Flag Day & Father’s Day – Honoring Both

Flag Day & Father’s Day – Honoring Both

We are in our last week of Gemini, before the sign of Cancer summer (northern latitudes) begins. In this last week we have Flag Day and Father’s Day, two important days – one national and of the people, the other personal as well as cosmic, one mental, one heart felt.

Flag Day (dating back to 1870) in the United States is Friday, June 14th. Flags are artforms – Stars, Stripes, Circles, Crests, Lions and Kings. The U.S. flag has stars imprinted all over it (representing the star Sirius, where love, liberty and freedom originate). Sirius and the US Sun are the same degree – 13 degrees Cancer.

The study of flags is Vexillology. Flags reflect spirit, pride, visions and aspirations of the state, country, nation and the people the flag flies over. A flag represents a nations’ freedom and ideals, loyalty to a nation, a belief in liberty, justice and unity.

Flag Day prepares us for the U.S. birthday, July 4th. President Woodrow Wilson said about the U.S., “The flag which we honor and under which we serve is the emblem of our unity, power, thought, and our purpose as a nation. It has no character than that which we give it from generation to generation. The choice is ours.”

The U.S. flag was created and adopted on June 14, 1777, one year after the Declaration of Independence (1776). Our U.S. flag is called “Old Glory” or the “Star-Spangled Banner.” Colors, emblems, shapes on a flag are deeply symbolic. Vigilance, perseverance, justice, prosperity, peace, revolution, determination, valor, freedom. Flags are the spirit of a people.

Honoring our Fathers – Fathers are pillars in the development of a child’s emotional well-being. Children look to their fathers to lay down and enforce rules, to provide a feeling of security, both physical and emotional. Fathers, central to the emotional well-being of their children, are to be both capable caretakers and loving disciplinarians. Through love of their children, father’s become heroes. Saturn, the planet, is the cosmic disciplinary Father. For both we are grateful.

Sun enters Cancer and summer begins Thursday, June 20th. Shakespeare’s wedding in the forest follows.

ARIES: Being creative is a self-identity. Creativity calls you to initiate new endeavors that respond to all the changes coming your way in terms of work, how you’re recognized, relationships and inner spiritual beliefs. Everything is more than you think. Observe the world with calmness. Tend to health with a focus on proper digestion (probiotics, enzymes, green foods, etc.). This focus on health empowers you.

TAURUS: Home guards and sustains your relationship. There is so much to be done at home. What is the larger picture concerning your life, geography, relationships, partnerships and where you live? Careful working in the hot sun. You may not be absorbing enough water. Maintain adequate electrolytes each day. Something challenges you, calling you to consider other realities. Perhaps it’s your health. Are you in pain? Study the 12-tissue cell salts (Biochemic medicine).

GEMINI: Mercury, your planetary messenger, is in Gemini, calling for a focus on loving communication. A line of light beams from Sirius streams directly into your heart. Visualize this. It is unifying polarities and helping to heal old wounds. But only if you love (Ray 2) more, which happens when you’ve gathered enough information. Study facts on finances, resources, gold and silver, Venus, land, gardens, greenhouses and what sustains you. What does sustain you?

CANCER: Communication may be veiled, hidden and thus difficult to understand. Both what you are saying and other people’s communication, too. You may feel anger and frustration with certain groups. And then those around you may act out those feelings for you. Regarding giving – whatever we give opens a gate of prosperity. What we give is returned ten-fold. Is there a wound or hurt occurring? Are your feet painful? Is something limiting you? Erchonia’s cold laser light would help.

LEO: After just too much time with groups you seek a place of solitude and retreat. Thoughts of the past summon many deep emotions. Remembering the past and yourself with others a sense of seeking and offering forgiveness arises. Forgiveness heals and liberates. Gratitude follows forgiveness. It’s important to value every person and all occurrence in your life (past, present, future). When this occurs, a new and vital life force appears and all restrictions and obstructions disappear.

VIRGO: As you begin new endeavors, enter into them slowly and carefully, resting along the way so your physical body, emotions and mind can keep up. Be aware of all new thoughts, ideas, and realities coming from the mind of God. You are in a state of reorientation, where original values and resources can emerge from deep spiritual sources. To reflect all that is occurring, build a newer, more encompassing Vesta box. Fill it with treasures that reflect the hidden parts of yourself.

LIBRA: It’s important to move slowly from home to work and back again, having adequate time in between. At home deep emotions can be expressed in some form of art and creativity. At work, new information is becoming available. How is your health? Is something occurring that is veiling your ability to see or think, making realities ever-shifting? At times, you’re stretched out on a cross, your attention called in four directions. Only the angels of the four directions can consistently help you. Call upon them for help.

SCORPIO: Try not to be too harsh when communicating about people’s lives. Maintain ethics and kindness within the constant variations and changes in reality. Your values have shifted so now you’re better at evaluating communications. This is good. Home becomes a new reality where you seek comfort with small groups. A wound seems to come out of nowhere. Don’t worry about these strange occurrences. They are really normal in times of reorientation.

SAGITTARIUS: The focus of your experiences these days is relationships, partnerships, intimacy, and those you love. Questions appear concerning what you truly value. It’s good to create a list of values, concerning all aspects of life; personal, political, public, possessions, people. Who do you value? And why? What do you value, in terms of relationships and what do you value in communication? Your “other” self seeks to be discovered and so these questions are posed. Your arrow of aspirations is quivering.

CAPRICORN: An illumination, a fruition, a completion and then a new beginning occurs. In your day to day life, do you feel stretched upon a cross and called in four directions? This can feel very difficult. You have assumed the task of multiple responsibilities for multiple people. You are being trained in leadership. For help, place an angel at each of the four directions. Stand at the center of the cross and willingly, intelligently and lovingly direct from there. The angels speak these words: purity, dedication, love and service. They are potencies you are working with.

AQUARIUS: Careful with money. Keep track of all interactions. Careful with communication. Uplift others with it. Be grateful where you live. Nurture yourself within it. Careful driving. Stay focused at all times. Each day seems filled with responsibilities, tasks, errands in order to create comfort and nurturance. A dreaminess seems to permeate your afternoon and evenings. Perhaps more rest is needed. Attempt to be less strict and more conciliatory. People will listen more to you with depths of gratitude.

PISCES: You have been asked to step more into the world using your special talents and gifts. This is awakening a new state of self-identity and an ability to direct, work with and serve others. You may be resistant. However, all of these “others” need nurturing and you’re the one recognized as having the needed nurturing qualities. You also perhaps feel a great tension and unease of not being in the right place. Yet you continue forward. Something will change soon. Bravely and with determination, simply carry on.

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