Risa's Astrology for June 21-28, 2007

The Dappled Summer Light

Thursday, at 11:06 am Pacific time, the Sun enters the field of Cancer, it’s solstice when summer begins. Raphael, Archangel of healing, transfers the task of protecting the earth to Archangel Uriel, and a Gate swings open – the Gate where Spirit enters matter. The Cancer’s meditative seed thought sounds forth; “I build a lighted house and therein dwell.” The United States has Sun in Cancer. The esoteric task given to the United States is “to light the Way” for humanity on earth. The light of Cancer, the “light within form”, is a different sort of light. Due to the particular slant of the summer Sun (north at the Tropic of Cancer), we find ourselves looking for a light never seen in form, yet we feel its presence. Coming from the Heart of the Sun (Ray 2) and reflected in the Sun’s rays (Ray 3), this light makes the air golden and the trees dappled.

From this (dappled) experience of light in nature, Shakespeare wrote A Midsummer Nights Dream. Cloaked in the language of his times, this play represents the mystic marriage between God of the Waters (Heaven) and Mother of all Forms (Earth). There is a divine interplay of Spirit bending down to touch the Earth and Earth lifting up to reach the Heavens. With esoteric eyes one sees a golden arch of light from Earth to Sun and back to Earth again. Was this what Finnish architect Eero Saarinen (Neptune in Cancer, Moon in Aquarius) used as inspiration for his 650 foot tall Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri?

The week of much change: Uranus retrogrades on Saturday. Mars enters Taurus on Sunday. On Monday Saturn (21 Leo) opposes Neptune (21 Aquarius) for the 3rd time. This is why everyone feels tired. New ideas (Saturn, Ray 3, Mind of God) emerge preparing us for new archetypes. These new ideas are powerful, they shape our thinking for the times to come and they could become laws. Tuesday, Venus is inconjunct Uranus and nothing works. (For more on dappled things, Saturn/Neptune opposition and Celestial Events go to www.nightlightnews.com.)

ARIES: Someone close to you, perhaps even you, will experience new states of awareness in a hurried and somewhat chaotic way. If this occurs with another, stand by offering support but allow them to experience whatever is occurring (if safe). If this applies to you, assess during the Mercury retro what you learned and how you will respond in the future. You will review your ethics and values.

TAURUS: It may come as a surprise that you need to build a new foundation for your life and relationships. Something is in disarray around you, perhaps your environment. If so, priorities are needed to sort out what to save, recycle, store, and use. Something counted on as forever is slowly receding. Don’t be frightened. The replacement will be good. In the meantime you must clean up, clear off, and restructure everything. With persistence.

GEMINI: While out and about, tending to errands, tasks and journeys from here to there, a sense of isolation may assail you, a being alone in the great wide world. Allow the feeling to be part of your reality. Don’t brush it away. Stay with it. Eventually it will move away. In the meantime notice your thoughts are serious as they seek order. Your motions are cautions seeking safety. This is a reflective time. Use is carefully.

CANCER: You will be concerned and thus careful with money. Traditional values are more and more important. What are they? Jot them down in a notebook that should be your esoteric journal so you can identify them and then act upon this knowledge. Notice how hard working you are. More so now than in the past. You must give yourself the same amount of rest and sleep. You’ll do this soon.

LEO: Are you thinking about spiritual relationships, wary of romantic deception? This can be a concern for Leo for they wonder “Do they love me for my power or for myself alone?” Also, you can be idealistic about relationships and a bit dreamy. In the past years you’ve been cautious, prudent and industrious, a bit “fatherly”, and have attempted to overcome inhibitions. Can we help you further loose them?

VIRGO: There has been a certain aloneness and solitude in your life these past couple of years. You’ve been working unobserved, tending to a sorrow, and attempting to find peace. It would be good to study the lives of saints. Choose one to research and write about. This will ease your isolation and the religious and spiritual energies contacted will sooth your spirit.

LIBRA: You are most likely an excellent teacher and this gift should be expanded upon. It lifts you up from the masses where sometimes you get caught in mid-flight. You have a concern for group and social goals and for the health, wealth and welfare of humanity in general. Whenever you lead, always include a spiritual component. This lays the foundation for your future humanitarian work.

SCORPIO: You have sought dignity through practical, logical and orderly decisions. Your authority exhibits a sound sense of responsibility, which you need to remind yourself of to maintain self-control. Your plans, utilized slowly, will be implemented. Use the next three weeks for quiet review into what you truly want and need. Come closer to other people. Make contact.

SAGITTARIUS: You must be frank, fearless and independent in relationships and in relation to all that you encounter. Even strangers. Later on in your life you will travel widely, write about worldly concerns and even consider being a professor. At the present time, before it’s too late, exploring deeper into your religious background will be spiritually useful. Carefully plan everything.

CAPRICORN: You will find the need for patience and perseverance when tending to, with and for others. When encountering delays, limits and obstacles simply look around, see what’s there is to see, and radiate goodwill everywhere. This will vivify your life and the life of your family, friends and community. This is your next inner task. A golden light will be seen.

AQUARIUS: If you are seeking a partner or marriage and have not been successful it’s because they would have provided you with obstacles and limitations. Should you be seeking them anyway, look within and assess yourself. Are you trustworthy, able to stand on your own, are you reliable and are you kind? Keep seeking the long-lasting and stable relationship. Things will change next year.

PISCES: The continual discipline you seem to be experiencing has a purpose. You are being trained to serve more and to improve conditions for others less capable than you. You are learning how to be precise with details, humble, and dedicated. Extreme care must be taken with heath, diet, and hygiene. Especially teeth and bones. The forced seclusion will rehabilitate you. Write about it.

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