The Aries Solar Eclipse Effects Continue

The Aries Solar Eclipse Effects Continue

Although the total solar (Sun was hidden) eclipse occurred last Monday, April 8th, the effects of the eclipse did not end on that day. Eclipses are in effect for six months – three before the eclipse and three after. That means the effects of the Aries solar eclipse will continue until the beginning of July, up to and past the birthday of the United States. A new Renaissance is needed with our people, in our country and our world. This eclipse (total solar in Aries) is a sacred holy observance. It was/is a reset. Especially occurring during the Mercury retrograde in Aries. Past, present and future united.

Aries is the sign of leadership, courage, strength – initiating all things new. Aries calls each of us to stand up and be brave. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Chiron all in fiery Aries. This is a collective of energies calling humanity forth. The path of the once again swept across the United States, highlighting its spiritual task, that of “standing in the Light and leading humanity towards that Light.”

After the quiet, darkness, silence and contemplation brought to us from the eclipse, a forging of a new path forward began. It is subtle. Into the new era of Aquarius.

In that it was a new moon, there is a new seed of creation forming. That which essentially is no longer available, no longer useful, falls away. That which is needed now has time and place to come forth. It is a transformational time for everyone.

Leo, the individual, now is to take central stage.

The Aquarian Age asks of it opposite sign, Leo (creativity of each individual) to come forth fully into the light. So that there can be a rebirth of the human spirit in terms of creativity – in all the endeavors of humanity. The time after the eclipse is a time of growth. The celestial realm has provided a link in our great chain of being. So that humanity can have a new vision. Each individual coming forth with their talents and gifts and offering them to the building of the new culture and civilization of Aquarius. A new Renaissance.

Calling humanity –

From darkness to light.

From the unreal to the real.

From the unknown to the known.

From death to Immortality

From chaos to Beauty.

Over time.

ARIES: Life is changing rapidly with so many lights in your sign. So you may feel like you’re up and down, in and out, here, there and everywhere. The energies are fiery and dynamic leading to excessive activities and possible exhaustion. Attempt a bit of contemplation, focusing within your heart. This allows all new ideas to filter through your minds. Always ask, before acting, “Is this bringing forth Goodwill?” It is goodwill that navigates you through these tumultuous times.

TAURUS: You are like a professor in serious study, attempting to sort out details, feelings, instincts, and intuitions for the road ahead. The main key is truth. You may not know why you feel a certain way. However you must still express to others what is on your mind. You know the path is yet to be discovered because the past hasn’t caught up to the present/future. You know to move forward without right timing is foolish. Later you’ll know how and why you felt these ways. Have courage.

GEMINI: It’s good not to be discouraged. Love’s hiding away so you can assess your wants, needs, and aspirations. Pleasure also seems to be hidden, delayed until just the right time to come out and play with you. Be very aware of the Aries solar eclipse. Know that love pours down on all of humanity during these times, and since you’re Gemini, you’re in the direct pathway to receive it. Contact friends and make this contact a weekly endeavor. You need friends now.

CANCER: It is important to nurture your sense of self, your past, present and future. And so, anything unresolved with family, friends, intimates and relationships (including those who have died) will reappear through feelings, thoughts, emotions, dreams and memories. Reconnect with forgiveness and with grace and remember there actually is no death. Just disappearance for a while. During this Aries time, ideas from the mind of God will be impressed upon your mind. Remain attentive.

LEO: It’s almost as if you need a ship to navigate the rough tides going in and out of your life. See yourself at the seashore, building a fire close to the water’s edge. Then contemplate both elements – fire and water. Together, they create a new reality, new creative identity and a new life direction. The challenge will be maintaining an inner poise if and when emotions arise. Talk with someone who loves you. And focus on cultivating all your talents and gifts. The new era will be calling soon for them.

VIRGO: You are able to be practical as well as creative with the use of money and finances. You are also organized when it comes to day-to-day events, plans, connections and agendas. Should you feel like an inner explosion is about to occur, you cultivate an inner focus which brings forth caution and care and balance and harmony. The days and weeks ahead are paradoxical. Stand in the middle where the light is. That will become your true adventure.

LIBRA: You contemplate and assess who you are and what you’re able to provide to others, especially those close to you. You also review the opposite, asking yourself what exactly you need. Sometimes realizations can be difficult especially for Librans who seek balance and harmony above conflict, ease above constant change. Perhaps you are seeking more meaning and closeness and yet a new level of freedom. Quite a dilemma. Maintain more silence in order to do more listening. Listen with the heart. You will learn a lot. Silence and listening harmonize.

SCORPIO: Find ways to release the tension in your body, not necessarily through words but through exercise – walking, running, swimming, tennis, pickle ball, boating, cooking, music, etc. These help you express yourself. It’s most important that movement occurs for it will sustain and stabilize any highly emotional trigger points. Daily life stresses make you feel like escape is necessary. Yes, do escape into the world of movement or music. Dancing helps too. Learn the Shuffle.

SAGITTARIUS: Focusing on health during springtime is a good choice. It prepares us for the rest of the year. Think prevention. Study Ayurveda. The eclipse offers you a new sense of creative identity. You recognize when you are loving and truly mindful, your communication infuses others with strength and enthusiasm. Ponder upon your effects on others during the weeks and months ahead. This is a most potently inspiring and artistic time for you. How will you use your time?

CAPRICORN: As you tend to needed domestic structures and disciplines a small voice, becoming louder and stronger, will begin to call for a release from restriction, for more freedom and time to be yourself. Be aware of this and also be careful with communication. You could become impatient and say things you later regret. You may work harder and longer to the point that exhaustion follows. Don’t allow this to occur. In all ways you are valuable. And before tending to others, tend to yourself. That is practical.

AQUARIUS: It is important to maintain strict limits and agendas so time and money are not wasted. This is a discipline to be cultivated. When we have no discipline things fall to the wayside. We lose valuable time. Should you need anything, ask for it. Realize your communication abilities are excellent. Ask and it’s given. Alternately, give and more will be asked of you. Both must occur. Think on your foundations and the goodness they provided. This goodness rules your life. Goodwill and gratitude heal us.

PISCES: What Pisces communicates often affects many people. In all ways and at all times, it’s important to tell the truth about your experiences. Let people know both your inner and outer realities. There is most likely a challenging situation in your life now. Move toward it with grace and apply to it a loving will(ingness). Great good will come of it. Remember this when the road becomes difficult, rock-strewn, unsteady and unstable. It will only be for a short amount of time. Read Psalm 37.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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