Spring, Aries Fire & a Festivals Week

Spring, Aries Fire & a Festivals Week

We are in our first week of spring, the Sun is in Aries, the new astrological year has begun and in true Aries fashion this upcoming week is complex, fiery and potent. It’s filled with astrological alignments and religious festivals, a full moon, a holy day and a lunar eclipse. It is also the week before Easter when the Easter bunny fills our baskets with candy and colorful Easter eggs and, we remember simpler and earlier times, when Easter bonnets were in the news. Truly simpler times then.

Thursday (March 21), is Sun/Pluto – a Persephone day. Later, Venus joins Saturn in Pisces – a seriously structured day, or perhaps a day when dreams reveal our fortune!

Friday (March 22) h 23), Mars (action) enters Pisces and we ponder the upcoming religious and spiritual festivals. Note: three spiritual levels are occurring simultaneously, Jewish, Christian and Esoteric. This signifies the appearance of the new Aquarian religion.

Saturday (March 23). At sundown on Saturday the Jewish festival of Purim begins – Queen Esther tells the truth of her Jewish heritage. Her truth saves her people. A special sweet cookie is made on Purim. Here are two links for the Purim cookies, Hamantaschen, and other Purim foods and cookies – https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/hamentaschen

The following day (March 24) is Palm Sunday, the Christian Festival. Christ Jesus rode a young colt into Jerusalem, City of Peace. Those who realized He was the prophesied Messiah and Pisces World Teacher held palm branches as a form of heraldry. The same Christ (Archangel from Sirius) is about to reappear as the Aquarian World Teacher. Those who recognized Him in prior times are now preparing for His reappearance.

Monday (March 25), is Spring’s first full moon. It is the Aries solar Festival when the Love of the Father for humanity, his children, and the Forces of Restoration flow into the Earth (the Mother). These forces uplift and restore the moral and psychological health of humanity, bringing about the emergence of the new civilization and the new spiritual materialism. This full moon is also a lunar eclipse – something in form and matter quietly disappears, its work completed.

Next week is Holy Week, Passion Week, the Last Supper, the Crucifixion, the death and burial and Resurrection/Easter Festival. Each of these days represents a stage of Initiation for humanity. They are encoded with deeply spiritual teachings humanity needs to recognize in order to “return to the Father” once again.

ARIES: You review your appearance, how you’re seen in the world, seeking a new level of self-esteem and self-care. You assess the use of power and will. Your mind is strong. In attempting to understand how to “lead humanity into the light,” you must first stand in that light yourself. It is the Light of your Soul which pierces all darkness (Kali Yuga), freeing your mind for new ideas to flow forth. These ideas are impressed upon your mind from the Hierarchy. Observe this and create a journal (record) of impressions and dreams.

TAURUS: All around you will be signs of two fishes (Saturn and Neptune in Pisces). You are deeply affected by the two fish of Pisces, the spiritual world. You begin to connect your mind with that of love. Love is not an emotion. It is pure reason. You distinguish between the lower mind and the Higher. One separates into bits and pieces of knowledge, always questioning; the other unifies that knowledge into intuition. By radiating love to others, you are able to awaken awareness of Love within the world. The act of love is a choice.

GEMINI: If you ponder upon the symbol of Aquarius the water bearer, and the Aquarian keynote, “waters of life poured forth for thirsty humanity”, and if you study the Aquarian Laws and Principles you will begin to understand the unifying principles behind the inner spiritual work you must now accomplish – uniting first your heart and mind, then uniting groups with the new Aquarian ideas and ideals (one follows the other). In your heart you want to serve humanity. Your intuition is strong. You see patterns. You seek your group. It’s waiting for you.

CANCER: Although it’s difficult, you seek to relate clearly and intelligently all that is in your mind and heart. A new level of creative intelligence will be emerging. It’s different than before and initially not recognized by you. Look for this new creativity to come forth from you and into the world. It will be a strand of the Mind of God seeking to anchor the new sharing principles of the New Age. You will be more and more sensitive to the collective called humanity, the World Disciple. You are to feed and nourish them.

LEO: You assess what it means to be a leader as well as a teacher. Your Higher Mind overshadows your lower concrete mind. You realize you must impart to others along the Way and on the Path, the vision of your truth. Like Queen Esther did. You cannot be silent, continually hiding behind veils of protection. You are to take up the bow and arrow and pierce the hearts of both the sleepers and the seekers. Teaching others becomes your loving service. Thus you “resurrect” everyone’s mind. Your regular technical day job isn’t enough.

VIRGO: One of the stars in the Big Dipper, its light, deeply affects humanity. Pondering upon this star (Ray 4 of Harmony emerging from Conflict), is an important study at this time. Perceiving reality through Ray 4, it describes humanity’s way of being. We all learn through Ray 4. You will sense a great learning and testing taking place. It leads to the knowledge that power can be used for either good or the not-so-good. You understand this and raise your desire toward aspiration for all that is good, the Path of the disciple.

LIBRA: Let us consider together the words Right Human Relations. How does one bring forth right relationship with all of life and all earth’s kingdoms? Right Relations (an activity) emerge from intentions for Goodwill and the result is the process of peace(fullness). These are Libra words, made just for you. They foster humanitarian vision, communication and unification. Libra links disparate realities and creates ideas that save the world. All Libras are being called to the Path of Goodwill, Right Relations and World Service. That path includes the transformative love of family, produced through forgiveness.

SCORPIO: You may begin to sense an affinity with the moon, the seashore, crabs and crabby things. Don’t be crabby yourself, though. You may begin to feel an affinity with mother and mothering, with nurturing and nourishing of self and others. How do you nurture yourself and what nurtures you are very important questions to ponder upon. You discover you’re gestating new ideas concerning daily life, health and service to humanity. These ideas are to be shared with the “world of men.” They nourish all who hear them. Within the context of gratitude.

SAGITTARIUS: Notice your creative powers are very strong, potent, immediate and connected with your thoughts, which seek to externalize themselves into the world immediately, totally and intimately. Also, in the next several weeks you will assess where your rest, recreation, time with friends (true friends), children, play and simple pleasures are to be found. You will ask if any of this ever truly and consistently happens in your life. And if not, you will set about creating them, reaching out, making contact. It’s all about Love which underlies all happenings and events in your life.

CAPRICORN: Life’s on the edge now and protection of family is most important if not paramount. You’re attempting to balance everything and everyone you are responsible for into a state of harmony. To achieve results you must begin with yourself. Then you can bring forth what others need. Everything seems to be falling down – as it should. You/we are in a paradox. The old passing away, the new only in potential. You, however, holding strong, must see all three levels (past, present/future). You learn how to speak the Truth and not be afraid. You know not to compromise anymore.

AQUARIUS: You sense that everything’s filled with possibilities. Life becomes a lively state of affairs, many streams of thought coming together, you standing front and center. You seek and offer pure reason – which is love which is mind and heart merging. Realizing this advances humanity and you seek to create experiences – writing, artwork, music, even jokes – with this in mind. Your speech and manners become graceful, refined, poised, charming, filed with the thoughts and intentions for Goodwill and Right Relations. You bring forth the new brotherhood of humanity.

PISCES: There’s an idea in the Mind of God that must be anchored on Earth. Previous attempts at this plan for humanity didn’t work. The time was not right. Earth wasn’t prepared. The present times of destruction are preparing the way for a new era, a greater beauty and the new education to emerge on Earth. You are not to let up your work. You are to continue to offer the information humanity needs so all minds can be illumined. You already work with the Forces of Restoration. Now, call upon the Forces of Enlightenment to assist. A home will appear. It begins at first to appear in your dreams.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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