Story Written in the Heavens – Easter, Resurrection, Mercury Retrogrades

Story Written in the Heavens – Easter, Resurrection, Mercury Retrogrades

There is a story written in the heavens which has a definite relation to humanity’s daily livingness and to the evolution (unfolding, upliftment) of human souls. (Note: we are Souls/Spirits encased in matter). Clement of Alexandria wrote, “the path of Ascension for all Souls is through the twelve signs of the zodiac,” and the church festivals today are based upon the times and the seasons.

Easter Day is always decided astronomically. When we truly understand the signs in the heavens (astrology) relating to the seasons, we will have a complete and clear understanding of the World Teacher’s (the Christ) mission, purpose and actions while on Earth two thousand years ago. His appearance and all events surrounding Him were/are of far greater importance than many realize. Christ sounded a keynote that closed a great cosmic cycle of time (Involutionary Arc, into matter). This simultaneously opened a new door (a new upward cycle, the Evolutionary Arc, humanity’s return to heaven). This door had been closed to humanity for 18 million years. After the advent of Christ, the door stood wide open for all time, and the kingdom of God began to form on Earth.

Every new age has a World Teacher appear with the new Laws for the new age. Christ was the World teacher for the Piscean Age. He anchored on Earth for the first time the (Law) Principle of Love. The Buddha prepared the Way for the Christ. Five hundred years before the Christ’s appearance, the Lord of Enlightenment (Buddha) attempted to open and train the minds of humanity with the Teachings of the Four Noble Truths.

The Easter Festival in the Christian churches symbolizes the love of God for his children. Love has the capacity to “resurrect.” Love resurrects the personality (matter) of humanity to the light and direction of the Soul (spirit). All events (outlined in my daily writings) this week (Holy Week) leading up to Easter Sunday prepares us for this teaching, which was a new teaching for humanity.

Easter is to be re-imagined as the Festival of the Risen Christ (no longer the dead crucified Christ). Love is to hold sway. Love creates joy. Love makes us humbler, kind, patient and wiser. It penetrates to the heart of reality and we discover truths hidden behind form. The early Christians (Essenes) knew this and lived a simple life of love. They loved one another deeply. We are to become like the Essenes with love in our hearts – the real message of Easter.

Note: Mercury retrogrades in Aries (27 degrees) on April 1, April Fool’s Day. Mercury is the Fool in the Tarot.

ARIES: Subtle yet important shifts will be occurring in your life and on inner levels. You may feel as if you’re on a boat rocking to-and-fro wondering where you’re being taken and why. Attempt to anchor yourself within whatever spiritual reality calls to you while also reaching out to friends for support and reaching well into the future with hope. No one is prepared for the future that’s to come. But you will be one of those asked to help bring it forth. You initiate new realities. You can and you will. For now, simply observe.

TAURUS: New and different ways of living are being shown to you and they challenge your previously conservative (a good way to live for you) ways. There will be new goals offered to you also, and at first you will say “no” which allows you adequate time to ponder and to think. Then you will, after deep contemplation, come around to realizing these are good ideas you need to pursue. Take your time. There is no pressure. When you decide something you will move quickly forward. You continue to create the Art of Living.

GEMINI: Sometimes we express our identity by creating conflict, by rebelling, questioning or challenging authority. We do this sometimes with irony or humor. When we are observing of our behaviors, we learn about ourselves, defining who we are (or don’t want to be). Feelings of limitation propels you to make certain changes that lead to more freedom. Act within correct timing (astrology) and observe if new opportunities suddenly appear. Events may occur that surprise or shock. After assessing the old ways, a new direction suddenly appears!

CANCER: It’s important you consciously choose to have a continuously open and spacious mind (Mantram: “My mind is flexible, adaptable and open at all times” recited over and over) to absorb the new possibilities coming your way. These will change your worldviews. Events will inform you that your previous way of thinking was a bit askew. Allow your thinking to be adjusted toward the truth and no longer based on opinions and judgment. This will be a large step in a new truthful state of awareness and consciousness.

LEO: For some Leos, new relationships, friendships and partnerships will be available. For others, having property and money in common becomes either unavailable or overwhelmingly too much responsibility. Other Leos will experience deep psychological behavioral changes. For all Leos past needs have shifted to new needs and unexpected situations at first may feel both intense and fated. They are. And through it all, your new identity is created and your new creativity displays these words – “I Am That.”

VIRGO: It seems certain mental and emotional (perhaps also spiritual) changes must be made in terms of relationships. This does not signify a fault or a mistake. It signifies new stages of growth. You may unexpectedly embark upon an unusual (not necessarily stable) relationship. Although not advisable, you’ll learn through its instability. We learn through our interactions. Daily strategies will need to shift. Conflicts arising alert you that past patterns of relating won’t work anymore. The new ones will either be created by you, by others, or simply appear in a blink of an eye. Life is so surprising!

LIBRA: Should anyone or anything make excessive demands upon you, should they choose a different path and expect you to follow, should there be extreme responsibilities professionally, or anything too binding or restrictive, you will, after a time, break free in order to ease the tension created. You will escape in order to find your own way, and you will seek your own path that allows for your own chosen health and happiness. Your entire life may feel like it’s being revolutionized. This takes time, slow time, over time. Your heart remains steadfast.

SCORPIO: Life could feel a bit more alive, vital and exciting. Are relationships undergoing a new level of assessment? They may be durable but you find you can’t have expectations. It could be that children are in your life or a very creative enterprise has presented itself. With both (children and creativity) you see the need to be more attentive, kind, caring, innovative, in the present. Assuming different experimental approaches will help you redefine and then refine your abilities. More understanding follows. Study Montessori.

SAGITTARIUS: Your relationships to family, parents, home, the past are the most important focuses of your life now. There is a release occurring and a reform within the family and you are the one whose task it is to bring the past to the present. On outer levels you feel unsettled no matter what you’re doing. You must accept and cultivate flexibility. Whatever you have not been able to look at will emerge and silently gaze at you. Embrace this. The deepest level of your being is shifting to new heights. Hold onto your parachute.

CAPRICORN: It is important to listen to and observe your communication and how it affects others. Be clear, truthful, kind and caring. You must also know that the tempo of your life has increased and this means an added need for rest, vitamins, water, green things including nature and the sun each day to stabilize your vitality. Be kind to those slower, younger, more vulnerable than you. The quality of a disciple is how they care for those in need. So many look to you for guidance and care. All that you do serves others. Take care of yourself first.

AQUARIUS: Have your finances begun to withstand changes and is your economic and material situation not what it was before? This is occurring, or will occur, for everyone, but it seems to have begun with you. You will find that through this, your values also change. You already know to be natural, spontaneous, ecological, organic, biodynamic and these are only the beginning. The next steps for Aquarians are two: astrology and community. One leads to the other. Read Agriculture by Rudolf Steiner.

PISCES: You may be considering acting, feeling and participating with others in ways different from your usual behavior It could be a response to a sorrow or loss. Or a seeking of freedom. Some may see it as rebellion on the personality level. Should this behavior continue, you must then heed the message that perhaps certain changes in your life are overdue. Limitations, sorrow, sadness, grief, loss often appear to help us develop a new state of awareness, new powers of observation, inner discipline, self-identity, contemplation, and a new plan for life. What might you be dreaming of?

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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