Saturn Retrogrades – SlowTime Begins

Saturn Retrogrades – SlowTime Begins

Planet of (slow) time, the time keeper, the teacher teaching structure, boundaries and above all life lessons that must be learned. This is the planet Saturn, which retrograded this past week in Pisces (note: Neptune, Pisces’ ruler, also is retrograding in Pisces). Saturn, retrograde 1/3 of the year, is a lovely pale yellow in the sky, shining through the night, hiding during the day. Perhaps Saturn is bashful!

Some people are afraid of Saturn. When hearing the name Saturn people back away with unneeded fear, wondering will bad things happen to me with Saturn?

No! we say. Saturn calls us to work, to task, to states of awareness of time, to responsibility, to structure our lives. When retrograde, Saturn asks that we review these life issues. Are we on time, are we responsible and aware, is our life planned and structured and what relationships need remembrance and/or closure and what tasks have we left undone? Saturn calls us to set priorities, to see time as a useful tool and to lessen our sense of expectancies. Saturn really wants us to be happy!

As in all retrogrades, especially Saturn, it is not a time to initiate new projects. We don’t borrow money or purchase large, important items. We can dream and plan but no implementation should be done. We are being called to be our own authorities in our lives, to make our own inner decisions. And above all Saturn calls us to cultivate the virtue of patience, which is really Saturn’s ultimate domain.

Saturn retrograded Saturday (its own day), June 29th (19 degrees Pisces) and will continue its retrograde until November 14 (back to 13 degrees Pisces). Simultaneously, Neptune, on Tuesday, July 2, began its retrograde (29.56 degrees/minutes) in Pisces. The two, Saturn and Neptune, are linked via their retrograde in Pisces (further ending the Pisces Age, preparing for Aquarius).

With the two retrograde in Pisces for months on end, it’s like entering a dreamtime, where past, present and future blend, unsolved issues can be solved and we put everything in understanding order once again. Retrogrades are valuable times. We learn discipline, patience, the value of time, and inner responsibility. Things hiding over incarnations come to light. “Hello,” we say, “fancy meeting you once again. Well let’s get to work! There’s lots of reconnecting, rekindling and healing to be done!” And Saturn, pleased and looking on, smiles!

ARIES: In past months as you initiated multiple projects (your spiritual task), something always hindered your progress. As this begins to ease, you realize how tired you’ve become pushing the Sisyphean rock up the hill only to have it fall back down again (sometimes even rolling over you). Tend to yourself in ways that nurture your body, emotions, mind and spirit. What would that be?

TAURUS: You’re participating in something that is providing you with information for the nurturance and sustaining of humanity’s future. If you are not in a formal study/school then you are receiving information (nudges) from above, impressions are falling into your mind, ideas are beginning to flow all around concerning how to create a secure future for yourself and others. The information comes incrementally, step by step. Study each one. Are you traveling?

GEMINI: It’s important that you read all the daily teachings, each astrological sign and the introductions I write so you have access to ALL the information because you are the one who is to share information and thus help synthesize all separations, oppositions and misunderstandings in humanity. This esoteric occult Gemini task is rarely known or acknowledged. I know you seek the Ancient Wisdom and mystery teachings, a Teacher and a spiritual group and it’s right here. The door has opened for you. Enter soon.

CANCER: Who you can and will work with quite harmoniously and especially for the times to come are Taurus people. They are comforting as well as able to provide the illumined information needed now. In turn you will bring a certain nurturing vitality to the information. You provide the analytical (womblike) setting so that the seeds of everyone’s mind can grow, blossom, learn and begin to think. While Taurus provides the Light, you take that light and “build the lighted nurturing home” where others can “therein dwell.”

LEO: What are your concerns these days? Are you conflicted about resources, values or finances? Is there a dilemma concerning the right use of resources? Here are some ideas. First, tithe 10%. Either to those you know in need or to Doctors Without Borders, St. Jude’s Hospital, and Heifer International. Then put 10% into savings. Then pay your bills. Then purchase what’s needed. And recite this mantra “I have everything I need at all times.” These steps insure your present/ future and your self-confidence.

VIRGO: Are you busy with various and multiple ideas? Do you have goals that seem out of date, perhaps conflicted and conflicting? Are you feeling a bit conflicted too? It’s possible you feel very very serious right now. Saturn, in your opposite sign of Pisces, is your shadow. And this could make you feel self-critical, saying to yourself, “I haven’t done enough.” This is a fanciful idea that needs to be ignored. Virgos often do too much! There seems to be lots of work demanded of you everywhere. Perhaps you need a rest, a state of refuge, a place of solace. Where and what would that be?

LIBRA: Libra is where decisions are made concerning our primary focus and responsibility, how to blend self-needs with those of others, and just how family fits in as we pursue outer financial and/or relationship success. The resolution is a slow integration, a synthesis and it takes lifetimes to comprehend this (usually seven). Which stage of the path are you on and what areas of life have you chosen to focus on? When we learn each lesson, the focus shifts again. Cherish all that is around you. And drink carrot juice.

SCORPIO: At some point, you will have the courage to face all your fears, slowly and confidently. Have you been feeling too hermetic to move beyond your safety and comfort? A change arrives that forces you out and about. Everything is about values and resources, and these will change, too. An ending of things is slowly taking place for you. You thought you were the only one who transforms. Watch as humanity begins to experience what it’s like to be a Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS: Here are a few tasks for you to focus on in the coming months. Tend to all financial responsibilities before they’re due. Care and conserve your energy (self, vitality, money, resources). Offer co-workers recognition and loving understanding (that’s the new life-wave thought coming forth). Realize nothing is moving swiftly now including career changes. Therefore you can go slow each day. Ambition is good and dreams do come true – in time.

CAPRICORN: You want to travel and learn, listen to music, see dance performances, theatre, attend museums all simultaneously. Most likely you will be traveling but, in the Saturn, and Neptune retrogrades be prepared for unforeseen changes and/or delays, different timing and schedules. These will continue through December. In the meantime what’s occurring locally is where you’ll feel the most comfort, learn the most and be most interested (and interesting to others). While out and about, be careful of other drivers. Maintain your car(s).

AQUARIUS: Usually people think Aquarians are impractical, too rigid or too lacking in discipline while pondering possible unrealistic futures. But none of these apply. Especially for the rest of the year. You will make practical decisions in all areas of your life, but especially concerning money and finances. You will seek closeness with others and make choices based on who loves and cares for you and when you are with them harmony is apparent. You seek a deepening within friendships and a certain special relationship. Humanity loves you.

PISCES: You have attempted to express your gifts and unique talents freely and without limitations and hindrances. You will re-examine your choices and reassess the past many years of your work. You will assess the following – what humanity needs; where and how you are needed in the future; what you need to further express yourself; where you need to be in order to bring this forth; who is impacted by your decisions and how will they fare should you go forward with new directions? A question first – what would improve, enhance and enrich your life?

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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