Risa's Astrology for June 14, 2007

Mercury Retro, New Moon, Flag Day, Father’s Day

The week is full of events – Flag Day, new moon, Mercury retrograde, and Father’s Day. Thursday is Flag Day and the new moon. Different countries have different dates for their Flag days (see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_Day). We know flags represent the spirit of the people under whose nation the flag flies. What is the quality of the spirit of the people of the United States? We live under all those stars! Thursday evening (8:13 pm Pacific time) the 24 degrees Gemini new moon is the last new moon before Summer solstice. Pluto (transformation) in Sag (beliefs, goals), hovering around the Galactic Center (our origins) and opposing the new moon, alerts humanity that we must integrate the fact that we are on the chaotic threshold of new realities (Aquarius Age, Uranus) as previous realities (Pisces Age, Neptune) rapidly disintegrate. As the atoms of the Aquarian Age accelerate the Piscean atoms are slowing down. This is apparent with everyone’s (including government) inability to accomplish much (as planned) each day.

It is difficult during these transition times to achieve balance. As we continue to work within the well-known paradigms (the new haven’t arrived yet) it slowly dawns on us that there is no energy available within these paradigms. What do we do? We must create the new ones. But it’s not time yet. Out of the increased tension, an attention to new creations will slowly come forth. Until then we will live within the chaos of the breakdown (a natural one) which always occurs between two ages, one being relinquished (Pisces) and the other unfolding (Aquarius). The timetable for all of this is written in the stars.

The Gemini new moon meditative seed thought that builds the personality is “Let instability do its work.” Daily life presents us with unpredictable change and instability in relationships. This instability serves a purpose  – in the personality it creates tension that creates an attention toward creating harmony. Harmony is the Soul. The Soul then sets about directing the personality and the instability ceases. Join the NGWS by reciting the Great Invocation and Mantram of Unification in your area at the time of the New Moon. Join us in the Ashram.

Friday morning’s Cancer moon nurtures us as Mercury, 11 degrees Cancer, slowly begins to retrograde. Mercury rules our thought patterns, ways of communicating, driving, commerce, contacts and ways of interpreting reality. Until July 9th we’ll turn to family and kin, remembering the experiences of our early childhood, education, the nurturing we received, our mommies and daddies. We all by now know exactly what not to do in the next three weeks during Mercury retro. Who remembers?

Sunday is Father’s Day. It’s v/c until 10:25 (Pacific coast). Then the moon enters Leo. Father is King today. Mothers are sometimes fathers. The United States is one of the few countries in the world that has an official day on which children honor their fathers. Let’s honor our father’s today and not forget due to the Mercury retro. Monday we quiver and shake with excess sensitivity and tension, Tuesday is complex & dramatic. Careful with cleanliness and purity of food Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s the last day of spring and we bid adieu to the two brothers, one waxing and the other waning.

ARIES: You’ll be quiet for the next three weeks – reflecting upon your personal and domestic life. Talking with family is good, sharing innermost ideas, thoughts, important matters, pressures, disturbances, feelings and emotions. The past is very present and the past actually defines the present. There is a link to find between them. Talk with parents in depth.

TAURUS: Communication will be intensified, you’ll feel it, actually create some of it (which is good) and will express yourself through it. You will not relax or be comforted. Your inner life will accelerate in tempo, thoughts will flit here and there and everything you haven’t dealt with in the past years will come up for attention. Gather information, assess it, make no contracts, be flexible and wait for the retro to end.

GEMINI: Property and money, values and resources, what you own and what you don’t, what you own others own together (or want to) – will be assessed and evaluated. You know of course not to come to conclusions, make final plans, or sign anything. Business concerns will concern you. Maintain depth of thought, don’t share too much too soon. Recollect and remember. Then forgive.

CANCER: Your mind will jump from one issue to another, here and there, back and forth, from you to others and then back again. You will look to others asking them to change. You will be impatient that others are not working as fast as you are. Instead of the outer focus, look to the self. Your nervousness and anxiety and expectations are affecting others. Examine yourself and what you need. Detach if necessary.

LEO: Your hidden self, what psychologists call the unconscious, will become quite apparent to you in the next three weeks. You may remember things you’ve done and said that hurt of affected others close to you. You may realize where you didn’t nurture and where you weren’t nurtured in return. You can still reach out and heal this. When will you? Seeing these hidden parts of yourself can be quite interesting. Dramatic, sometimes sad.

VIRGO: You have had excellent teachers in your life. You have learned more than most from them. You still have teachers and more will come. In this retrograde assess the qualities you recognized in your teachers, figure out what is worth keeping and what should be discarded, and in all interactions with the outside world, focus on cooperation – allowing the other to feel successful and intelligent. As you do.

LIBRA: You are to think on what your professional life will look like in the next ten years. Take pride in all that you’ve accomplished in your life. Make a book or an altar or a shrine to what you’ve done. Make it beautiful and articulate, filled with artifacts of your experiences. Present it to friends as an art piece. This is your Vesta box, your found-art-object-of-self art piece. Now you can look into the future. Simultaneously, careful with what you say.

SCORPIO: If you reveal yourself just a bit more, you could become the president of the United States. I know that is not your greatest ideal but I’m talking about power and the mystery of Scorpio. Relationships and the powerful mystery within them, which includes you, will be on your mind in the coming weeks. Perhaps you can assess how you are in relationships. And how to improve and can give.

SAGITTARIUS: A redistribution of energy seems to be pouring through your life as if you were traversing mountaintops and valleys, both quickly and slowly simultaneously. You find yourself of two minds concerning all the possibilities presented. Is there something hidden about family that you haven’t revealed yet? Or it hasn’t been revealed to you? Everything’s subtle yet of lightning importance. What is the sound of silence around you?

CAPRICORN: You’re relatively free yet something’s coming toward you. Is it commitment, obligation, overwhelm or a child? You’ll see all of this through because in the past months you’re realized your level of tolerance (high), you see what you can do (everything), and you realize that difficult decision don’t sway you. You simply walk through them. Go get tangled in a garden outside. Prepare a garden art show later in the season.

AQUARIUS: Health and work – two areas of life you’re concerned with now. Use your best techniques, be detailed, plan carefully, and think a lot about what it is you want to be doing in the next year. Then assess your health. Have a medical check-up to assure yourself that all’s well. Remove any criticism of others and make no excuses. Ask yourself what needs returning, removing, eliminating? What needs truth?

PISCES: You’ll be restless, clearing and cleaning up all that’s needed for your next change, next destination. You’ll want to return to a previous way of life. To do this you must acknowledge who you are, your achievement, what you’ve done, what you want, and how much freer and creative you will be once you’ve arrived. During these next weeks organize all papers and create your plan. Work on this daily. See the limousine coming.

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