Gemini Festival of Humanity & Great Invocation Day

Gemini Festival of Humanity & Great Invocation Day

On Monday, May 20th, the Sun enters Gemini, sign of the two brothers and their two lights. During Gemini, the New Group of World Servers prepares for the Gemini Festival of Humanity and World Invocation Day. The Gemini festival occurs at the full moon on Thursday, May 23rd. This is the third most important solar festival of the year. At the Gemini Festival, the Forces of Reconstruction enter the Earth and the great mantra of love and direction, the Great Invocation, is intoned by the Christ. The Sunday before the Gemini festival, May 19th, is the festival of Pentecost – when the Holy Spirit (Ray 3) fills the minds of humanity with the fire of divine intelligence

Gemini is a playful, adaptive and happy sign, the “light of interplay,” a line of light beams revealing all that opposes. Gemini is small sparks of everyday light that brings forth Goodwill and Right Relations.
Gemini displays for us the fact of duality in our world, through the two brothers, Castor and Pollux. They each hold a light – one is waning (Castor, the personality light) and the other is waxing in light (Pollux, the Soul). As they display the basic duality in form and matter, the principle of balancing those dual forces (via love) is also revealed.

Gemini, Masonry and the Pillars – To enter a Lodge of Masonry, one walks by two columns (pillars) called Boaz (power, might) and Joachim (upright, stable). They represent the Sun and moon, harmony and balance. These pillars are also in front of King Solomon’s Temple, signifying a portal to the wisdom teachings, the ageless mystery teachings. The pillars also represent the two separative forces, dissonance and harmony, only able to be brought together by love (Ray 2).

Gemini changes, mutates, rearranges and adjusts things so the Soul can come forth to direct the personality. Our world is made of dualities – day/night, light/dark, sun/moon, up/down, out/in, masculine/feminine, etc. Duality is a relationship of two things. There is a vital and equalizing relationship between them. Duality is neutral in its nature. Gemini, esoterically (inner), receives and distributes Ray 2 (Love/Wisdom). When duality is understood (and accepted), love and wisdom result. (read more each day at Risa D’Angeles FB page & on Night Light News –

ARIES: Although you’re considered rather unrestrained, there are traditional, stable, responsible and detailed aspects of yourself and these help you do and be successful in the outer world. Few if any, except astrologers, may know this about you. Those qualities are gradually internalized. Then you begin to assess your personal value and worth. You know it’s not how much money you have. It’s more about perseverance, reliability and being steadfast in adversity and challenges.

TAURUS: Your patience and deliberateness are how you assess anything new, moving step-by-step, thinking everything through with focused care. You’re also visionary, continually developing an illumined mind influenced by the Pleiades, Aldebaran and Alcyone (stars in the Pleiades). You bring forth the wisdom of the Buddha. When faced with a monetary situation you’re quick and instinctive. These are your gifts. Ponder them with a partner under Venus, the evening star.

GEMINI: It’s most important that your work in the world aligns with your sense of self and your values. Gemini is a complex, dual sign. You have a fluid mind and so often information must be filtered through your emotional field. Therefore that field (astral) must be clear, pure, with no judgments or opinions. This purity must be developed. You’re the sign of hidden treasures few are aware of. Security for you isn’t money or wealth. It’s emotional ethics and whom and what you love. What DO you love?

CANCER: There’s a challenge now for you to emerge from under your Cancer shell, feel safe in the world of form, cultivate a sense of adventure, step beyond comfort and tend to things more cultural, artistic and on the edge. What would that be for you? Build your sense of charisma (heart-self) with others. It furthers self-expression and creativity, things you deeply seek. Above everything else, you need activities that are enjoyable, entertaining, pleasurable and most of all, fun. What is fun for you?

LEO: Most Leos are charming. Some are hidden. But all are magnetic – an important quality to understand because it attracts others to you. When you are aware of this you will either be kind and compassionate or you will create fear if your power does not also include equal amounts of Love. In their hearts what are people seeking when encountering you? Light, intelligence, vitality, discipline, direction and guidance and the willingness to Love. People seek your heart.

VIRGO: Within your excellent qualities of order, discipline and lists of organized ideas, you also secretly seek diplomacy. All Virgos are also learning to cultivate tact, refinement, and how to relate to the world with goodwill which creates right human relations, all of which become conscious over time. It is good to know these are the seeds planted within all Virgos leading later to the art of cooperation and conciliation through negotiation. Virgos are learning how to be a Libra when that choice arrives.

LIBRA: Your bright smile and the light in your eyes invite others to enter your field and begin to talk about themselves. They share joys and sorrows and then want to be friends with you. Libra on the Soul level brings forth harmony, fairness, justice and kindness. If not yet within this Soul reality, visualize yourself stepping into it. The results will lessen your fear and vulnerability around money and resources and the boundaries you have created to protect yourself will be less critical and more loving. Forgiveness will arrive.

SCORPIO: You’re aware that whatever you do often mystifies if not challenges others. These are Scorpio’s tasks. As your life ceaselessly shifts, changes, transforms and regenerates, you turn and ask (demand, actually) this of others. Because your life has such intensity, you must schedule regular times for rest and retreat – times to gather strength, and rediscover inner meaning and purpose. Vision is found here, too. Only a few know amidst these fluctuations and variations, you’re also a visionary.

SAGITTARIUS: Although you usually view life with optimism and a broad hopefulness and although you’re an imaginative thinker who sees signs and reads oracles in every situation, you also have a sense of being duty bound, responsible, traditional and conservative. Most aren’t aware of this as it hides behind constant enthusiasm. Therefore, working under rules and regulations, you have a very serious side. This you must begin to value. It is your discipline and your wisdom. You are also a hidden foodie and musician.

CAPRICORN: You exhibit great control, discipline, structure and reserve, often playing the role of the eldest child, parent, responsible wise one. Traditions are most important either by creating or following them. But there is another valuable part to you, that of being progressive and inventive. Through these you enter the future, making you quite different than most. Often people can’t quite figure out who you are with your abilities to change quickly and to offer everyone freedom to be (you and me).

AQUARIUS: It is important to acknowledge that you, like the planet Uranus, are distinctly different than most. Aquarius flows through Uranus and thus both influence you. Do you know Uranus is tipped on its side, its atmosphere is arranged in layers of clouds, its magnetic-tail is twisted into a long corkscrew, its magnetic field’s source is unknown, it’s blue/green, has a moon, many rings and satellites, seventh planet from the Sun and 3rd largest planet in the solar system? This unusual planet rules your entire life. Value your differentness. It’s unique and beloved by many.

PISCES: The two signs most misunderstood are Scorpio and Pisces. Often the fish is seen as wandering about, a bit too idealistic for most and too sensitive for everyone. In the outer world Pisces can seem lost and dreamy if not confused. But there is more to the sign of the two fishes. You’re also very brave and courageous especially when someone is in danger. You’re independent and always acknowledge others’ gifts, which you see while others cannot. When spontaneous a light fills the air. When sad you fall into despair. Always take action. It brings you freedom.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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