Risa's Astrology for May 31- June 6

Gemini Full Moon, World Invocation & Goodwill Day & Festival of Humanity

Thursday, May 31st, is a most important day of opportunity. It’s World Invocation Day, World Goodwill Day, the Festival of Humanity, and at 6:04 pm (Pacific time) the 10 degree Gemini/Sag Full Moon occurs. In the sky is a Grand Cross.  Every hour during the twenty-four hours prior to the Full Moon the New Group of World Servers will be reciting the Great Invocation. Join us everyone. In observance of World Invocation Day, Festival of Humanity and the Festival of Goodwill, we invite you to recite with us the Great Invocation as we lend our voices, hearts and minds to humanity’s invocative cry for greater justice, unity and firm establishment of Right Human Relations emanating from world Goodwill. Let us also focus on the 50 least developed nations in our world. Together, as the world disciple called humanity, we can contribute to the healing of the nations and the fostering of world unity. These are our tasks to do.

As the Great Invocation is sounded and as the Shamballa blessings (the Will-To-Good) are bestowed upon humanity the nations of the world will be deeply affected. There is purpose behind this and the Tibetan Teacher Djwhal Khul (through Alice Bailey) explains why in Externalization of the Hierarchy, page 373 (Lucis Trust, New York).  Many of us already understand and live this quote but it is important to also know the energies released at the Gemini Festival summon all nations to provide for humanity’s fair and equal human rights. “Lest the nations and the people perish.”

“The family of nations, viewed as a unit, interrelating, and shouldering responsibility for the one, or for the weak, must be the realized goal of all national enterprises. The resources of the entire planet must be shared collectively and it must be increasingly realized that the products of the earth, the gifts of the soil, the intellectual heritage of the nations, belong to the whole of mankind and to no one nation exclusively. No nation liveth unto itself…the nation or individual who attempts to do so must inevitably perish off the face of the earth.”

Let us continue to radiate Goodwill, the Gemini task, throughout the three days following the festival.

The week: Join the NGWS at the Gemini Full Sun/Moon, Thursday at 6:04 pm (Pacific time), by reciting the Great Invocation. The Sun is 10 degrees Gemini, the moon 10 degrees Sag. The north (Pisces) and south (Virgo) nodes square the full Sun/Moon. There’s a Grand Cross in the sky presenting humanity with four squares – four challenges to proceed into the future with a focus on the Good for all of humanity. It will be about creating new humanitarian (Aquarian) goals, not based upon the past (which was money). Friday, Saturday & Sunday are days of radiating the blessings of Goodwill to humanity. Friday is complex with radical and expansive energies then practical and restrictive ones. A seesaw effect. Saturday is Capricorn moon. The disciplines continue well into Sunday. Being practical wins out.

Sunday is the Catholic Festival of the Holy Trinity – the central doctrine of Christianity that God has Three Aspects – Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. Also esoterically known are Rays 1 (Will), 2 (Love/Wisdom), & 3 (Divine Intelligence, Sophia). Sunday is difficult. Venus in Cancer inconjunct (150 degrees apart, elements don’t blend) Pluto in Sag. Relationships can’t decide. Should they stay or go, maintain or separate, nurture or philosophize. There’s no compromise today.

Monday Mars (action) trines Jupiter. Expansive action is taken. A state of encouragement exists. We take risks, create new goals, see beyond the box and create a triangle. Moon enters Aquarius at 4:15 pm after an hour and a half v/c. Tuesday Venus enters Leo and Sun opposes Jupiter. Everyone’s a star but we may play favorites. Don’t. We struggle between opposing forces. Then we integrate them. We find another’s heart and soothe it.

Wednesday is complex. Everyone’s affected by Saturn (structure), Neptune (confusion then refinement), Pluto (transformation), a v/c at dinner time, and then moon enters Pisces at 10:24 pm. A solid day of elaborate and complicated energies. Then sleep comes and we do our nightly review. A disciple’s evening task to balance the day.

ARIES: The Goodwill that Aries would disperse would be to see the good in everyone and everything outside the Aries self. Aries is about creating self-identity, an all encompassing task. Others are creating their own self-identity but they may not have the skills you have. Helping others through patience produces within you more self-awareness. You thus serve the law of Right Human Relations.

TAURUS: Taurus is about desire, which must be irradiated with love/wisdom. Taurus is both a mental and a physical sign and what must be developed is love and understanding. Taurus has the eye of an artist – always seeking beauty in form. When conflicts arise realize they are the first step toward a new harmony. Don’t shield yourself away from this conflict. It contains necessary information.

GEMINI: The Gemini festival actually belongs to you because you understand at a causal (Soul) level the reality of dispersing vital information to all you contact. You realize that “contact releases Love,” your Ray 2 purpose. From this week onward, radiate Goodwill to others in greater and greater amounts. Do this with intention. You will teach others silently and they will respond. Use the Soul.

CANCER: The Light within form is what Cancer actually is. Do you realize this identity? Substance has a diffused light. You fan, nurture, and stimulate this “dark light” of matter until it becomes a flame (Soul flame). This festival calls you forth to greater nurturance of others. The first and foremost is to nurture within the intentions of Goodwill. It creates the long lasting peace you seek.

LEO: You are the Light of the Soul itself. At your core you are divine which is why you hold yourself regally and demand so much. The purpose of our solar system is to unfold consciousness (the Soul) and awareness that we are Spirits in matter. Do you act in this way at all times so as to radiate to your “subjects” how to live with love and care for each other? You must do this since you are the Love humanity needs. This you must develop. Or perish.

VIRGO: Within you are two lights – the light of the form, which is bright and strong. And the light of God, still faint and dim. One is waxing and one is waning. Which one? So you hide the Soul (becoming acquainted with it). Then as the Soul begins to direct your personality, you radiate a new state of consciousness to others. This is not an easy task. Harmony comes through Conflict. Handle it carefully.

LIBRA: You experience both your higher (aspirational) and lower (desires) selves. Sometimes you are in a dilemma as to which to choose. Battles, inner and outer, occur. They make you confused. For clarity you must ask each time “what is your intention?” You know you have a mission in life. Sometimes it’s obscured. Continue to cultivate the mind. This is the middle path. Then Goodwill is understood and you stand in the middle of all dilemmas.

SCORPIO: All Scorpio lives involve multiple forms of conflict. The conflict allows Scorpios to become great observers able to express to others deep inner battles. Others can then understand what it’s like to constantly die and regenerate and die again (the personality self). Eventually desire becomes aspiration. Whatever occurs in your life occurs to everyone around you. Therefore have the identity that you are a catalyst for others’ transformations. What more would you want?

SAGITTARIUS: You are at this time to simply live within what is called an interlude. This is a place where you balance, consider and at a later time, choose. You are holding opposing forces in check at this time. This is a natural occurrence when deep change is occurring. Express your ideas within the context of Goodwill at all times. This will soothe you, hold you and the Soul will be in charge.

CAPRICORN: Love pours out to all of humanity during this Gemini festival. But it truly reaches you. It streams into your heart and whatever strife there is in your life and environments you are able, with one-pointed devotion, to provide whatever is needed for harmony and for healing. Because of your ability the Work of Life proceeds and is not obstructed. A greater wholeness is then created through your ministrations.

AQUARIUS: Aquarius (and Aquarians) is (are) the light that shines on Earth (their gifts) and across the sea (reaching far far away encompassing all cultures). The light of an Aquarian, if they are immersed in the reality of radiating Goodwill can shine on all darkness and cleanse and purify all wounds until the darkness of fear and sadness (within self and others) is gone. Since you are the Water-bearer of these gifts for humanity, tell us how do you quench their thirst?

PISCES: Does your present environment have cleanliness and order. Does it nurture form and is there a place for all form in your life? Something is deeply needed in your environment in order to anchor a true foundation where your gifts can freely come forth. A new network needs to be established and information given to those who can assist you. How is your garden growing? Be sure to plant marigolds, lots of them, for summer salads. And calendula for creating healing salves.

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