Sun in Cancer – Summer’s Gate Opens (Northern Latitudes)

Sun in Cancer – Summer’s Gate Opens (Northern Latitudes)

The Sun enters Cancer Thursday, June 20 and it’s summer solstice (northern latitudes)! Summer begins when the Sun reaches its highest point in the heavens (Tropic of Cancer). Solstice is from the Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still). At solstices, the Sun stands still (a “sun-standing”) for three days, before reversing direction. In June the Sun begins its journey southward towards the Tropic of Capricorn (reached at Winter Solstice). Summer Solstice is the longest day of light. When the Sun begins moving southward, in the northern latitude we begin the dark half of the year. During the greatest time of light, the darkness begins. A paradox.

At the moment of solstice, for disciples who have participated in the previous twelve months of new and full moon festivals, the twelve Sun and moon seeds (deposited as light seeds), gather in a central chamber in the head (the 3rd ventricle, referred to as the marriage bed). There, at summer solstice, the light seeds are kindled. A new state of enlightenment begins.

The symbology of this spiritual event is written in Shakespeare’s play, Midsummer Night’s Dream where a wedding takes place in the forest among the fairies and within all of nature. Humanity is part of this nature.

Archangel Uriel assumes guidance over the Earth during summer months. He meets and teaches his students in meadows, grasslands, fields of flowers, savannas and prairies. He teaches both humans and the fairy kingdom. With our deepest aspirations, perhaps we can join in some summer!

During past epochs, people really experienced man’s connection with the heavens, they knew the signs and planets, connecting the universe and with the earth. But modern people are no longer able to interpret such things. So what is the sign of Cancer?

Cancer (sign) is the “light within form,” the light of intelligence embedded in substance, the dark light of matter. Cancer is the warm waters of the womb, where all of life begins. Cancer is the “Gate in” where all physical incarnation takes place for the very first time. Cancer is water, the crab (existing on land and sea) and the nourishment needed to nurture life. Cancer is the mother. (Note: Follow along each day with Risa – on FB, Night Light News, Gab, Truth Social & Substack.)

ARIES – Something new concerning family, property, real estate and home materializes in the coming year. You may buy or sell, invest in family property, move, form community, create a collective. It is good to look forward to various and different ways of livingness. Something about family develops, increases, expands. You find yourself at times staying closer to home after traveling here and there. Family becomes everything (again).

TAURUS: In the coming year, you must begin to travel, enter school, study, publish or begin a long adventure. Everything faraway is interesting, even destinations others would never contemplate. At times you’ll consider lands different, unfamiliar and perhaps exotic. Bear in mind this needs deep reflection. The exotic is not always comfortable. A new expanded mind is developing. In dreams during the night. Creating new thinking, rich with Aquarian art and archetypes.

GEMINI: Do you feel as if you are in a struggle. Are you in conflict? There are so many avenues calling for your attention. First is the idea of remaining behind the scenes in solitude and retreat. Then there’s the demand facing you concerning work. Then there are all the people seeking your advice, inviting you here and there to be part of their vision. I need to ask, what is your vision of achievement and success? Success calls to us in many guises.

CANCER: It’s time to reflect upon the past year in preparation for your new birthday year. Review all actions, choices made, things produced, brought to flower, people spoken with, promises made, dreams that did (or did not) come true. Consider what was happy then and what would be a joy in the coming year. Notice the different words – happy and joyful. A new year brings new endeavors. What would you like to occur?

LE0: New people, new confidence, new groups will eventually beckon, extending offers, requests, biddings, solicitations and invitations. Friendships blossom and you find yourself mixing, mingling, blending and networking, interacting and sharing. Are you avoiding anyone? Step into their world, learn who they are, what they like, want and need. Hopes, wishes and dreams begin to fill your mind and heart. Create a Hope, Wishes and Dreams journal. Don’t lose it!

VIRGO: The area of life called relationships becomes full of opportunities, personal and worldly. Something deep and profound occurs with someone close. Jupiter is or will affect your professional life. So it’s important to consider creating or expanding what you do or how you are seen in the world. Your own personal creativity. Ask loved ones for help. They are of great benefit if you are kind and grateful. Be focused, determined and analytical with finances.

LIBRA: The most realistic time in our lives is each moment. Most moments quietly slip by as we seek what we don’t have, wonder when difficulties will end or when the rainbow will appear. However, should we be aware of each moment, they begin to feel like blessings. This conscious perception of time allows us to be more authentic, spontaneous and free. For the next year, careful with diet, eating only what vitalizes and touched by the Sun. Tend also carefully to your eyes.

SCORPIO: The surprise is a new creative talent comes forth from within; a creativity greater than previously known and experienced. It will make you explore all areas of the arts. It will build within you a new sense of identity. Think experimental. Careful of illusion if entering a new love affair. You might find yourself with many tasks to perform this summer. Protect your hands and arms with appropriate gloves. Check the car, too. Plant a garden of medicinal herbs and edible flowers.

SAGITTARIUS: New ideas, unusual thoughts and radical thinking accelerate, life moves into the fast lane, new people enter your life, and you seek the world of art, music and culture. People notice you’ve become more optimistic (if that’s possible!). That dark night of the soul approach is exhausting. Certain situations at home seek detailed attention, tending and organizing. Give away everything not used in the past six months. Someone else both needs and could use them.

CAPRICORN: Perhaps in the past you felt the need for more self-assurance and self-confidence. In the past months, these have been building and now there is a new sense of self-confidence, self-reliance. Is this a surprise? The ability to know more of yourself and your abilities is emerging and expanding, filling you with poise, dignity and grace. Wherever you find yourself, that’s where you’re to be. Whatever you’re called to do, act with the highest intentions. Then everything becomes a blessing.

AQUARIUS: New rhythms and new archetypes (patterns) concerning money and values begin to appear affecting the rest of the year. Afterward, you will look back on how you made, used and worked with money. You will note your values now and what they were then. You see the changes that came about. It’s important to create strategic plans for budgeting, accounts and savings, tracking all finances in detail. Should you consider investing, land is a lasting and true resource. Also, gold and silver.

PISCES: For a long time, you had no path. Then in the past many years, you’ve adhered to one particular path, following what you love with heart-felt fervor. Love came first, always. A good ethic and value. Now, however, something’s changing. Too much is uncomfortable. You seek to realize what makes you happy and joyful. You’ll need courage to face the truth, courage to set yourself on the path (a journey) toward happiness. A mantra for you. “Let reality govern my every thought and truth be the master of my life.”

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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