remember this?

PISCES: Simplicity can be your guide from now on. Where you find yourself is where your service is. Reach out not to the entire planet but to those around you to fulfill your spiritual tasks. Before sleep each night, do your daily review. This means thinking backward, reviewing the day from end to beginning. Where situations did not contain goodwill, visualize them occurring with goodwill intact. This exercise prepares us for our final hours on earth and the bardos (transition toward the light) that follow. Ohm.

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