Three Spring Festivals – Aries, Taurus, Gemini

Three Spring Festivals – Aries, Taurus, Gemini

We are still in the time of Lent, the days and nights of purification, preparing for spring, for the Jewish and Christian celebrations and for the Esoteric Three Spring Festivals occurring during the upcoming full moons (timing mechanisms).

The Three Spring Festivals occur in the signs Aries, Taurus and Gemini. Together they form a triangle of energies that powerfully impact humanity and all of Earth’s kingdoms. This triangle, which begins the new year, represents the three aspects of God (Will, Love/Wisdom and Divine Intelligence) and it informs the remaining nine months that follow. These three festivals are potent in their force as they each carry a level of spirituality that humanity needs to advance, grow, thrive, evolve and progress forward.

Aries Taurus and Gemini together form a radiant center (and triangle) of light that contains information available for humanity’s upliftment. The three festivals are the highest point in the annual cycle of the zodiacal (circle of lights) year.

The first is the festival of Aries (Monday, March 25) occurring this year the day after Palm Sunday (March 24) and a week before Easter (Sunday, March 31). Easter signifies, as does Aries, the actual resurrection of life on Earth. It is springtime!

The second is the festival of Taurus, the Buddha Full moon festival, also known as the eastern festival of Wesak (Tuesday, April 23, during Passover). The third is the Gemini Festival of Goodwill, also called World Invocation day. This festival honors humanity. All three festivals occur at full moon times.

During these three spiritual festivals specific outer-planetary cosmic and divine forces are called forth enter the earth in order to assist humanity physically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally and spiritually.

At the Aries Festival, the Forces of Restoration stream forth from the Mind of God, into the minds of the masses, in order to stimulate the intellect and to restore humanity’s hope, will, and psychological health.

At Wesak, as the Buddha appears high above the earth bringing a blessing to humanity from the Lord of the World, the Forces of Enlightenment stream in, to bring illumination to the minds of men (Sanskrit for “the thinkers”) and to stimulate the needed new world education and new values for the new era of Aquarius.

At the Gemini Festival, the Christ appears, standing with humanity. He calls forth Forces of Reconstruction to pour into the Earth in order to assist the nations in working together and to bring order to the masses of humanity whose task is to bring forth world unity and peace. (to be continued)

ARIES: Everything changed for you when Mars entered Aquarius. Your energy was stirred, fortified and uplifted and became more available. You also felt more impatient, wanting to move forward, engage in new enterprises, make new impressions in the world. You might feel the need to assume leadership over everyone and everything. Careful. Be kind. Be a leader, but understand you move more quickly than others. Don’t leave anyone behind.

TAURUS: You tell everyone you’d rather remain at home and research and not go out and about for a long stretch of time. You want to catch up on tasks not tended to the past many years. Needing to maintain reserves of energy to get through each day, you need privacy and solitude. You also need patience. Many previous behaviors may arise. Observe them. Consider if they are useful? You may dream more. Record them. Over time they tell you a story. Create a dream journal.

GEMINI: You need to participate in your group of friends a bit more, seeking their cooperation in either working on a project with you or listening to you silently and with care so you can clarify your thinking. You may be called to teach. If you lead a group demonstrate cooperation, organize them as a team to achieve a particular goal. Teach them to be leaders. Ask each member their hopes, wishes and desires for the future. You are to advance Aquarian goals and share the Aquarian Laws and Principles.

CANCER: You want to be recognized for your depth of knowledge, vast abilities, and that which you accomplish each day. It’s good to want this recognition for it stimulates your ability to action, to share and to provide information to others. Many need real and true information. You always ask the question, “What is real and true?” When we ask for things, what’s needed is always given. For those seeking new work or a job, after this week step forward into the world with confidence.

LEO: You may feel a yearning for things far from your usual daily life experiences and ways of living. Other cultures, people, places and things far away seem to be summoning you in subtle yet persistent ways. You’re restless for a new reality, a new adventure, a new journey. You want new activities, vital conversations, new goals and new subjects to study. An outer fire is blending with your inner Leo fire. A new creativity is achieved. Everything you seek to know and to have will eventually appear.

VIRGO: You may be called to be more helpful, supportive and cooperative and this may prove to be a challenge. But you can do this. Relationships will be the challenge and perhaps you will need to consult with someone concerning how to bring forth compassionate loving communication, how to settle differences and allow everyone, including yourself, to be heard. Careful with impatience and ending things too quickly. Reconcile with those you have had differences. Love is in the air and all around you. Love underlies everything.

LIBRA: Life seems to be accelerating, moving faster and faster each day. Sometimes those around you move too quickly and you can feel left behind. Perhaps you’re working too hard and too long. Handle your own frustration and that of co-workers calmly and with poise. Even though you may have abundant energy, it’s important to focus on your well-being. Make tending to your health a harmonious daily practice. Careful with inflammation and infections. Slow down on glutens, grains and all sweets. Eat several apples each day, fresh and baked. Apples balance the body.

SCORPIO: Intimacy is most important for you, especially at this time. There are many types of intimacy – from friendship to lovers, intimacy of the mind, the heart, and physical intimacy. Things held in common with another is an intimacy. Knowing your values is an intimate level of knowledge concerning the self. Sometimes, intimacies end and sometimes a new intimacy begins. Both affect you deeply. Be aware of your subtle feelings. Realize what you need. Ask for it. Communicate your needs clearly. Without communication relationships can sadly fail.

SAGITTARIUS: There’s so much energy flowing through your body and mind you simply must exercise each day – Often with this energy you can’t apply self-discipline. Use that unbounded energy also for creative activities. You need play, a bit of running, a lot of walking, swimming and pickle ball. Romantic things are good too and your love life may contain a deeper level of passion. Make sure to get enough sleep. Don’t risk anything by gambling. Have fun, play more, work less.

CAPRICORN: Much of your energy is focused at home and on family and wherever your domestic self resides. You’re very busy, highly instinctual at this time and protective. It’s important that you feel assured, assertive and self-confident because you are called to make important decisions concerning family and the home. Something is happening in the home. What is it? It seems home repairs need tending along with arranging family activities and appointments. Step back if arguments begin. Old emotional issues may resurface. They’ve arrived for review. Then they disappear. Rest more.

AQUARIUS: There are so many ideas and plans in your head that you feel a bit overwhelmed and scattered and so you try to share these ideas with others but so many errands and tasks come in between you and sharing with others that you feel a sense of frustration and can move quickly into arguments if you’re not careful. Realizing that you could feel impatient and impulsive, be careful driving and when using machinery, scissors or knives (while cooking). Your intelligence mind is working overtime. Music, films, theatre, dance will calm your nervous system.

PISCES: It’s a good time to create a notebook or journal of hopes, wishes, dreams and values – past, present and future. Often, we can ascertain values more clearly by deciding what we need. Write down also, all things that you love and hope to have. Tend to monetary issues – savings accounts, taxes, insurance, inheritances. Is something occurring with your bank? Do you need to change banks from large corporate to local? If so, do this immediately. Don’t impulse buy. Refrain from excess expenditures. As you assess your finances, it’s also important to acknowledge your worth. You are worthwhile and you are worthy.

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