Weddings & Families – a Study

Weddings & Families – a Study

The sign Gemini, the month of June, and the love/wisdom sign of Jupiter all bring thoughts of weddings to mind. Both Jupiter and Gemini receive love flowing from Sirius and also the Ray 2 star of love/wisdom in the Big Bear. Jupiter entered Gemini May 25, remaining in Gemini for a whole year (‘til June 9, 2025)! Jupiter in the heavens is joining Sun, Mercury and Venus also in Gemini. It’s a benevolent and beneficent month of June. Having counselled hundreds of couples and officiating hundreds of weddings and, sadly, after two recent family wedding wherein either myself or my family was not invited, weddings have been on my mind. I asked myself what do weddings and family weddings mean to me? So in this wedding month of June, here are my thoughts. Turning to my readers, what are your thoughts on these subjects?


Weddings are about love. They are love celebrations and families creating memories together. Weddings help families reflect on their own loves, life journeys and relationships. Weddings welcome new family members, bind families together, and invite family members, from far and wide, known and unknown, to become reacquainted with each other. The love between the wedding couple helps family members to remember to love one another. Weddings are sacred and holy, asking family members to support and guide the newly married couple. Weddings are family celebrations.

I wondered also, what are families? And what is the family’s role?

Family is an intricate tapestry of people and relationships. Family is a thread that weaves people together. It’s our first community and it’s the first place where we experience love. Family offers family members a sense of belonging, a safe place to navigate and learn about the complexities of life. Families are places where we go to for support and comfort. Families are to act as a buffer between the inner world and the outer world. Families transmit values, culture, comfort, love and care. It offers and teaches empathy and understanding. Families are teams of people learning to live and work together. Family is essential for our health and well-being. It’s a place of belonging which is a primal feeling.

Family weddings, filled with kindness, goodness, love and benevolence, lift each of us up to the kingdoms of beauty.

ARIES: Careful how you interact with others. Be kind. Don’t rely only on outer monetary realities though they are important. Rely first on instinct and then intuition to direct and guide your choices and to recognize the true qualities and purposes of a person, event, resource, and investment. You will be called to exhibit courage, a virtue of the heart and to remain poised so all will know that all is well. Because you made it so.

TAURUS: Be aware of your effects on others. Your deep intelligence magnetizes people to you and you make impressions on others, leading them to trust, believe, learn from and follow your guidance. Though it may be difficult now, it’s important that you complete all plans, agreements and promises. Your attempt to initiate new projects impacts many lives far into the future. Proceed forward. You may be only one of the few able to accomplish this. The future of humanity awaits.

GEMINI: You may feel the need for more rest. Sleep may escape you, dreams and visions may appear both at night and during the day. Our entire world is shaking and rattling itself loose, preparing for the new world order and era. Your body is sensitive to this. The old ways will not return. Maintain a diet of light, fresh foods filled with vital greens, eliminate anything excess, drink more pure water, love more, and expect the changes to continue for a long long time. Look to the stars for direction and guidance.

CANCER: It’s important to maintain close connections to what you identify as like-minded people who have your same values, morals and principles. All interactions are opportunities to connect and understand what the hopes and wishes of others are. As you look at your life now, you see greater levels of community have become available to both you and your family. Maintain health with proper hydration, more Vitamin C and finding yourself in the garden more.

LEO: You may consider how to rearrange your work so that you have more time outside in the fresh air and sunshine. In the past year there have been whispers, then murmurs then shouts of change in our world. The changes will accelerate. We will not return to the past. Perhaps your job interests, abilities and/or responsibilities will change too. Always perform tasks with excellence and a touch of innovation. Look also to those around you, emphasizing their qualities and goodness. As a good leader would.

VIRGO: You may begin to create various lists of new and interesting tasks to perform, new realities to consider, new work to be accomplished. Mercury is your ruler and while it’s in Gemini you become busier and more talkative. Perhaps accounts need reckoning, travels need considering, responsibilities need completing, and problems need easing. Spending time in the garden with the devas brings a vitality to your etheric body. You may dream more at night as you travel throughout the ethers visiting friends in realms here and there and everywhere.

LIBRA: Are you harboring hopes, wishes and dreams you want to share with others? Are there resources you have in common with another that needs an updated conversation? Is everything transparent, clear and aboveboard in this area? As the economy shifts, it’s time to arrange your finances so that debts are paid quickly and investments in gold and silver are made. It’s important to be economically prudent, thrifty and careful, to conserve resources for the future. Be informed of these critical times and how to prepare for the times to come. And love more.

SCORPIO: Relationships are primary sources of information now so learn to listen very carefully to what others are communicating. Develop the intention to respond with compassion, a depth of care, interest and emotional poise. Should you be uncooperative in this area, a feeling of imbalance and a sense of separation will ensue. You will feel quite alone and that you have neglected a responsibility. Kind attention toward others is what is needed so they feel your care, love and then feel safety. These are your tasks now.

SAGITTARIUS: Career matters assume new dimensions and co-workers need more conscious heart felt care. You will want to improve your health, create new work methods and tend to the necessities of your life with more attention. You realize this takes balance and focused thought, and so your actions slow down, you contemplate what’s needed, foregoing too much adventure in order to create a long-term plan of practical goals. Your greatest success is acceptance of everything presently in your life. Then everything shifts into harmony.

CAPRICORN: Setting out each day’s agenda and realizing your priorities allows you to have more time to yourself, which you need. Ask for help when needed. Are you writing in your journal about day to day activities and your life stories? Writing down our lives brings focus and clarity. You are always doing your best. Realize everyone else is doing their very best too while at different stages of development. New opportunities appear at first as philosophical ideas and goals. Then they appear as reality. Rest more so you can imagine and create more.

AQUARIUS: Home and family, property, possessions, community, childhood, experiences and parents have been on your mind. These do need attention in the form of having gratitude for all that you received. Attempt to improve relationships with family while also improving the beauty and organization of where you live and breathe and have your being. Do nothing that unsettles your safety and well-being, challenge no one, and calm tensions with exercise, prayers and adequate vitamins, minerals and herbs. You can do all of this. Someone new loves you

PISCES: You may be traveling this summer or autumn to places far away. You may be asked to take on a new endeavor, one you have been prepared for over the many past years. You may be planning meetings, conferences, classrooms and/or curriculum. You will definitely be communicating with others on a grand scale, either personally or through writing, speaking, teleconferencing. Some or all of these will occur and all the while you will gain in knowledge, happiness, creativity and goodness. Invite others to join you.

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