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Esoteric Astrology as news for week February 22-28, 2007

Pisces Most Profound

Pisces is the Light of the World, the Light of Life Itself. Pisces ends forever the darkness of matter.

We come to the end of the Rainbow in Pisces whose constant perplexed face signifies the sacrifice they made to descend into form and matter. Pisces— water sign most profound, most misunderstood, and most not in form and matter. Pisces works night and day (often unaware of the task) to create and refine the proper set of vehicles (personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind) for the Soul in order that it (Soul – consciousness, awareness, bridge between Spirit and matter) can understand form and matter. That interminable perplexed look on the face of Pisces faces reflects the supreme sacrifice they have made to come to leave heaven and enter into Earth in the sign of Pisces.
The Pisces task is to save. First Pisces is a servant. Then a server. Then a Savior. Understanding the life of a Pisces is important. Without this understanding of their divine task and the preparation for fulfilling this task, most Pisceans are misunderstood, made fun of, and judged quite fiercely (Anna Nicole Smith acted like an extreme Pisces).

On very deep levels Pisces understands the two meditative seed thoughts spoken at the new and Full Moons of Pisces – “Go forth into matter, my child,” (personality seed thought) and “I leave the Father’s (Ray 1, Will) House and, turning back, I save,” (the Soul’s meditative seed thought describing its Herculean task of Saviorship). This last seed thought are words spoken by the Soul (Middle Way – between matter and Spirit) fully aware that Piscean (all did indeed leave “the Place Where the Will of God is Known – the Father’s House – in order to serve the Plan of Hierarchy and of Humanity itself. Who understands the implications of treading the Rainbow path of Pisces? Compassion and understanding are called forth. These are also the result.

The week: Thursday, as Mercury passes in front of the Sun, is my birthday and George Washington’s, our first president (1789) who “always spoke the language of liberty”, could not tell a lie, chopped down a cherry tree, and liked cherry pie. I do, too. Friday is v/c until Gemini moon at 2:42 pm (Pacific time) allows us to talk about feelings, emotions, missed contacts, things upsetting. Saturday, with Mars/Uranus in effect, we’re surprised by interruptions and shaken by explosions (physically or emotionally). Sunday, first Sunday of Lent, Mars enters Aquarius (fireworks, lightning, new culture and civilization) and at 7:48 pm moon enters Cancer (we’re hungry). Monday Mercury retrograde (thinking continues its reassessments and review) re-enters Aquarius (about the future or our computers). Tuesday is free. Wednesday moon’s in Leo (look at me!) while Saturn (structure) opposes Neptune (structure falls apart). Boundaries and restrictions soften, we fumble and tumble about, and life gets even more interesting.

A Question & an Astrological energy alert. To purify and prepare for Spring, Easter, and the Three Spring Full Moon Festivals, what is everyone giving up for Lent? And…till the 16th of March, due to transits and eclipses, reality becomes more and more complex. Revolution’s in the air. (Read more about Pisces, George Washington and Lent at www.nightlightnews.com)

ARIES: Things are ending yet the new isn’t here yet. That’s for everyone, not only you, but you’re feeling it first as usual. A new template is being prepared for your new identity. While you’re waiting it will be good to connect with things religious, psychological, dreams and even secrets hidden within the self. If pondered upon these will carry you into your new life emerging in the next year or so. Be aware of this. Revelations should occur unexpectedly. Begin a revelations journal.

TAURUS: You are beginning to realize that new and different characters occupy and people your life. If you review the past several years relationships changed, friendships shifted and values once deeply held slipped away. And this continues. Socially you’re changing, too. Becoming more worldly and being called to leadership. Can you define all the different ways you are now? It’s an important new identification.

GEMINI: Things you’ve tended to and brought forth in your professional world are perhaps in a state of transition. You may be relinquishing what you once cherished concerning how you were perceived in the world in order to pursue a greater sense of service and a greater sense of self-identity. Either there’s a new career, a new study embarked upon, or you decide on how to retire so that all possibilities are available for creativity. You seek freedom and begin to build anew.

CANCER: You refocus once again on things financial for you want to be responsible and use your monies wisely. As you review past decisions you find it useful to not blame yourself or criticize what has occurred in the past year. Only bring what’s useful to the present, assess and tend to valuable possessions and either upgrade, eliminate or put them aside for another time. Are you communicating enough?

LEO: Issues that arise prominently this week and next could concern death of a parent or close intimate, resources held by you and another, disputes concerning levels of intimacy and a desire to express yourself while still feeling completely hidden and unseen. The issues may be complex but know that it’s a very complex time, especially for you. Things may feel inside out. They are. Rest awhile.

VIRGO: Are there changes occurring in your relationships, with those you’re close to? Are interactions with others being challenged or are they taking surprising turns? Are you seeking to leave someone or to change the status between you and another? Has someone appeared who attracts you? These questions hide a reality. A new archetype is attempting an appearance in your life. What could it be?

LIBRA: You may be looking for new endeavors concerning work, new ways to accomplish your present work, or perhaps new work altogether. How is your health? Are you tending to it as you also tend to others, actually the whole world since your focus now is on service and care for the many? Assure yourself that you’re first in line here so you can be healthy, wealthy, and wise so others can be also. What is your sadness?

SCORPIO: Your creative self-expression has been on your mind along with how to more effectively use money. There’s a question as to whether you’re worth receiving what you make. Or perhaps the question is how to make more to receive more. It’s time to dust off your goals, to assess their value, to think about children (or the child you once were), and to help others be more independent and free. When they become so, you do too.

SAGITTARIUS: It seems like major life issues, endeavors, events and happenings are occurring and you wonder if you can keep up since it feels like you’re on a cross (mutable to fixed) somehow stretched in four directions all at the same time. You are. Life is pulling and pushing you. Change only happens this way. Home may change or perhaps the entire foundation you rest upon (psychologically). Don’t worry. Be happy.

CAPRICORN: If you ponder upon how you think you will realize your thinking processes have and are changing drastically daily. Even your opinions are in a state of flux. Education does this – it changes us. That’s why the Tibetan says that all resources should be directed toward the education of humanity of all ages. You are and will be leading the educational way. Again, don’t worry about money. It’s available.

AQUARIUS: The issues this week and next and the next ever after are always about self-identity and how to serve others. Also about money and how to use resources to better your life. And then there’s the looking for the “other” in order to complete the self (which is OK) and to have a life partner. Everything always comes back to the word “life,” doesn’t it? Because you want to “live life more abundantly.” Unusual events occur. They take you down another Path.

PISCES: You seek to redefine yourself in completely new ways. Each day you say over and over what it is you want. A new world, a new way of life, a new independence. You see clearly in your mind’s eye (3rd eye, Ajna center) what it is you need for this to occur. It just takes the right timing and that timing hasn’t arrived yet. Keep visualizing. Don’t limit yourself. A new life direction is coming forth. Plant your garden now.

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