Risa's Astrology for June 7-14, 2007

Esoteric Astrology as news for week June 7-13, 2007

The Assault on Reason

Now that the Forces (Restoration, Enlightenment, Reconstruction) invoked during the Three Spring Festival (Aries, Taurus, Gemini) have precipitated into the Earth, the NGWS is being asked by the Hierarchy to make plans for their distribution in order that humanity is aided and uplifted, especially the men, women & children in the poorer (50 of them) nations. Before the NGWS can embark upon “skill-in-action” and plans for this upliftment the NGWS needs first to name, define, and address the crucial problems confronting humanity. We need to hear clearly articulated information concerning the world situation, beginning first with our own country, the United States of America (Gemini rising, Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon). We remind ourselves that Restoration, Enlightenment and Reconstruction must begin wherever we find ourselves.

While under the influence of Gemini, a mutable (fluid) air (intelligence) sign (of brilliance), humanity encounters much talk, reason, new ideas, and the latest books, some revelatory, some illuminating. One such book, newly published, that provides the NGWS and the thinking men and women of Goodwill throughout the world with ideas, reason and intelligent facts (all needed before embarking upon plans of action for the aid and upliftment of humanity) is Vice President Al Gore’s perceptive and penetrating “The Assault on Reason”. With unclouded language, Gore discusses and brings to light the following topics: the reality concerning the collapse of our present system of government; the fact that conventional politics is completely broken; the lessening of reason (and intelligence) in our political discourse; the mass deceptions offered to the our present populace; the truth being “outsourced”, the coordinated attempt to create fear; the use of television as a vehicle of distraction; and the government’s artful (read manipulative) conveying of false impressions to the public. Throughout Gore asks (and answers) the question “Why do reason, logic, and truth seem to play a diminished role in the way American now makes important decisions?”

I strongly suggest that everyone read this book, create study groups, take notes, and begin to write, blog, and MySpace the results and ideas from your group (Uranus, Aquarius, the Soul). Reading this book allows each of us to obtain intelligent and accurate information and statements of fact, which assist us in having a true perception of reality (as it is today in our country).
The Assault of Reason could be the Noah’s Ark of our survival as an intelligent species. Read more on Gore (Uranus in Gemini, writing about new archetypes), his chart and the book at www.nightlightnews.com.

The week: Thursday is Pisces moon. Sensitivity is acute. Care for yourself first, then others. Find a warm body of water, a pool, a splash of sunshine and bathe in it. Friday is complex and challenging. Gemini’s field of infinite choices (thoughts and ideas) comes up against the Pisces (feelings, emotions) need for commitment and union. We never know if Geminis will show up even after they’ve promised. Pisces can then feel abandoned. This energy prevails throughout the day along with relentless change, inner excitement, and interruptions (Uranus). Nothing’s organized, the past is over, we seek insight into the present/future. Saturday is quick, fast-paced, and possibly emotional with outbursts of independence, no compromise and less cooperation. Flexibility is the keynote. The moon enters Aries in the early hours of Saturday and everything feels like its burning. Sunday is the Catholic feast of Corpus Christi, the Holy Eucharist or Communion instigated at the Last Supper (Passover) by Christ prior to His Death. Sunday’s Aries moon keeps us in flight.

Monday is Taurus moon. Taurus is a peacemaking sign. Appropriately it is the Feast of the Apostle St. Barnabas, considered a Peacemaker in his day.  Tuesday is comforting, then it becomes discipled then the day simply disappears. A v/c begins at 4:17 pm and lasts till early morning Wednesday when the moon enters Gemini. That means a new moon is near.

Wednesday is the anniversary of the 1983 spacecraft Pioneer, the first manmade object to leave our solar system (beyond the ring-pass-not of the planets circling our Sun).

Things to come: It’s almost Flag Day (14th) and Mercury retro (15th). Let’s prepare for both, artistically (flags) & intelligently (Mercury).

ARIES: How is your communication network in your home? Are you needing new phones (with no static?), computer upgrades, a more reliable fax and what is the status of your TV? Mercury the messenger is sitting in your living room looking around and assessing just how good are your tools of connecting, reaching out and making contact (which releases Love). What do you think?

TAURUS: You will be communicating on a higher and greater level for awhile. It’s already begun and if you observe yourself each day you will notice that you’re possibly reading, speaking, teaching, thinking, planning, focusing your ideals and opinions, and sending messages in all ways possible. Though it’s unusual for this to occur, it’s greatly needed for the banishment of all mental illusions and distortions concerning the truth (which isn’t relative).

GEMINI: As all Taurus’s became more Gemini, you’ve entered more into Taurus. An interesting combination. The themes you are most likely thinking about (endlessly) concern values and money…themes, yes, that have been mentioned before. And with the retro next they’ll continue and deepen. So you might as well answer questions like how are your finances, what’s of value to you, are you of value to yourself and if so, how? Answer these questions in your esoteric journal.

CANCER: It’s a good idea, a healthy one, to begin a serious and consistent exercise program carried out each day at the same time. You might find yourself more excitable and nervous than usual. Exercise daily will diminish these difficulties and will also focus your mental abilities also needing an outlet through exercise and daily planning. When asked “what is yours to do each day?” answer “exercise.”  Then do it.

LEO: Many internal realities are occurring to you in the form of ideas, thoughts, plans. In several months some of them will enter form and matter. For now though I wonder if the past takes up part of your thinking? Are you missing someone or thinking of people no longer in your life? Speaking with them is still possible. Visualize from your Soul to theirs, a line of Light, and you both meet in the middle.

VIRGO: Questions to Gemini concerned values. The questions for you concern what your ideals are, what your expectations in life are, and what goals you have. Also, did these goals come from your heart or the heart and mind of another? Another question involved standards. What are standards and what are yours? A definition of standards is needed here. Your group(s) will need you to explain standards (of behavior, attitudes, etc.).

LIBRA: Have your professional plans worked out as expected? Do those plans need to change so that your daily life improves? For your career advancement it’s good to gain a greater mastery in something you’re interested in. All communications in the world and in your work assume vital importance now. Careful to not make anything too complicated – from foods to exercise to expectations of other’s behaviors (and your own). What are you interested in?

SCORPIO: Study (and education fulfill an eagerness you have for new knowledge and new life experiences. You seek the larger view of life and to know the puzzle of how all the parts fit together (get a complicated puzzle and put it together). Culture, art, religions (especially), the law, geography, the plains, horses, and various philosophies all would engage you. The question is what? Do travel here and there, out and about. You need new exposure.

SAGITTARIUS: Enter deeply into conversations (not only about yourself). Allow the talk to go even deeper so you can think and feel and be serious with someone. Keep it intellectual and philosophical, political or psychological. Allow the encounter (you and another, talking) to have such an effect on you that you change your ways of thinking. You could discuss death. This would be most interesting and in depth. Why? You need to go to the roots of your being. So go. Invite someone along.

CAPRICORN: Explain yourself from the heart to those close to you. Don’t hold back. Ask them to simply listen and not respond. Unless you want responses. Consult a professional if needed concerning something you’re questioning. Allow conversations to flow, back and forth. You need others’ perspectives. Simultaneously you need great and vast amounts of beauty to breathe in. Stay within the nature/plant kingdom. It’s the only balanced kingdom. It leads us to harmony.

AQUARIUS: Wherever you are, wherever you go, seek friendships and fun. Don’t pursue or have an attitude of competitiveness or expectations that you are or will be first. The planets are pulling you back and inward these days. The energies you are allowed are only those of rest, relaxation, laughter, ease, things uncomplicated and of comfort. If the experiences don’t support this, step back, stay in the shadows, radiate only love…lest you are hurt.

PISCES: Express your deepest thoughts to yourself. Write them down. Communicate to others what you need. If no one’s listening, enter the information into your esoteric journal. The time now for you is very creative. The arts – seeing them, reading about them, visiting museums, ballets, symphonies, botanical gardens, etc. – will strengthen your heart, which seems sad these days. Maintain your visualizations.

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