Risa's Astrology for June 28-July 4, 2007

Esoteric Astrology as news for week June 28-July 4, 2007

A Birthday and a Lighted House

Saturday, June 30th at 6:30 am the Full Moon of Cancer/Capricorn occurs. The meditative seed thought is “I Build a Lighted House and Therein Dwell.” We all need to begin to rebuild our house (the earth) and bring food and clothing and shelter and healing to those who are suffering and in need. What can we each do to aid the suffering?

We are in Cancer now, the sign of care, nurture, food, protection, home, family, and the masses of humanity, many of which are in great need. Cancer calls us to help them. How can we? Angelina Jolie, human rights representative for the United Nations (outpost of the Hierarchy), is Cancer rising with Venus and Saturn in Cancer. She has become our present day “world mother.” Cardinal signs lead the way. Cancer is the intelligent and loving Divine Feminine.

Wednesday, July 4th is the birthday of the United States. When the Declaration of Independence was signed the Sun was in Cancer 12 degrees, the moon in Aquarius. Cancer is the nurturer and Aquarius is humanity. Now the progressed United States Sun is 2 degrees Pisces with Leo moon. Pisces is the sign of the World Savior. And Leo is the individual. It will not be the governments or our leaders who will show us how to “save the world”. This task belongs to each of us, as individuals (Leo) within the Aquarian group called humanity, the world disciple. Who is ready for this? Who will guide this revolution? When does it begin?  How? Where?

And, we remember from long ago…

Birthday of the United States—July 4, 1776
The United States, with its Sun in Cancer, is the country in which the new Aquarian consciousness is emerging. This replaces the original Mideast portal where consciousness first emerged—nations of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and India. This change of place has occurred not only because there are residues of ancient tribal traditions and unfinished conflicts in the Mideast— issues not in alignment with the new Aquarian Age of equality and humanitarianism, but—on a larger cosmic scale, because the time has come for the mind (rather than the emotional) principle of humanity to be fully developed. The United States, with its Aquarius (knowledge creating the new order) Moon (people) and its Cancer (sign of birth, liberation & safety for all) Sun (identity) and Mercury (we talk and think about saving the world), is esoterically considered to be the new Jerusalem (city of Peace) for the New World Order (esoteric words) to emerge.
Interestingly, two of the founding fathers of the United States were not only Masons, but they were also astrologers. Very much in vogue during the 1700s, astrology was the deciding factor in Benjamin Franklin* and Thomas Jefferson’s choice of day for the signing of the Declaration of Independence. July 4, 1776 was chosen because on that day the Moon was in Aquarius, sign of freedom, humanity, humanitarianism, knowledge, revolution and forward thinking. Had the Declaration been signed on any of the three previous days, as originally suggested by John Adams, the Moon would have been in Capricorn, the sign of maintaining the cultural status quo.

The United States had broken away from its motherland, England (Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer), in order to establish certain freedoms; the primary freedom being that of speech. The Declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. (The word men is derived from the ancient Sanskrit manas, which means “mind.”) In the history of our world, this was the first time a nation had acknowledged this fact in its founding. It is from the foundation and intent of this historical statement that we as a nation seek our future, understand our Path, and have, standing in the waters of New York’s harbor under a beacon of light, the Statue of Liberty.
*(from Bernard Fay’s Franklin, The Apostle of Modern Times. Little Brown, 1929.)

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ARIES: You are trying to find a way to “come home”. Very quietly you begin to contemplate your life. You examine where you’ve been, what you’ve done and what you would like to do in the future. Your heart’s centered within family and you seek to nurture, tend and care for them. Stabilize the beauty in your life. This too nurtures.

TAURUS: You seek interactions with others even devas (plant fairies) in the garden. Notice how much energy you offer while also being restless and longing for freedom. You need a vacation or at least a visit to different areas, regions, or even neighborhoods.  Assess the pattern of each day and ponder upon changing it. Communication is vital now. Your mind becomes clear.

GEMINI: Do your resources serve your needs? Do you not ask this question because security is most important? You have material and non-material assets. What are they? Do your resources give you pleasure or do you fear they will disappear? Perhaps it’s about values. If required to state your values, what would they be? Are they yours? These are Mercury retro questions.

CANCER: The Cancer Sun is revitalizing your atoms and cells. At present al matters are personal and centered upon you. This is not selfishness. It’s assessment of self during one’s birthday month. Strength and energy are available now. Direct your sensitivity toward your needs. Expressing yourself is most important. Nurturing yourself is even more so. How will you do this?

LEO: Thoughts, feelings, events, experiences long hidden away will suddenly come into your mind. Perhaps childhood memories tucked away, forgotten and not understood may, in a flash of light, reappear and you experience them as if they had just occurred. The purpose is to understand your present behaviors. Your solar year is almost complete. It’s good to begin a yearly review. Do you know how and why?

VIRGO: You might awaken one day and feel that all your resources are either gone or hidden and your self-identity has vanished, too. You might wonder who you are and what you’ve been doing all these years and perhaps think back on choices you’ve made and wonder why. The past being very present could feel restricting. A new structure of self is forming but it’s not ready to reveal itself yet. While waiting, tend to what you love.

LIBRA: Are you thinking of travel, embarking upon an adventure or of leaving where you are and never returning? Are you seeking food and drink to soothe a strange hunger? Do you need to go far far away in order to find what your heart can’t see right here? Are you focused on work so much that home seems a distant reality? Do you want to go home but can’t find your way? A friend will help. Call out.

SCORPIO: Thoughts on making money, here or in another country, expands
your life and work. Something about where you’re living or your family has activated a wound. What are you thinking these days? What greater realities and questions are being considered? Is a spiritual journey presenting itself? Are goals peering over the edges of your consciousness but you just don’t understand? Nurture your spiritual self. It will further your quest.

SAGITTARIUS: Things aren’t too easy. Emotions roll around and about and you try to catch them but of no avail. Other people’s ideas, money, wishes have deeply impacted yours. There needs to be a clarification concerning what belongs to whom (and what belongs to you). They are different. In time you will know more as a great expansion of self knowledge soon appears before you.

CAPRICORN: From everyone else, but especially those close and intimate, you will learn about yourself. An alchemy is occurring between you and the Sun. Whoever you deeply interact with will become you and you them. But only you will know this. Through these interactions an understanding of how you influence others occurs. This will lead to an examination of self. If you calmly understand this process love will also appear.

AQUARIUS: It is that time of year when you must evaluate how you manage your life, what duties and responsibilities you are to perform, what agendas need creating and tasks done. Your goal is to be efficient and orderly and above all to be satisfied with yourself. There is much work to do. Make each day effortless by focusing on health and exercise and diet needs first. The rest will follow.

PISCES: This is a happy time. You need some fun and play, some culture and art. These relieve and free you from stress. What is fun for you? What expresses who you are? Observe if you become concerned about children’s welfare, education and creative expression. Do get out and about even if to walk up dirt road four times a day. Look around. Nature, the most balanced kingdom, is speaking to you.

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